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It was a very strange scene.

If it was Xie Wenkai or Ji Lanzhou alone, it wouldnt be strange.

But when did Xie Wenkai come Why was he cooking with Ji Lanzhou What was this feeling of harmony

Jiang Tongs hand, which was about to close the door, paused and stared blankly at the strange scene in the living room.

“Youre back” When Ji Lanzhou put down the dish in his hand, he happened to see Jiang Tong standing at the entrance.

Perhaps it was because the television was too loud and the kitchen door was closed, so he did not hear Jiang Tong opening the door.

When Xie Wenkai heard Ji Lanzhous words, he turned his head and saw Jiang Tong.

He also said, “Youre back.”

Jiang Tong took a deep breath and looked at the extremely calm Xie Wenkai and Ji Lanzhou in the living room.

She slowly calmed down and asked with a natural expression, “Xie Wenkai, when did you come Why didnt you call ahead”

“Ive been here for about an hour,” Xie Wenkai smiled and said, “Babe, go wash your hands first.

Theres another dish in the kitchen.

You can eat soon.” As he said that, he hurried to the kitchen.

“Babe” Ji Lanzhou muttered.

This time, he didnt follow Xie Wenkai into the kitchen.

Instead, he walked to the entrance and looked at Jiang Tong.

With his eyebrows raised, he asked, “Whats going on When did you get together with Xie Wenkai” After saying that, he turned his head and looked in the direction of the kitchen.

He seemed to be afraid that Xie Wenkai would hear him.

Jiang Tong glanced at Ji Lanzhou.

She could imagine what would happen if Ji Lanzhou and Xie Wenkai suddenly bumped into each other in the house.

The two of them probably wouldnt have any conflicts.

With Ji Lanzhous character, he couldnt be bothered to care so much.

However, he would definitely be very curious.

He had probably asked Xie Wenkai many questions before she came back, but judging from his current attitude, he probably didnt get anything out of Xie Wenkai.

Jiang Tong smiled at Ji Lanzhou and walked to the bathroom in her slippers.

Ji Lanzhou rolled his eyes and followed her lazily.

He asked, “Youre not telling me Why do you need to keep this a secret”

“Go ask Xie Wenkai and see if hell tell you,” said Jiang Tong.

“Im asking you because he wont tell me.” Ji Lanzhou rolled his eyes again.

After Jiang Tong finished washing her hands, Ji Lanzhou blocked Jiang Tong in the bathroom and didnt let her out.

To be honest, Ji Lanzhou didnt have to ask her.

He was just a little curious.

However, Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong were both secretive, which made him very unhappy.

“Hurry up and tell me,” Ji Lanzhou urged impatiently, “Or do you two have something shameful to hide Why are you so secretive”

“Arent you afraid that you will be jealous if you know more about the matter between me and another man” Jiang Tong slowly wiped her hands and did not rush out.

Instead, she leaned against the sink with a smile and looked at Ji Lanzhou.

“Why would I be jealous” Ji Lanzhou crossed his arms and leaned against the door of the bathroom.

He looked Jiang Tong up and down.

“Im just a little curious.

How did you manage to handle Xie Wenkai”

“Kiss me and Ill tell you.” Jiang Tong tapped her cheek.

Ji Lanzhou didnt refuse.

He took Jiang Tongs arm and kissed her on the cheek.

Ji Lanzhou looked lazy and seemed as though he wasnt interested in anything.

But in reality, he truly wasnt interested in anything.

In short, he simply didnt have any worldview.

He didnt feel that there was anything wrong with Jiang Tong having s*x with him and being together with Xie Wenkai.

After all, life was short.

It was best to enjoy life while it lasted.

Jiang Tong also knew Ji Lanzhous personality.

She smiled and touched Ji Lanzhous face.

Then, under Ji Lanzhous curious gaze, she opened her red lips and said, “Im relying on my personality.”

Ji Lanzhou was speechless.

What kind of bullsh*t isrelying on her personality He felt that he had been deceived by Jiang Tong! Just as he was about to continue settling the score with Jiang Tong, Xie Wenkais voice came from outside, “Jiang Tong Are you done washing your hands Come over and eat.”

Jiang Tong heard Xie Wenkais shout and raised her eyebrows at Ji Lanzhou.

Ji Lanzhou was speechless and could only make way for Jiang Tong to go out first.

However, he was not happy.

Thus, when he sat down to eat, he bluntly said, “Ill sleep here tonight.

Jiang Tong, who are you sleeping with”

No matter how Jiang Tong answered this question, she would offend the other person.

The reason why he dared to ask such a bold question was that their relationship was already clear, there was no need to hide it.

Now that he was unhappy, he wanted to see Jiang Tong be put in a difficult position and see how she would deal with this problem! However, Ji Lanzhou didnt expect that Jiang Tong would only glance at him and then indifferently say, “I can sleep with anyone.

If it really doesnt work, then the three of us can sleep together.

Anyway, my bed is big enough.”

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