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Speaking of which, Ji Lanzhou and Xie Wenkai were only acquaintances.

They didnt have any special relationship.

Both families were big shots in Z City.

Naturally, they had some contact with each other.

However, Ji Lanzhou didnt participate in the familys affairs, and Xie Wenkai had worked for many years.

The two of them didnt have much contact.

Ji Lanzhou last saw Xie Wenkai a few months ago.

It was his father who brought him to Xie Wenkais birthday party.

Ever since Xie Wenkai returned from studying abroad, Xie Wenkais birthday party had been held every year.

The Xie family intended to groom him to become a successor.

They made use of this occasion to let Xie Wenkai make more friends and connections.

The birthday party was just one of them.

Xie Wenkai had a personal relationship with the Ji family, but it was with Ji Lanzhous father, Ji Jiangong.

Thus, Xie Wenkai and Ji Lanzhou were really only acquaintances.


Ji, did Jiang Tong say when she will be back” Xie Wenkai put the dishes and meat in the kitchen, then poked his head out to ask Ji Lanzhou.

“She didnt say.

I guess she will be back soon.” Ji Lanzhou walked back to the sofa and sat down.

After the initial shock, he resumed his lazy look and leaned on the sofa, staring at the TV that was not turned on.

“Oh, then you can sit for a while,” Xie Wenkai gestured and said.

Ji Lanzhou had that strange feeling again.

It was as if this was Xie Wenkais home, and he, Ji Lanzhou, was Xie Wenkais guest.

The atmosphere instantly became delicate.

After Xie Wenkai finished speaking to Ji Lanzhou, he went straight into Jiang Tongs bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Ji Lanzhou turned his head and looked over.

He sat on the sofa with a strange expression on his face, his brows tightly knitted.

In just one or two minutes, Xie Wenkai came out of the bedroom.

However, he actually changed his clothes.

They were relatively loose pajamas, but they were still a little small on Xie Wenkais body.

It was probably Jiang Tongs.


Ji, do you want to drink something What do you want to drink Theres something in the fridge…” asked Xie Wenkai as he walked to the balcony.

He began to collect the clothes on the drying rack on the balcony.

Ji Lanzhou suddenly widened his eyes as if he had thought of something.

He boldly asked Xie Wenkai a question, “Director Xie, have you slept with Jiang Tong”

Ji Lanzhou asked very directly because he thought of something! He had met Jiang Tong many nights ago at the bar.

That was when he heard Jiang Tong bragging about the story of her living in the time loop.

She claimed that she knew most of the people in City Z and that she knew Xie Wenkais weaknesses.

At that time, Ji Lanzhou wanted to ask again what Xie Wenkais weakness was, but Jiang Tong didnt say anything.

Although many things happened with Jiang Tong after that, Ji Lanzhou didnt believe a single word about this! All the talk about living in the five-hundred-year time loop, Ji Lanzhou didnt believe a single bit of it! Until this moment, Ji Lanzhou thought of this matter.

He didnt believe Jiang Tongs time loop story, but regarding the matter of her sleeping with many cream-of-the-crop men… he inexplicably felt that it was true.

The last time Ji Lanzhou came to Jiang Tongs house, Jiang Tongs house was very messy.

This time, when he entered the house, he found that the house was very clean.

It was obvious that it had been cleaned.

The clothes that were scattered were washed, hung on the balcony, and the bedsheets were also washed and hung on the drying rack in the living room.

Ji Lanzhou did not think much about it.

He was not in a good mood today.

He thought that Jiang Tong had suddenly tidied up the house on a whim, but that was until Xie Wenkai appeared.

In this delicate atmosphere, Xie Wenkai first put the things in the kitchen, then went to the bedroom to change his clothes.

He was so natural that it was as though he had returned to his own home.

He was so natural that Ji Lanzhou even had the feeling that Xie Wenkai had washed the clothes! Xie Wenkai even naturally put away Jiang Tongs innerwear that was hung out to dry.

It felt as though there wasnt anything wrong with holding her innerwear in his hands.

Saying that Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong were friends was nonsense.

How could there be such a friendship!

Hearing Ji Lanzhous question, Xie Wenkais hand that was placed on the clothes drying rack paused for a moment.

Then, he withdrew his hand.

In fact, he was waiting for Ji Lanzhou to question him.

There were some things that he couldnt say right now.

His relationship with Jiang Tong was still confidential.

Without knowing Ji Lanzhous situation, he absolutely couldnt expose their relationship.

But! Xie Wenkai could completely sense that Ji Lanzhou must have something going on with Jiang Tong.

Ji Lanzhou was a guest at a female friends house, but he went to take a shower at her place.

He even wore her nightgown and his clothes were also casually discarded in the house.

This was absolutely abnormal!

Xie Wenkai stood on the balcony and paused.

He turned around to look at Ji Lanzhou in the living room, but he did not answer Ji Lanzhous question.

Instead, he asked, “What about you”

Ji Lanzhou asked Xie Wenkai if he had slept with Jiang Tong.

Now, Xie Wenkai asked Ji Lanzhou back! Although he did not admit that he had slept with Jiang Tong, he did not deny it either! Ji Lanzhou was shocked! It was true.

It was actually true.

The most perfect man recognized by City Z was actually Jiang Tongs man!

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