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Jiang Tong had a very comprehensive understanding of Shao Ying.

Although Shao Ying was not in City Z but Donghai City, during the five hundred years of the cycle, Jiang Tong often went to Donghai City.

The plane ride there was only two hours.

During the cycle, Jiang Tong went there every morning.

During the different repetition times, she investigated different information.

She even kidnapped Shao Ying and asked her a lot of things about the past.

After five hundred years of this cycle, Jiang Tong knew about City Z.

However, she had also come into contact with the world outside City Z, although most of this contact was passive.

This was because when she was investigating someone in City Z, they would have important connections with other cities.

Therefore, Jiang Tong would look for that person and investigate everything about that person.

As of now, Jiang Tongs understanding of the secrets of Donghai City was almost all related to Shao Ying.

Not all the secrets were related to Shao Ying, but the people with secrets were all directly related to Shao Ying.

This was because Shao Ying was the source of the information that prompted Jiang Tong to go to Donghai City to investigate.

Jiang Tong had also gone to the capital city to investigate before.

The capital city was closer to City Z, so she didnt need to take a plane.

She directly took the high-speed train and arrived in less than two hours.

However, the first time Jiang Tong went to the capital city, it wasnt because of Shao Ying.

It was only after she found out that Shao Ying had an illegitimate daughter living in the capital city that she went to the capital city to investigate.

Jiang Tong opened the message sent byMu Yu.

‘Mu Yu was very polite.

His first message was, “Hello, Teacher Red Star.”

Jiang Tong replied to Mu Yu, “Dont call me Teacher.

Im not that old.”

Mu Yu: “Teacher, youre too polite.

Youre so good at sketching.

Its only right to call youTeacher.

It has nothing to do with age.

I have previously hired many tutors for my child.

Compared to you, they are the ones who are unworthy of being addressed asTeacher.

Oh right, my childs name is Huanhuan.

She is currently in junior high and has been learning to draw for three years.

Previously, she had even learned from an art teacher at the Capital Academy of Fine Arts.

However, after Huanhuan caused trouble, the teacher stopped teaching her.

This child is giving me a headache.”

Jiang Tong calmly replied, “Its normal for children to be a little naughty.” Then, she and Mu Yu naturally chatted about drawing.

Following that, they talked about how his child was learning to draw.

After Jiang Tong replied again, Mu Yu stopped for more than twenty seconds.

Then, he sent a picture.

It was a sketch taken on his phone.

It was a picture of dinner.

After that, Mu Yu sent another picture.

He sent around five to six pictures.

They were all sketches.

There were flowers, birds, fish, and insects in the sketches.

Then, Mu Yu asked Jiang Tong on his phone, “Teacher Red Star, please take a look at these drawings.

They are all drawn by my daughter.

Please comment on them.”

Jiang Tong waited for a moment.

She didnt need to look at these drawings.

She had already seen them in the past.

However, looking at the drawings required time, so she couldnt reply immediately.

She couldnt let the other party think that she was being perfunctory.

After about ten seconds, Jiang Tong replied, “The drawings are not bad.

They are even better than the ones in the group chat.

Is your daughter only in middle school How old is she”

Mu Yu: “She will be in her third year of junior high in the second half of the year.

She will be fourteen soon.”

Jiang Tong replied, “To be able to draw like this at fourteen is already very impressive.

She is very talented.

If your family raises her diligently, it will not be a problem for her to develop in this aspect in the future.”

Mu Yu said, “Thank you for saying that, Teacher.

I told you that my child will definitely be able to do it.

Everyone says that she has talent.

Previously in school, those private tutor teachers also said that she has talent.

Huanhuan used to be very obedient, but for the past two years, I dont know what happened, especially this year.

I dont know if she started to rebel because she reached puberty or if she was influenced by someone, but she became more and more disobedient.

A few private tutor teachers were angered by her and left one after another.”

Jiang Tong comforted him, “Is that so It might be the rebellious phase of puberty.

As her parents, you should communicate with her more and have more heart-to-heart talks with her.” The other party paused for a moment and did not reply immediately.

Instead, he waited for a while before sending a message, “Huanhuan is from a single-parent household.

I take care of her alone.”

Jiang Tong quickly pretended not to know and typed on her phone, “Im sorry, I didnt know.

I apologize.”

Mu Yu said, “Its alright, theres nothing to hide.

Im a single parent.

Maybe because Im a single parent, Im worried that Huanhuan might have grown up and heard people talking to her about how she didnt have a mother.

Maybe she was bullied and felt wronged.

Thats why shes like this now.”

Jiang Tong typed to comfort him, “Then you have to pay more attention to the childs mood.

You have to talk and communicate more.”


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