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Ji Lanzhou was shocked by this news and didnt say anything for a while.

“What about you” Xie Wenkai asked again, “When did you and Jiang Tong…” there seemed to be a hidden meaning in his question.

He hadnt explored whether Jiang Tong had other men or how many men there were, and he didnt particularly mind it either.

That was because he and Jiang Tong werent in a normal relationship to begin with! Under such circumstances, the people who would make him mind were the people who would make him feel threatened.

Frankly speaking, in Ji Lanzhous state, Xie Wenkai still didnt feel threatened.

Ji Lanzhou was just a good-looking and lazy second-generation rich kid.

Currently, only Zhou Jingyun could make Xie Wenkai feel threatened and make him worry that Jiang Tong would be snatched away! However, he had once misunderstood that Zhou Jingyun was the same kind of person as him.

Although the misunderstanding was resolved later, he realized that even a strong, overbearing, and capable man like Zhou Jingyun could not control anything in front of Jiang Tong! Moreover, up until now, Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong had not actually had anything going on.

Their relationship was all fake!

Xie Wenkai could feel some of Zhou Jingyuns feelings toward Jiang Tong.

However, Xie Wenkai could also feel that even for a man as strong as Zhou Jingyun, if Zhou Jingyun really became Jiang Tongs man, he would also have to bow his head to Jiang Tong! Xie Wenkai couldnt imagine how strong Jiang Tong was, but he had a deep understanding of it! Therefore, there didnt seem to be anything to worry about.

Although Xie Wenkai was on guard against Zhou Jingyun, he didnt have too much hostility toward him.

They were still quite harmonious.

“When… just a few days ago I suppose…” Ji Lanzhou narrowed his eyes and admitted it directly.

“A few days ago” Xie Wenkai muttered and then suddenly said, “Big Brother”

Ji Lanzhou coughed.

He choked on Xie Wenkais words.

What the h*ll did he mean byBig Brother Ji Lanzhou took out a tissue and wiped his mouth.

Then, he looked up at Xie Wenkai and asked, “What do you mean byBig Brother” He didnt understand why Xie Wenkai suddenly addressed him as such, just like Zhou Jingyun didnt understand it back then.

After all, Ji Lanzhou was much younger than Xie Wenkai.

No matter how he looked at it, he was the one who should call Xie WenkaiBig Brother!

Xie Wenkai was five or six years older than Ji Lanzhou.

Jiang Tongs attack on Ji Lanzhou… Actually, there was nothing wrong with it, because Jiang Tong was also young! Ji Lanzhou didnt understand whatBig Brother meant, but Xie Wenkai completely understood.

“Take a seat first.

Let me fold and keep the clothes and bed sheets…” Xie Wenkai said, then turned around to pack up his clothes.

He didnt say anything else.

Although Ji Lanzhou knew that his relationship with Jiang Tong was still confidential, it wasnt a big problem.

As long as Ji Lanzhou had a relationship with Jiang Tong, then when Jiang Tong came back, she would definitely deal with him!

Xie Wenkai didnt say anything else.

He started to busy himself with other things, but Ji Lanzhous mind was full of questions.

He even threw his troubles today to the back of his mind.

How did Xie Wenkai become Jiang Tongs man! Was Xie Wenkai really Jiang Tongs man! As he thought about it, the corner of Ji Lanzhous mouth curved up, and seemed as though he knew a big secret.

Then, he leaned against the sofa and watched Xie Wenkai busy himself on the balcony.

Xie Wenkai looked very honest and virtuous.

Ji Lanzhou asked, “Director Xie, when did you and Jiang Tong get together Were you two sneaking around or…” he had a lot of questions.

Xie Wenkai chose to give some non-committal answers or didnt answer at all.

Half an hour later, Jiang Tong finally arrived at her house.

She should have arrived earlier, but it was already past five in the afternoon.

The evening rush hour had begun, and Jiang Tong was stuck in traffic.

Although she could avoid the traffic jam, her house wasnt that far, so it wasnt worth it to take a long detour.

It would also waste more time too, so Jiang Tong didnt take a detour.

She went upstairs and opened the door with her keys.

Jiang Tong had just changed into her house slippers and walked inside when she was stunned.

She saw a very strange scene.

Under the bright lights in the living room, the television was on, and the evening news was playing.

The aroma of the food filled the entire house.

Ji Lanzhou, who had washed his hair and let it hang on his forehead, was only wearing a bathrobe.

He was walking out of the kitchen with a steaming plate in his hand, which contained the stir-fried dishes that had just come out of the pot.

Xie Wenkai, who was wearing pajamas, followed behind Ji Lanzhou with a big bowl of fragrant soup in his hand.


Ji, walk slowly.

Be careful not to fall,” Xie Wenkai even reminded Ji Lanzhou.

“Its a little hot.” Ji Lanzhou frowned and quickened his steps.

He quickly walked to the dining table and put down the plate.

Then, he raised his hands and pinched his ears.

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