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Shao Ying will definitely take revenge! Jiang Tong knew that it was time for her to do something against Shao Ying.

On her phone, there was a discussion group on the Kyoto Art forum.

Jiang Tong joined this group more than ten minutes ago.

It was a social group that could accommodate more than two thousand people.

It was not difficult to join.

Moreover, there were only about one thousand and six hundred people in the group at the moment.

There were not that many people actively chatting and there were only a few dozen people who often spoke.

This was an art group that mainly focused on drawing.

Sketching was the foundation of drawing, and most of the people who studied it were not very old.

Most of them were junior high school and high school students, so the average age of the members of this group was only in their teens.

Of course, although they were mainly students, there were still some older group members in this group.

Some of the older members were teachers who studied and researched drawing for years, and some of them were parents of students.

Jiang Tong looked at the messages in the group.

Someone had sent a sketch to the group.

She clicked on the picture and took a look.

It was a picture of some fruits stacked together.

The drawing was not bad, but it could be seen that the style was very green and inexperienced.

Jiang Tong estimated that artist who uploaded the sketch had only studied drawing for a few months.

Some people in the group praised the artist, while others were envious.

Jiang Tong quickly typed and sent a message to the group, “You should practice more on your strokes.

The contrast between light and dark is too little, and it lacks a three-dimensional feel.”

Jiang Tongs name in the discussion group of the Kyoto Art forum was not her real name, butRed Star.

This was the online username that Jiang Tong had given herself, and she had also changed her personal information.

Ten minutes later, the people in the discussion group changed the way they addressed Jiang Tong fromRed Star toTeacher Red Star.

Of course, some people directly called Jiang Tong a big shot, a god, and with just a few sentences from her, they could tell whether or not she had a high enough level of skill in painting.

Of course, one still had to send out their own drawings to show how good they were.

However, the vast majority of the people in this discussion group were students.

The purpose of joining the group was to study, so it was a habit to call people who were better than themTeachers.

“Da da da.” The sound of leather shoes hitting the ground came from outside.

Immediately after, the bodyguards outside opened the door.

Zhou Jingyun took off his coat as he walked in.

Jiang Tong replied in the discussion group and then looked up at Zhou Jingyun who had just returned and smiled.

She asked, “Youve sent him to work”

“I thought you drove away.” As Zhou Jingyun spoke, he walked to the clothes rack to hang up his clothes.

He then walked to the back of his desk and asked Jiang Tong, “Arent you busy So thats it for the Xie familys matters You dont have to do anything else”

“Ive already said that we just need to sit back and watch things unfold,” Jiang Tong smiled.

“Wait for the news.

I reckon that Zhou Mingfei will call you in the afternoon and tell you that something big has happened to the Xie family.”

Zhou Jingyun didnt say anything else as he donned an expressionless face.

After sitting down on his chair, Zhou Jingyun was about to turn on the computer, but he paused because he noticed that there was something on his desk.

It was not a document sent by his assistant secretary, but some white paper, a few pencils, erasers, and the like.

Zhou Jingyun frowned slightly.

His desk was tidied up every day.

His secretary would take care of the desk, so his secretary would not carelessly leave things lying around like this.

Moreover, Zhou Jingyun had never asked for these things.

“I just asked your secretary to send them over.” Jiang Tongs voice was heard.

Zhou Jingyun looked up at Jiang Tong and asked with a frown, “What for”

“To draw a picture,” said Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyun asked, “What are you going to draw”

Jiang Tong looked up at Zhou Jingyun and smiled, “Im going to draw you!”

“Huh” Zhou Jingyun was stunned.

Then he frowned again and narrowed his eyes, “You want to draw me” He felt strange and weird.

Jiang Tong suddenly wanted to draw, and she wanted to draw him… Why Did something happen Jiang Tong stood up and walked over to pick up the paper, pens, and the other things on the desk.

There was also a folder that looked like a splint that could be used as a drawing board.

After she finished picking up the things, she walked to the sofa and sat down facing Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun watched Jiang Tong the entire time.

His gaze moved along with Jiang Tongs movements.

Only when Jiang Tong sat down did he ask, “What are you doing”

“Nothing much.

Im just sketching something for you,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun blinked his eyes in surprise.

“You know how to draw” When Jiang Tong said that she could draw, he didnt say anything about drawing since everyone could draw.

A three-year-old child could draw too, but there was a difference between good and bad.

Now that Jiang Tong said that she could draw, when it came to drawing, it involved professional skills.


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