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“Xie Wenkai has succeeded!” Zhou Jingyun lowered his voice and said in a serious tone.

Jiang Tong nodded and replied, “Yes, I know.”

Zhou Jingyun frowned.

“Xie Wenkai has already called you to tell you”

Jiang Tong shook her head and replied, “No, he hasnt called me yet.” Zhou Jingyun wanted to ask if Xie Wenkai hadnt called her, how would she know that he had succeeded However, before he could ask this question, he heard Jiang Tong say, “The plan that I have made will definitely succeed.”

Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment.

Jiang Tongs words “The plan that I have made will definitely succeed” would make those who heard it feel that she was too conceited and too arrogant! However, Zhou Jingyun, who knew all the inside information, did not dare to refute Jiang Tong.

The more he knew about Jiang Tong, the more he could feel how terrifying Jiang Tong was! She could do anything as she pleased!

“Arent you going to tell me in detail why he succeeded I cant understand it at all.

There are many things that I cant figure out.

I hope you can tell me.

Is that okay” Zhou Jingyuns tone already sounded like he was asking Jiang Tong for advice.

“Lets talk about it when we meet.

Im a little busy right now.

Of course, you can also ask Xie Wenkai.

He should be able to understand it now.” As she spoke, Jiang Tongs tone suddenly sped up.

“Alright, lets not talk about it now.

Im busy.”

“You…” Zhou Jingyun was about to say something, but Jiang Tong had already hung up! On Jiang Tongs side, she had already seen five security guards appear on the surveillance screen of the floor of Wu Huis house.

On the floor where Wu Huis house was located, five security guards came out of the elevator one after another.

The one who walked in front was a short-haired security guard in his early twenties.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he looked towards the entrance of Wu Huis house.

Qian Mang was still holding onto the door and muttering to Wu Hui.

Then, the security guard shouted at Qian Mang, “Why are you here again Weve been monitoring you for half an hour.

Do you know that youve disturbed the neighbors Weve even received complaints from the owner!” The short-haired security guards tone was not very harsh, he mostly sounded like he was complaining.

As he spoke, he brought his men over.

On the ground were the Tianjin-style pancakes that Wu Hui had thrown earlier.

There was a plastic bag on the outside.

When the short-haired security guard passed by, he picked up the pancakes.

Then, he asked, “Whose is this Do you still want it”

“Mine, mine,” Qian Mang said quickly.

He suddenly remembered that Jiang Tong had told him that if the food that he had bought for Wu Hui was lost, he would first pick it up and hold it in his hands.

However, he had been too nervous just now, he had forgotten about this matter.

A few security guards walked to the door.

The short-haired security guard handed the bag of pancakes to Qian Mang.

Then, the guard said, “Alright, alright.

Youre all family.

Its been a few days.

Youve been making so much noise every day.

If you have anything to say, go inside the house and close the door.

Dont stand in the corridor and disturb the neighbors…”

“Whos family with him I dont know him! Hes the one who came to disturb us.

Security, youre just in time.

Hurry up and chase him away,” Wu Hui pointed at Qian Mang and said hurriedly.

“Dont, Wu Hui, dont say that…” Qian Mang looked at Wu Hui and said in a low voice.

“You guys…” the short-haired security shook his head.

Then, he rolled up his sleeves and looked at Qian Mang.

He said, “Since Ms.

Wu Hui said that she doesnt know you, then you should hurry up and leave, Big Boss…” As he said that, he pulled Qian Mangs arm.

“What are you doing Dont touch me!” Qian Mang swung his arm hard and glared at the short-haired security.

“Wow, whats the meaning of this” The short-haired security guards tone suddenly changed.

He looked Qian Mang up and down and said, “I say, Big Boss, you better think it through.

You didnt bring your bodyguards with you today.

I dont care who you are and what you do.

If you cause trouble in our neighborhood, we security guards have to take care of it!”

“Why do you care Im talking to my wife.

What does it have to do with you Get out of my way!” Qian Mang waved at the security guard impatiently.

“Get out Who are you asking to get out Why are you scolding me Are all rich people as uneducated as you Im warning you, weve been tolerating you for a few days.

Dont think that just because you have some stinky money youre so great! Ive seen a lot of nouveau riche like you.

Do you know who our property owner is Itll scare you to death if I tell you who it is!” The short-haired security guards temper flared up and confronted Qian Mang.

Qian Mang frowned at the short-haired security guard and said with a tough attitude, “Who are you threatening Im not leaving today.

Ill just stand here.

You guys just try to touch a strand of my hair!”

“Touch a strand of your hair So what if we do that Ill do just that!” The short-haired security guard was furious.

He went up and punched Qian Mang twice!

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