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Yao Wenhong finally understood.

The people who were on the phone with Jiang Tong were Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun! And he also thought of why he felt that the name Jiang Tong was familiar to him! Wasnt Jiang Tong Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend who suddenly appeared out of nowhere in City Z recently! Jiang Tong, Miss Jiang!

It was over.

Yao Wenhong knew that he was done for, completely done for.

He really wanted to kill Jiang Tong and make her disappear.

Although Jiang Tong had asked him, he didnt admit it.

But now, he didnt dare to have such thoughts.

Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend and the people of the Zhou family shouldnt be touched at all.

If he dared to try something, he would only die faster.

Moreover, Xie Wenkai was also there.

Xie Wenkai also knew about these things… So, dont talk about touching Jiang Tong.

He only needed to protect himself now.

The men around Jiang Tong were scarier than the others.

Actually, Yao Wenhong was wrong about one thing.

Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai didnt know what exactly happened to Yao Wenhong.

They only heard a few words, and the only person who knew everything was Jiang Tong herself! But now… Yao Wenhongs face was ashen.

He was scared.

He knew that as long as he dared to resist, he would definitely be finished.

If he couldnt resist, then he would give Jiang Tong any sum of money she wanted!

“Come, dont stand there.

Sit down.” Jiang Tong called out again.

Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai sat over.

Zhou Jingyun sat next to Jiang Tong while Xie Wenkai sat next to Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun sat in the middle while Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai sat on both sides.

These were all arranged by Jiang Tong.

Xie Wenkai didnt have to sit next to her since Yao Wenhong didnt need to know about her relationship with Xie Wenkai.

Yao Wenhong was still standing on the opposite side of the table.

“Sit,” Jiang Tong said again.

“Okay, okay,” Yao Wenhong quickly agreed and sat down obediently.

Borrowing power! Jiang Tong was now borrowing the power of Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai.

She didnt even need Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun to speak.

As long as they came over as props, they could scare Yao Wenhong to death.

“I think you are very clear about the situation.

Then, Ill speak frankly.” Jiang Tong looked at Yao Wenhong and said, “I dont want your money.” Yao Wenhong was stunned and then turned pale with fright.

Dont want money Then what did she want What else did he have to give to her Did she want his life

“The only thing I need is from now on, whatever Xie Wenkai says in the board meeting, you will support him.

Do you understand” After Jiang Tong said that, she smiled.

Yao Wenhongs expression suddenly became very interesting.

He was first stunned, then shocked, then he was dumbfounded again, and finally surprised! It was really too surprising! Was the solution that simple!

Yao Wenhong was a shareholder of the Six Blessings Corporation.

This was Yao Wenhongs value! He was still a board member of the Six Blessings Corporation.

He was an internal director of the Six Blessings Corporation.

Although Yao Wenhong did not participate in the management of the Six Blessings Corporation, he should no longer be an internal director.

However, his status as a director was not just elected this year, but two and a half years ago.

The Board of Directors of listed companies was elected every three years.

Yao Wenhong was not like this two and a half years ago.

Although he was a little marginalized at that time, he was still working for the Six Blessings Corporation.

Although his shares were small, he could still rank in the top ten major individual shareholders of the Six Blessings Corporation.

Therefore, it was not a problem for him to have a seat on the Board of Directors.

Although Yao Wenhong only had half a year left in his term of office, and the Six Blessings Corporation would choose another board member at the beginning of next year, he would definitely not be able to be elected.

However, as long as he was still a director, he was very useful! Because in the Board of Directors, one person had one vote.

The votes did not have much to do with the shares.

Without the shares of the Six Blessings Corporation, he could also be an independent director of the Six Blessings Corporation.

When decisions had to be made, it was one person for one vote! Yao Wenhongs was most useful for his one vote!

“Just… Just like that” Yao Wenhong was really pleasantly surprised.

He actually asked Jiang Tong a question.

Was it really settled just like that

From the moment Yao Wenhong asked this question, Jiang Tong had successfully manipulated Yao Wenhongs mind! When they first met, Yao Wenhong had always thought that Jiang Tong was trying to blackmail him, and it was a very greedy kind of blackmail.

Jiang Tong kept talking about his secrets, and he became more and more afraid.

He kept increasing the price of the chips, and he kept raising the price and had the intention to kill Jiang Tong.

He knew that Jiang Tong knew so much and could take everything from him.

Therefore, Jiang Tong had to die! However, after Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun appeared, Yao Wenhong was completely desperate.

There was nothing he could do.

He didnt dare to touch Jiang Tong or anyone else.

It was as though he was a piece of meat on the chopping board, just waiting to die.

He had already prepared for the worst!


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