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Zhou Anguo confirmed that there was a problem with Jiang Tong! And this was Jiang Tongs goal! Everyone, including Zhou Jingyun, Zhou Mingfei, and Zhou Anguo, was caught in a misunderstanding! Zhou Anguo felt that Jiang Tong was pretending and acting.

He thought that she was hiding her problem and didnt want to be exposed as Zhou Jingyuns fake girlfriend.

Zhou Jingyun was worried that Zhou Anguo would think that Jiang Tong was his fake girlfriend.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyun was very worried that Jiang Tong would make a mistake and be caught by Zhou Anguo.

The biggest mistake in this misunderstanding was who said that Jiang Tong having a problem would mean that she was Zhou Jingyuns fake girlfriend

The reality was the exact opposite! If Jiang Tong was really an ordinary person who only listened to Zhou Jingyuns arrangements, then she was the fake girlfriend! Zhou Anguo would never believe that Zhou Jingyun would fall for an ordinary woman! Now that Jiang Tong had exposed her problem and expanded it to an unimaginable extent, this was also the key.

Her problem had to be extremely big! She had to intimidate Zhou Anguo!

“It seems that you have been in contact with guns for a long time, Miss Jiang,” Zhou Anguo finally spoke.

He looked at Jiang Tongs eyes expressionlessly, obviously implying something.

“Its not a short time.

I started coming into contact with guns even before I entered junior high school.

The first time was when I searched for them on the Internet…” Jiang Tong replied to Zhou Anguo with a smile.

She was so close to directly telling Zhou Anguo that she was lying to him! However, it had to be said that Jiang Tongs method was very slanderous.

She just said that she had learned it from the internet.

If she was questioned by others that it was unreasonable, then that would just show that she was a genius! She could not be viewed as an ordinary person.

Of course, Jiang Tong would not say these words because Zhou Anguo would not ask.

Even if he did, there would be no answer.

Zhou Anguo had already begun to suspect that Jiang Tong had a very deep and secretive background.

And this kind of background was something that even the Zhou family would not be able to find out for a while! Otherwise, there was no way to explain all of this! With Zhou Anguos wisdom, he could also imagine that Jiang Tong had told him all of this on purpose.

He took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Tong.

He commented, “I didnt expect you to be so capable, Miss Jiang.”

“Uncle, you flatter me.

Its just a small hobby of mine.” Jiang Tong maintained her smile, raised her hand, and put her finger on Zhou Jingyuns leg out of habit.

Then, she looked at Zhou Anguo and said, “But I must have something special to be liked by Zhou Jingyun.

Dont you agree, Uncle”

It was not until Jiang Tong said this that Zhou Jingyun understood what Jiang Tong was doing! She directly overruled the possibility that he hired her to act as his fake girlfriend! However, this also led to a big problem.

Was it really just purely a relationship between a woman with an unknown background and Zhou Jingyun Was there a motive hidden in this relationship And this was the trouble Jiang Tong had gotten herself into.

“Thats what I thought.

I was still wondering just now…” Zhou Anguo was still expressionless.

First, he glanced at Zhou Jingyun, then he looked at Jiang Tong.

“My son has always had high standards.

He wont take a fancy to ordinary women.

Hes so arrogant that even I, a father, have a headache.

I didnt expect that you, Miss Jiang… Miss Jiang, youre really a surprise.”

“Its okay.

Im indeed more charming,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

Bullsh*t! Shameless! Zhou Jingyun rolled his eyes at the side.

“Uncle, how about we have a private conversation” Jiang Tong suddenly said.

As soon as she said that, Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfeis expressions froze.

Zhou Anguos expression didnt change.

After three seconds of silence, he nodded and replied, “Okay.”

Zhou Jingyun suddenly stood up and said, “A private conversation What do you want to talk about without us present” His reaction was very big because he was very worried.

He didnt know what Jiang Tong was going to do! Moreover, he was very clear that if he was not present, his father would definitely not talk to Jiang Tong in such a restrained manner.

But now, Jiang Tong actually proposed to talk to Zhou Anguo alone!

“Zhou Jingyun.” Zhou Anguo raised his head and looked at Zhou Jingyun with a frown.

“You take your younger brother out first.” His words were not a suggestion, but an order.

“Im not going out!” Zhou Jingyun immediately said, “What shameful words do you want to say Cant I listen One is my father and the other is my girlfriend.

Do I not deserve to hear your conversation”

“Miss Jiang was the one who wanted to talk to me alone first.

Why are you quarreling with me” Zhou Anguos face was dark.

His words really stumped Zhou Jingyun, and he did not know how to answer for a while.

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