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However, Zhou Anguo clearly remembered that when Jiang Tong was assembling the pistol, she had placed a bullet into the magazine at the end of the installation.

Moreover, she operated it with one hand from start to finish!

Jiang Tong looked at Zhou Anguo, who had a strange expression on his face, and waved her hand.

With a clack, the bullet that should have been in the magazine was directly thrown onto the coffee table by Jiang Tong.

The five bullets on the coffee table became six again.

Of course, this was not a magic trick.

When Jiang Tong stuffed the magazine into the pistol, her hand quickly pushed the bullet out of the magazine and put it in her palm.

However, her technique was too fast, and because of the viewing angle, even though Zhou Anguo had been watching the whole time, he did not see anything.

“Uncle, this is boring.

If you couldnt scare me the first time, do you think it would work the second time” After Jiang Tong threw the bullet onto the coffee table, she said with a smile.

Zhou Anguos expression kept changing.

He could guess the timing when Jiang Tong took out the bullet, but few people in the entire military region could do it when he was a soldier! It was not that only a few people could practice it, but they didnt see the need to do it! What kind of person needed to master a gun to such a degree The people of the National Security Bureau didnt need it, because it didnt have much meaning in actual combat.

Of course, Zhou Anguo wouldnt think that Jiang Tong was from the National Security Bureau.

Jiang Tong didnt have any military experience, and her age wasnt right either.

She was too young! However, his evaluation of Jiang Tongs identity and background was much higher!

“Pa!” Zhou Anguo slammed the pistol on the coffee table, then sat down and leaned against the sofa.

He looked at Jiang Tong expressionlessly.

“Young lady, I dont like to beat around the bush.

Lets get straight to the point.

What exactly is your motive for dating my son”

“What other motive could there be” Jiang Tong smiled and asked in a tone that Zhou Anguo knew the answer to.

“I like your son.

Isnt that reason enough”

Jiang Tongs attitude could be said to be very casual.

Zhou Anguo knew that Jiang Tong was not afraid of him.

She did not even have respect for her elders.

Although Jiang Tong called himUncle, she probably called himUncle to show some respect to Zhou Jingyun and take care of Zhou Jingyuns feelings.

This made Zhou Anguo feel like he had to rely on his son to gain Jiang Tongs verbal respect!

“Do you think Ill believe it” Zhou Anguo asked in a deep voice.

“It doesnt matter whether you believe it or not.

Its not important,” Jiang Tong shook her head and replied.

“Youre dating my son.

Do you think my attitude is not important” Zhou Anguo was a little angry.

Zhou Jingyun was his son! Jiang Tong wanted to be with Zhou Jingyun, so how could his attitude not be important!

“Do you really care about Zhou Jingyun” Jiang Tong did not take Zhou Anguos anger seriously.

She rebutted, “You only care about the interests of the family.

You clearly know what kind of woman Shao Ying is, yet you still forced Zhou Jingyun to get engaged to Shao Ying and let the two families come together using marriage.

Arent you afraid that when Zhou Jingyun is forced into a corner, he will directly kill Shao Ying with one shot”

“Miss Jiang!” Zhou Anguo, who was leaning against the sofa, suddenly sat up straight.

He leaned forward slightly and stared at Jiang Tong in an imposing manner.

He said in a deep voice, “Are you trying to lecture me”

“Uncle.” Jiang Tong also leaned forward a little and looked into Zhou Anguos eyes.

Although the corners of her mouth were smiling, she was unyielding.

“Im not lecturing you.

Its just that I like to be reasonable.

Uncle, you can be unreasonable, but you have to talk about benefits, right”

Jiang Tongs words were equivalent to scolding Zhou Anguo for being unreasonable.

Zhou Anguos face instantly darkened.

Other than his son, Zhou Jingyun, no one had dared to speak to him like that for a long time.

“Uncle, do you think Shao Ying is such a stubborn person No matter how capable she is, she cant control her emotions.

Can she live long” Jiang Tong asked again.

Without waiting for Zhou Anguo to respond, she continued with a smile, “I think Shao Ying wont live long.

Its not just her.

The more the old master of the Shao family dotes on Shao Ying, the faster Shao Ying will die.

Not only Shao Ying alone, but the entire Shao family will not live long.”

Of course, Zhou Anguo would not believe what Jiang Tong said.

He did not take Jiang Tongs words seriously either.

He looked at Jiang Tong with a dark expression.

Just as he was about to say something, Jiang Tong suddenly leaned against the sofa and asked, “Uncle, do you still remember Dong Yuan”

Zhou Anguo was stunned because the person that Jiang Tong suddenly mentioned was not someone important.

To Zhou Anguo, he was another familys descendant.

Moreover, he did not have many accomplishments and he died very early.

It was said that he had accidentally drowned while swimming in the river.

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