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As she spoke, Jiang Tongs voice softened.

Then, she said to Zhou Jingyun, “Oh right, there are some things that I need to explain to Xie Wenkai.

Is it convenient for me to stay at your house today”

“Its not convenient!” Zhou Jingyun replied coldly.

However, the moment he finished speaking, he wrapped his arm around Jiang Tongs waist.

His words and actions were inconsistent.

Zhou Jingyun couldnt do anything to Jiang Tong.

He couldnt let Jiang Tong take Xie Wenkai away.

If Madam Xie found out, it would be over.

Therefore, Xie Wenkai had to be with Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong.

This way, he could only go to Zhou Jingyuns place.

They were on the street, so Zhou Jingyun had to seem more intimate with Jiang Tong.

Because they were a couple, their couple scenes werent over yet, so they had to continue pretending.

After getting in the car, they went straight to Zhou Jingyuns home.

It was late at night, so there were not many cars on the road.

Thus, they could drive faster.

Half an hour later, Zhou Jingyuns home was in Jin Dong Manor in the high-tech zone of City Zs Nancheng District.

This was a villa community that was relatively far from the city center.

The reason why Zhou Jingyun bought a house here was that this place was very close to Jingyun Fashion Companys building.

The drive was only a dozen of minutes, so commuting was very convenient.

Zhou Jingyun had a total of three villas in Jin Dong Manor.

The three villas were adjacent to each other.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun could not live in so many villas by himself.

He lived in the villa in the middle, while the other two villas were for his bodyguards.

Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards were very famous.

His bodyguards protected him 24 hours a day.

Even when Zhou Jingyun slept in his bedroom at night, there were bodyguards patrolling outside the villa.

However, he did not have any enemies, even his younger brother, Zhou Mingfei, did not need such security, let alone Zhou Jingyun.

But the reason why he was like this was naturally because of that crazy woman, Shao Ying! Zhou Jingyun knew that Shao Ying had been spying on him.

In the few years that he had returned to City Z, the bodyguards alone had sealed off his residence and managed to capture more than five people who had been sent by Shao Ying to spy on him.

And these people who had been captured… of course, they had been thrown into the sea to feed the fish.

Zhou Jingyun had always gotten rid of one person after another this way when it came to the people that Shao Ying had sent!

It was past eleven oclock in the evening.

In the cold-hued renovated villa of Jin Dong Manor, Jiang Tong, who had just taken a shower, went downstairs in her bathrobe.

Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun were also there.

They were both sitting on the sofa in the living room on the first floor.

After Jiang Tong returned to the villa, she took a shower first and was really ready to go to sleep.

However, Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai had been chatting until now.

Of course, Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai had to chat.

At the very least, they had to go through the script and made sure to match what they said.

They said that Zhou Jingyun was the one who enlightened Xie Wenkai.

They also said that they were going to rest at the Six Blessings Teahouse.

In the end, they came to Zhou Jingyuns house.

What happened in the middle, what Zhou Jingyun told him, the answers to all these had to be coordinated.

When Xie Wenkai returned the next day, Madam Xie would definitely ask.

Of course, this wasnt a big problem.

As long as Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai were together, it wouldnt be a big problem.

“What are you talking about Why arent you sleeping” Jiang Tong walked into the living room and asked.

“Babe, what exactly do you do for a living” Xie Wenkai turned his head and asked Jiang Tong.

“Me” Jiang Tong glanced at Zhou Jingyun.

Obviously, Xie Wenkai had already asked Zhou Jingyun, but Zhou Jingyun was very tight-lipped.

He didnt say anything about it, but this matter actually didnt matter.

After she sat down, she said, “Im an intelligence dealer.”

“An intelligence dealer Is that why you know so much” Xie Wenkai asked again, but he frowned slightly.

He had checked Jiang Tongs information, except for the recent ones… the older information about Jiang Tong looked very ordinary.

“Yes, Im a professional,” Jiang Tong smiled and took the initiative to ask Xie Wenkai, “Youre going to go back to face your mother tomorrow.

Are you ready” Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun could tell that Jiang Tong was changing the topic.

They also understood that they would never be able to ask anything out of Jiang Tong if she did not want to talk about it.

“Im ready,” Xie Wenkai nodded.

He sounded very determined, it was as though he was cheering himself on.

“Thats good.

I believe you,” Jiang Tong nodded and smiled.

She talked about other things with Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun, mainly about how Xie Wenkai would deal with it when he went home tomorrow.

“Um… Director Xie, its getting late.

Why dont you go take a shower first There are spare toiletries in the room.

Theyre in the drawer under the sink,” Zhou Jingyun suddenly said to Xie Wenkai.

“No, Director Zhou, you go first.

Im not in a hurry,” Xie Wenkai turned his head and said.


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