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Zhou Jingyun refusing to comply with the arrangements of the Zhou family would not cause the Zhou family and the Shao family not to cooperate, nor did they have to wait until Zhou Jingyun and Shao Ying got married before cooperating.

The marriage between Zhou Jingyun and Shao Ying was the most important part of the alliance between the two families.

It was one of the guarantees for long-term alliance and cooperation, but it was not the only one! To put it bluntly, a marriage alliance was a stronger bond of interest.

From this point of view, there was no need to even consider how the relationship between Zhou Jingyun and Shao Ying was after their marriage.

It was difficult to be happy in a marriage alliance between large families.

It was already very good to be able to live in harmony and treat each other politely and respectfully.

Zhou Anguo and his wife were a marriage alliance between families, a bond of an alliance.

The relationship between Zhou Anguo and his wife was very good.

Although he also had a lover behind her back, he was already considered a very good man.

After many children of large families got married through an arranged marriage and a child was born, the husband and wife would go their separate ways.

They could play however they wanted and fool around with whomever they wanted.

On the surface, they could show their affection in public and act like a model couple.

However, in private, they did not care about each other.

Each had their own lover, and they were all playing to their hearts content!

Therefore, the relationship between a married couple did not have much to do with whether the alliance was strong or not.

What mattered was the common assets of the couple under the legal framework, as well as the children they gave birth to! This was also the reason why the Zhou family insisted on forcing Zhou Jingyun to marry Shao Ying.

They knew that Zhou Jingyun was against it.

They knew that even if Zhou Jingyun married Shao Ying, he would not have any feelings for Shao Ying.

However, they did not care, this was because feelings were not important! What was important was that when Zhou Jingyun and Shao Ying became a legal couple, the two big families would transfer part of their family assets to their names.

Moreover, they would work together to make these assets bigger and stronger.

Part of the assets belonged to both husband and wife and it also belonged to both families.

This was the most solid bond of interest! Apart from that, the child they would have would belong to both families as well!

As long as they gave birth to a child with the bloodline of both families, this child would grow up to become the main person in charge of the family in the future.

The child would become the common interest between the two families.

On the other hand, it was also a guarantee that the two families would not easily break up! For example, the current Zhou Mingfei and Zhou Jingyun! Zhou Jingyuns paternal grandfather was the old master of the Zhou family, and their maternal grandfather was the old master of the Wang family.

Therefore, the Wang family exerted pressure on Zhou Jingyuns arranged marriage, putting pressure on Zhou Jingyuns mother, Wang Meizhi.

As a result, his mother, who had always been protecting Zhou Jingyun, was now forcing him! As long as Zhou Jingyun married Shao Ying and a child was born between the two, it would be of great significance to the Shao family, the Zhou family, and the Wang family! Whether it was benefits or blood ties, they would all be linked together.

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