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This was not like a sketch, but more like a few transparent negatives overlapping together.

Different scenes, through the combination of virtual and real lines, were perfectly integrated into the same painting! There was a feeling of space passing by, which strongly showed the mans busyness and concentration at work.

The rough lines and delicate strokes existed at the same time, which made the contrast of the painting extremely strong.

The strong contrast brought a stronger visual impact on people who viewed this artwork, which would make people unknowingly focus their eyes on the figure.

The face of the man in the sketch was extremely delicate.

Looking at it alone, it really looked like a black-and-white photo, but the man in the painting never showed his full face, only a side profile.

However, because of the cover of the office computer and the phone, the mans side profile was also not fully displayed.

Although that was the case, one could still feel strength and decisiveness from him.

This feeling was reflected through the mans body movements.

When he was talking to the secretary, he raised his hand and even had a sharp gaze.

He stood by the window with one hand in the pocket of his suit pants, the way he stood with his back facing the person was extremely oppressive.

Even the opening of the collar of his white shirt gave people a feeling of proficiency.

It was a very powerful aura! This sketch had an aura! The man in the drawing also had an aura! Anyone who saw it could tell that this was a very powerful man busying himself with his work!

Zhou Jingyun was really shocked.

He had never thought that Jiang Tong could draw and even allowed him to move freely.

That was not something that a person who could draw could say, because he did not think that Jiang Tong could draw.

However, Jiang Tong had drawn such a piece of work, so Zhou Jingyun was shocked.

He looked at the painting for a full half a minute.

Actually, it was because he did not understand sketching that he was like this.

By saying he did not understand, Jiang Tong meant that his level did not reach the level of a teacher in the Academy of Fine Arts.

Therefore, to Jiang Tong, it was equivalent to not understanding.

Actually, Jiang Tong was showing off her skills, and showing off her skills would cause the entire painting to be full of artistry! If ones artistry was too great, it would cause most people to be convinced at the first sight of the painting! They would think that the painting was too awesome! The ultimate pursuit of painting was the artistic conception, the feeling, the simplicity of returning to the basics, or the imagination of the artist.

Therefore, when Jiang Tongs painting was shown to the vast majority of people, she would receive praise.

However, if those top painting artists saw it, although they would not deny Jiang Tongs painting skills, they would be able to tell at a glance that Jiang Tong was deliberately showing off her skills! It was not that Jiang Tong lacked imagination, but that she was overly pursuing details and showing off her skills, which resulted in a lack of artistic conception.

It was a little too much, and it was overkill.

However, Jiang Tong did it on purpose because her painting was for the people in the exchange group.

Those students and their parents didnt have such high standards of appreciation, just like how they couldnt appreciate abstract oil paintings.

If Jiang Tong really did her best to draw an apple for them, they would feel that its just an apple, so there was nothing difficult about it.

Therefore, Jiang Tong wanted to draw a painting that could shock these people who didnt appreciate art very well! Therefore, showing off her skills was enough!

Zhou Jingyun was still looking at Jiang Tongs sketch.

After Jiang Tong returned to the sofa and sat down, she took out a few wet towels to wipe her hands.

Then, she picked up her phone to look.

As expected, the people in the discussion group in the Kyoto Art forum had gone crazy, they were all exclaiming one after another about her artwork.

“F*ck! This is too awesome!”

“F*ck! Is this really something that a human can draw”

“Boss, may I ask if you want to take in a disciple”

Some people asked Jiang Tong where she worked.

Jiang Tong did not speak in the group because there were already many people privately chatting with her.

Some people wanted to add her as a friend.

Jiang Tong scrolled through these messages, but there was no reply.

Jiang Tong had turned off the notification tone on her phone in advance, so Zhou Jingyun could not hear the notification tone.

More and more people added Jiang Tong as a friend, and more and more people privately chatted with Jiang Tong.

Finally, Jiang Tong saw a private chat box.

The person who sent the message was called Mu Yu, a male! The person Jiang Tong was looking for was him! He was a man who was not that important to Shao Ying, but was also very important! He had a very special status among Shao Yings many men.

He had been with Shao Ying very early on and was Shao Yings senior in high school.

The reason why he was special was that he had once made a mistake with Shao Ying.

The mistake was that this man had gotten Shao Ying pregnant and she even gave birth to his child! It was a little girl who was already fourteen years old this year, Shao Yings illegitimate daughter!


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