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Qian Mangs face darkened.

He raised his fist and was about to fight back, but he controlled himself the moment he raised his fist.

He glanced at Wu Hui and forced himself to control his temper.

He had promised Wu Hui before that he would change in the future and treat her well.

He would not be the same as before whereby he would always impulsively get into conflicts with others.

“Whats wrong Why are you raising your fist Do you even want to fight back now Hurry up and leave!” The short-haired security guard pulled Qian Mang and another security guard came forward and pulled Qian Mang roughly.

Qian Mang struggled.

Although he was already over 50 years old, his physical fitness was still quite good.

He swung his arm fiercely and threw a very thin security guard away.

The security guard fell to the ground.

“Im not leaving.

Let go of me!” Qian Mang shouted as he struggled.

“You f*cking dare to hit someone! Brothers, deal with him! Stupid nouveau riche!” The few security guards were all young men and they were very angry.

Seeing Qian Mang hit their colleague, how could they allow themselves to step back The few of them attacked Qian Mang together! Some went up and kicked Qian Mang to the corner of the wall.

Qian Mang did not hold the bag of pancakes in his hand at this time.

The pancake bag fell to the ground and was stepped on by the security guards.

Qian Mang, who was being beaten, did not fight back.

Instead, he picked up the bag of pancakes and put it on his body to protect the bag!

It was a mess.

It was so chaotic all of a sudden.

Wu Hui wanted to watch the security guards pull Qian Mang away, but she did not expect that they would start fighting!

“You guys…” Wu Hui took a step out of the door and immediately stopped.

She shouted and then steeled her heart and did not continue speaking.

Wu Junsheng, who was in the room, also walked to the door and stood there to watch.

The sound of a child crying could be heard again on the sofa in the room.

Qian Mang could not beat the five security guards alone.

He could not even stand up.

He was kicked hard and punched hard on his body.

Qian Mang wanted to stand up at first, but he gave up after that.

He lay on the ground with his head in his hands and shouted, “Beat, beat, beat! If you have the ability, beat me to death! I wont leave even if you beat me to death! I wont leave! My wife and children are here, what right do I have to leave”

“Id*ot, they dont even acknowledge you as her husband, nor do they acknowledge you as his father.

Arent you shameless! And you still consider them your wife and child!” When the short-haired security guard didnt make a move, he might still be able to control himself.

However, once he made a move, his strength was roused, and his movements were truly reckless! Qian Mang instantly fell silent.

He lay on the ground with his head lowered, holding the bag of pancakes in his arms.

His entire body was covered in footprints.

The short-haired security guard kicked Qian Mang and turned him over.

Just as he turned over, Qian Mang quickly stuffed something into his mouth from an angle that others could not see.

Then, a security guard kicked him in the stomach.

Pfft! Qian Mang spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was beaten until he vomited blood!

“Dont…” Wu Hui instantly cried out in shock, she did not expect her voice to be drowned out by an even angrier voice.

“Dont hit my Dad! Hes my Dad! You all better stop right now!” Wu Junsheng did not hate Qian Mang that much to begin with.

He had long wanted to stop the security guards, but because of his mother, Wu Hui, he did not say anything.

However, the moment Qian Mang was beaten until he vomited blood, he finally could not hold it in anymore.

He rushed over, not even to stop the fight, instead, he rushed out and started fighting with the security guards.

He kicked the nearest security guard!

At this moment, Jiang Tong, who was in the monitoring room, revealed a smile.

After all, blood was thicker than water.

This was a concept that Chinese people had in their bones! How many adopted children would look for their biological parents after they grew up In order to return to their biological parents who had once abandoned them, they would abandon their adoptive parents who were very good to them.

In fact, this kind of practice was very heartless.

However… this was the traditional view of the people in China, which placed great importance on blood ties!

Qian Mang was not in such a situation.

There were no adoptive parents in this situation.

Although he did not raise Wu Junsheng for a day, this was because he did not know of Wu Junshengs existence! The person Qian Mang had let down the most was Wu Hui.

As for his son, Wu Junsheng, all he wanted was to make up for it as much as possible.

His tens of billions of assets would be left to Wu Junsheng in the future! Wu Junsheng was not so greedy for Qian Mangs assets that he could not control himself.

That was why he went forward to stop the security guards from beating up Qian Mang.

He was just a person and a son.

No matter what, he could not watch his biological father being beaten up until he vomited blood!

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