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“Dont be like this.

You dont have to be so polite in my house.


Youre a guest.

You can go first,” Zhou Jingyun said to Xie Wenkai.

“Then Ill have to trouble you,” Xie Wenkai said and stood up to go upstairs.

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun both turned their heads and watched Xie Wenkai go up the stairs until the sound of the door opening and closing came from the second floor.

Jiang Tong then looked at Zhou Jingyun and asked, “Why did you send Xie Wenkai away” She could see that Zhou Jingyun was deliberately doing that just now.

“Come, follow me.” Zhou Jingyun stood up and waved at Jiang Tong.

He walked to the huge french window of the villa first.

Jiang Tong stood up and followed him.

The two of them came to the window.

Zhou Jingyun pulled the curtain open a little and pointed at the moon in the sky outside the window and asked, “Isnt it nice”

“Huh” Jiang Tong was stunned.

What was that What did he mean Looking at the moon Before Jiang Tong could react, Zhou Jingyun turned his head to look at Jiang Tong.

He directly enveloped Jiang Tongs slender waist, then lowered his head and kissed Jiang Tongs mouth.

Then, he turned around and leaned against the french window, hugging Jiang Tong and kissing her.

Zhou Jingyuns action was very sudden.

Not only did he take the initiative to kiss Jiang Tong, but he also went even further than before.

He pressed Jiang Tongs two long legs and coiled them around his slender waist.

Jiang Tong looked very imposing, but in reality, there was not much flesh on her body, she was not heavy either.

She had just taken a shower earlier so her long hair was disheveled, and her legs were wrapped around Zhou Jingyuns waist.

She raised her head to receive Zhou Jingyuns kiss.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman.

This scene was very stunning!

Jiang Tong almost misunderstood Zhou Jingyuns intentions, but she knew that something was wrong after thinking about it.

Because no matter what happened today, nothing would happen between the two of them.

Xie Wenkai was there.

He had just gone to take a shower and would come out later.

Moreover, Zhou Jingyun wasnt that kind of person.

Zhou Jingyun knew that she was with Xie Wenkai, yet he still wanted to interfere.

Even if Zhou Jingyun had any ulterior motives, he would not choose this time.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun did not deliberately put on an act to anger Xie Wenkai.

He was not that petty and not that casual.

Moreover, if Zhou Jingyun wanted to anger Xie Wenkai, he would want to stimulate Xie Wenkais emotions.

Then, there was no need to send Xie Wenkai away, he could just directly kiss Jiang Tong in front of Xie Wenkai.

Then, there was only one possibility left.

Jiang Tong would not reject Zhou Jingyun.

To be honest, in Jiang Tongs heart, the satisfaction that Zhou Jingyun could bring was something that Xie Wenkai could not compare to.

Zhou Jingyun was really a man.

No matter how much one interacted with him, there was a chance that they would screw up in the end.

It could be to conquer him, or it could be to be conquered or used by him.

Zhou Jingyun was the kind of man who could arouse the desire of women to conquer him! This was also the reason why Shao Ying was so crazy.

She would do everything in her power to get Zhou Jingyun! Because it was too exciting!

Zhou Jingyun took the initiative to send himself to her door.

Jiang Tong would definitely respond to him.

The two of them kissed in front of the huge french window for a full five minutes.

At this moment, Jiang Tong confirmed that Zhou Jingyun really had feelings for her.

Otherwise, there was really no need to kiss her for such a long time.

Finally, Zhou Jingyun stopped.

He slightly raised his head and moved a little further away from Jiang Tongs face.

However, the distance between the two of them was still very close, perhaps only five centimeters apart from each other.

Their eyes met and Jiang Tong was the first to speak.

She said, “Your physical fitness is not bad.

Youre able to hug me like this.” She was still hanging onto Zhou Jingyuns body.

After saying that, Jiang Tong did not wait for Zhou Jingyun to speak and asked again, “Actually, Im very confused.

Did you pull me over to act because you knew that someone was watching and secretly taking photos outside, or are you deliberately taking advantage of me”

Zhou Jingyun licked the corner of his lips, looked down at Jiang Tong, and said with a smile, “Didnt you say that The last time when I kissed you, you said that you would take advantage if there was an opportunity presented to you.

So that means you want to take advantage of me, right”

“I did say that last time.” Jiang Tong sized up Zhou Jingyun and then meaningfully asked, “Since you know that I want to take advantage of you, why did you take the initiative to come here Do you want me to take the lead and take advantage of you Are you really in love with me so youre using your body to try and please me”

Zhou Jingyuns smile froze.

He realized that he really couldnt win against Jiang Tong.

Every single time!

“Thats right.

I just want you to take advantage of me,” Zhou Jingyun said, “How is it Are you happy to take advantage of me”

“Aiya, Im so happy that I actually took advantage of Director Zhou,” Jiang Tong smiled and her tone sounded very satirical.

It was the kind of tone that made Zhou Jingyun feel like she was being sarcastic.


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