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This was the same as a persons daily routine, and it also had to do with the way they treated their guests.

Everyone had to eat dinner, especially when it came to business and receiving guests.

Regardless of whether the business was done in the teahouse or not, when it was time to eat, they had to treat the guests to dinner.

They couldnt always stay in the teahouse drinking tea and starving together.

This was the reason why Jiang Tong dared to call someone directly and ask them to meet at the teahouse.

She even dared to say the name of the room directly.

She wasnt afraid that the room would be occupied, even if she didnt ask in advance.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong.

It was strange.

She clearly had an appointment with someone, but she came in and asked if there was a private room.

Did she have to open a private room to drink tea

“No reservation.

Is the Rain Lotus Wind private room occupied” Jiang Tong asked again.

‘Rain Lotus Wind was the name of a private room on the fourth floor.

“One moment, Madam.” The receptionist brought them to the front desk and asked the staff at the front desk to check.

The Rain Lotus Wind private room was currently unoccupied, and no one had made a reservation.

Rain Lotus Wind was the largest private room in Spring Breeze Teahouse.

When more than twenty people had a discussion in that room, it would not feel crowded.

However, because it was too big, few people made a reservation for that private room.

“Madam, please follow me.” The receptionist led the way in front.

There was no need to register, and there was no need to pay in advance.

They went upstairs straight away.

The receptionist brought Jiang Tong, Xie Wenkai, and Zhou Jingyun up to the fourth floor.

When they were near the Rain Lotus Wind private room, the reception lady looked back and gestured.

Then, she took a few steps forward and stopped at the door of the private room.

The receptionist said, “This is the place.


What tea would you like to drink”

“Rock tea,” Jiang Tong said the name of the tea.

Rock tea was Wuyi rock tea, a type of oolong tea.

After the reception lady left, Jiang Tong walked into the private room.

The room was really big and looked a little empty.

Jiang Tong lowered her head and explained to Xie Wenkai.

Soon, the reception lady personally brought the tea and tea set to the table.

When she placed it on the table, the receptionist glanced at Xie Wenkai and then smiled in surprise, “Are you… Mr.

Xie Wenkai”

“Yes, I am,” Xie Wenkai nodded and smiled politely.

“Is it really you When I went downstairs, my colleague said that you looked familiar.

I also thought that you looked familiar.

I didnt expect it to be you.

You are even more handsome than on TV!” The receptionist praised him.

She was a little excited because she saw Xie Wenkai in person, the most famous young master of the Xie family in City Z!

“Thank you,” Xie Wenkai thanked her politely.

Jiang Tong glanced at Zhou Jingyun, who was sitting at the side expressionlessly.

It seemed that he didnt care that Xie Wenkai had stolen his limelight on such an occasion.

It was also in line with his low-key personality.

Today was not Zhou Jingyuns day to discuss matters.

Therefore, he even restrained his intimidating aura.

One minute after the receptionist left, Jiang Tong stood up and waved her phone at Xie Wenkai.

“You guys go ahead and drink the tea.

Ill go over first.” With that, she walked out of the private room.

Jiang Tong walked from the fourth floor to the third floor.

She looked left and right.

Then, she tidied her outfit and walked to the west wing of the third floor.

At the end, at the door of the last private room, there was an antique decoration.

There was a small wooden sign hanging on the door.

On it was written: Four Seasons Spring private room.

In the private room, a greasy middle-aged man, who was about forty-five or forty-six years old, was sitting at the table and drinking tea.

He looked very upset.

He unknowingly drank the tea and poured one cup after another, his movements did not stop.

This made Jiang Tong think of Jiao Qinglong.

Back then, Jiang Tong had also arranged to meet Jiao Qinglong in the teahouse.

Jiao Qinglong gave people a very greasy feeling, but Jiao Qinglongs greasy appearance was external.

However, this man dressed like a dog, but his temperament could not be compared to Jiao Qinglong.

“Creak.” Jiang Tong pushed the door open and smiled as she entered.

“You havent left yet”

The middle-aged man suddenly raised his head to look at the door.

Seeing that Jiang Tong was a young woman in her early twenties, he was stunned for a moment.

Then, he asked, “Did you call me”

Jiang Tong nodded as she walked in.

“How is it Have you been living comfortably these years Bai Guanjie asked me to greet you on his behalf…”

The middle-aged man suddenly stood up.

He didnt want to lose his temper, but he walked to the door in a hurry.

When Jiang Tong walked to the table and sat down on the seat opposite the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man also walked to the door and closed it.

He went over to close the door because he was afraid, afraid that others would hear his conversation with Jiang Tong.


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