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What Jiang Tong wanted was for Meng Junjie to not be able to figure it out.

If Meng Junjie was afraid of death, he wouldnt dare to do anything out of line! For the next few minutes, Jiang Tong chatted casually with Meng Junjie.

Jiang Tong thought it was just chatting, but Meng Junjie didnt think so.

He wanted to know more by beating around the bush.

He wanted to know what Jiang Tong was up to, but he didnt get anything out of her.

Not only that, but he had gotten even more afraid of Jiang Tong! This was because he felt that Jiang Tong seemed to know everything!

She could even accurately say that he had started listening to Shao Yings orders two years ago and secretly arranged for people to cause damage to Zhou Jingyuns companys factory.

That time, not only did he succeed, he even managed to escape unscathed without being discovered at all.

He had done it so covertly, but Jiang Tong knew! She even knew the names of the few people he had arranged to damage the factory!

Therefore, the more he talked to Jiang Tong, the more Meng Junjie was afraid of Jiang Tong! He realized that facing Jiang Tong was the real dead end! Anything that Jiang Tong knew about him could send him to prison or directly kill him! However, he could not do anything to Jiang Tong.

As long as Jiang Tong was in the slightest bit of an accident, he would die! Zhou Mingfei wouldnt give him a chance to explain! Meng Junjie had a feeling that whether or not he could live depended on Jiang Tongs mood! He had no other choice but to listen to Jiang Tong!

“Ring ring ring.” Jiang Tongs phone rang.

When Jiang Tong took out her phone, she turned her head to look out of the window.

Then, she frowned slightly.

She thought Qian Mang had arrived, but she didnt see Qian Mangs car outside.

She looked at her phone again and the person who suddenly called was Ji Lanzhou!

“Hello” Jiang Tong picked up the phone and said with a smile, “Why did you suddenly call me Did you miss me” As soon as Jiang Tong finished her words, her expression suddenly changed because she heard Ji Lanzhous unusual breathing.

His breathing was faint and it carried a sense of self-abandonment.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Tong asked again, the smile on her face disappearing.

Jiang Tong, who understood Ji Lanzhous character, could not think of anything that could make Ji Lanzhou so silent, or even be in such a state of despair… she could sense that Ji Lanzhou was not in danger.

Otherwise, he would not be so calm.

Jiang Tong frowned and remained silent.

She was thinking about what had suddenly happened to make Ji Lanzhou like this.

Meng Junjie, who was sitting across from her, saw that something was wrong with Jiang Tongs expression and did not dare to move.

He was now so afraid of Jiang Tong that he would not even dare to anger her.

He had seen many big shots, and he knew very well what big shots were like when they were angry.

He also knew that he must not provoke them at this time! Although Jiang Tong was not angry and only frowned, from the moment Meng Junjie saw Jiang Tong, he felt her calm and composed manner.

She rarely spoke very quickly and always smiled out of habit.

It was as though everything was under her control.

Jiang Tong had always been like this.

Therefore, when Jiang Tong frowned now, it gave people a great sense of contrast.

Meng Junjie had to be careful.

In fact, Jiang Tong wasnt angry.

She was just thinking about what had happened.

She couldnt predict the future, but she had been living in that time loop for too long.

She knew Z City too well.

Although she couldnt guarantee what would happen in the future, she could use the information she knew to know what had been planned, when it would happen in the future, and how things would develop…

“Your father wants to send you abroad” Jiang Tong suddenly spoke into the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Ji Lanzhous breathing stopped.

Jiang Tong smiled.

She had deduced it, and the result was correct.

Speaking of which, compared to understanding Ji Lanzhou, the person Jiang Tong understood more was his father, Ji Jiangong! Ji Jiangong was the big shot worthy of Jiang Tongs thorough investigation.

He was the pharmaceutical magnate of Z City! Jiang Tong knew that Ji Jiangong had already planned to send Ji Lanzhou overseas.

There was no other reason.

It was because Ji Lanzhou did not like to go out and was too low-key.

He wanted Ji Lanzhou to change his environment and live a little.

“Thats it Youre depressed just because of that” Jiang Tong asked with a smile.

Then, she glanced out of the window and noticed that Qian Mangs motorcade had arrived.

“I dont really want to go abroad,” Ji Lanzhou finally spoke.

His voice was a little lazy and a little helpless.

Actually, he didnt call Jiang Tong to ask her to help him.

He just wanted to find someone to talk to, and Jiang Tong was the first woman he had ever slept with.

She was special to Ji Lanzhou.

“Young man, why are you squatting here Are you unable to go into your house” At this moment, an unfamiliar aunties voice came from the other end of the phone, followed by Ji Lanzhous voice, “Nothing… No, Im fine.

Thank you.”

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