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“This matter is rather complicated,” Jiang Tong said.

Zhou Mingfei cleverly said, “Theres no rush.

Sister-in-law, well talk about it when we have time.” As he said that, Zhou Mingfeis tone changed as he asked Jiang Tong, “Oh right, Sister-in-law, then why did you call me…”

“Its nothing.

Theres a traitor by your side who needs to be dealt with,” Jiang Tong smiled.

Her tone was very calm, but Zhou Mingfei was not so calm.

His tone instantly changed.


The bald mans body trembled at this moment.

He rushed out from behind the table.

He approached Jiang Tong and wanted to do something, but he raised his hand and did not dare to continue.

“F*ck! Who! Who betrayed me again! Sister-in-law, tell me, I f*cking…” Zhou Mingfeis voice instantly changed, he was originally a hot-tempered person.

“Sister-in-law, tell me who it is.

Ill go and kill him right now!” Click! As soon as Zhou Mingfei finished speaking, the sound of a gun being loaded came from the other end of the phone.

Zhou Mingfei had the habit of carrying a gun with him.

He was so angry that he directly loaded the gun!

“He is…” Jiang Tong was about to say something when she heard a thud from the side.

Jiang Tong glanced in the direction of the thud.

It was the bald man.

He immediately knelt at Jiang Tongs feet with a thud.

His hands were clasped together and his face was full of pleading, but he did not dare to make any sound.

The bald man was terrified.

He was completely terrified! He did not care that there was a group of subordinates watching in the cafe.

He knelt as he wished! It was because he was afraid of death! Very afraid! The bald man was a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

His name was Meng Junjie.

He was the boss of the Junjie Security Group in City Z.

Initially, he only had some connections with the Shao family.

Four years ago, he did not even know Shao Ying and was not familiar with Shao Ying at all, it was just that he had a closer relationship with a certain member of the Shao family.

Those who worked in the security industry usually had connections in the public security system.

Four years ago, not long after Zhou Jingyun started his business, Shao Ying began to send people to City Z.

She used her connections to bribe some of the local bigwigs in City Z to work for her.

And that was how Meng Junjie became Shao Yings person.

At first, Meng Junjie still felt lucky to be able to form a relationship with Shao Ying, the future heir of the Shao family.

It could be said that she was a noble person from the heavens! Shao Ying told Meng Junjie to pay more attention to the situation in City Z.

Occasionally, he would send people to keep an eye on Zhou Jingyun.

There was no need to do anything else.

At most, it could be considered surveillance.

Meng Junjie was not afraid of this.

This was because he had received news through Shao Ying that Shao Ying only wanted to marry Zhou Jingyun.

The Zhou family also hoped that Zhou Jingyun could marry Shao Ying.

In other words, Meng Junjie was related to Shao Ying in this manner, so he would not offend the Zhou family.

At most, he would offend Zhou Jingyun.

However, Zhou Jingyun would marry Shao Ying in the future… After thinking about it, Meng Junjie felt that there were only benefits and no disadvantages in this matter, so he entered the trap!

However, very soon, Meng Junjie regretted it so much that he wanted to die! That was because he discovered that Shao Yings opponent in City Z was not Zhou Jingyun, but Zhou Jingyuns younger brother, the future heir of the Zhou family, Zhou Mingfei! Zhou Mingfei was not someone to be trifled with.

His methods and the speed with that he rose to the top shocked Meng Junjie.

In a very short period of time, all the people in City Z were taken under Zhou Mingfeis wing.

Those top bigwigs in City Z more or less had dealings with Zhou Mingfei! In a very short period of time, Zhou Mingfei became a powerful figure in City Z.

City Z became Zhou Mingfeis territory! And Zhou Mingfei protected Zhou Jingyun with his life!

Not only that, in the following years, although Shao Ying gave Meng Junjie a lot of favors, the tasks assigned to him could be said to have gotten more and more dangerous.

Shao Ying even personally sent people to City Z for Meng Junjie to arrange for them to be placed beside Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei respectively! This was too dangerous! It was not a small matter like tracking Zhou Jingyuns whereabouts.

Even if the tracking was discovered, even if they managed to shake off the people who followed them, if they wanted to blame someone, they would look for Shao Ying directly.

They would not pursue Meng Junjie and hold him accountable.

However, arranging for people to be placed beside Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei was too big of a matter! If they were caught, something bad would happen!

However, Meng Junjie could not do anything about it.

He was already too deeply involved.

He listened to Shao Yings words and used the unique connections in his industry to arrange for Shao Yings people to enter Zhou Jingyuns residential area as security guards.

He also arranged for another confidant of Shao Ying to enter Zhou Mingfeis residential area.

After that, he found out that both of Shao Yings people had been discovered by Zhou Mingfei.

Then, those two people disappeared into thin air.

Although this matter was not traced back to Meng Junjie, there were still many other things that were not traced back to Meng Junjie.

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