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Jiang Tong turned around and looked at Zhou Jingyun.

One thing worth mentioning was that if they wanted to leave the Six Blessings Teahouse, Zhou Jingyun had to bring Xie Wenkai out, not Jiang Tong.

They had agreed that Xie Wenkai would accompany Zhou Jingyun, and Xie Wenkai still needed Zhou Jingyuns guidance.

Therefore, if Jiang Tong was the one who brought Xie Wenkai out, things would change.

Zhou Jingyun didnt move.

It was obvious that he didnt want to cooperate with Jiang Tong.

“Youre not leaving”Jiang Tong asked Zhou Jingyun with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun didnt say anything.

Jiang Tongs lips twitched.

“Are you sure If youre not leaving, then well leave.” After saying that, she smiled and waved at Xie Wenkai.

“Dont.” Zhou Jingyun immediately stopped her.

How could he dare to let Jiang Tong bring Xie Wenkai away directly If that were the case, the people from Six Blessings Teahouse would probably inform Madam Xie as soon as Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong left, and then Madam Xie would also call him immediately.

At that time, he wouldnt be able to explain himself, and many things would be difficult to handle.

Ever since Zhou Jingyun made a bet with Jiang Tong and got involved in this matter, it was destined that he would cover for Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai.

Not only could he not get out of it, but he couldnt even say a word to Jiang Tong.

It was really tiring.

“How about this I can cooperate with you and bring Xie Wenkai out, but you have to promise me that I will also go to Spring Breeze Teahouse later.

I want to see what youre going to do.” After Zhou Jingyun said that, he even raised his eyebrows at Jiang Tong.

He had been suppressed by Jiang Tong for too long, and he always wanted to get back at her.

Zhou Jingyuns personality was originally tough and domineering.

Later, when he met Jiang Tong, he was always suppressed by Jiang Tong.

At this time, he felt that if he directly cooperated with Jiang Tong, he would be too weak! Therefore, he obviously had to cooperate with Jiang Tong, but he still had to negotiate with Jiang Tong.

This way, he didnt lose, and it would also feel like he was trying to gain back his pride.


If youre willing to watch, then I dont care,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

However, there was a hint of strangeness in her smile as she continued, “But dont regret it.

I hope you dont say that I dragged you into this matter in the future.

This time, you took the initiative to bring it up.”

Zhou Jingyuns expression changed.

He felt as if he had fallen into Jiang Tongs trap again.

It seemed as though Jiang Tong had even planned for him to take the initiative to follow her.

Zhou Jingyun was a little regretful, but he didnt intend to go back on his words.

He really wanted to know how Jiang Tong was going to deal with this matter.

Who was the person they were going to meet at Spring Breeze Teahouse

After negotiating the terms, the three of them went downstairs.

Zhou Jingyun drove a Bentley with Xie Wenkai, Jiang Tong drove a Lamborghini, and his bodyguards followed behind.

They first went to Jingyun Fashion company.

When they were on their way to Jingyun Fashion, Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun didnt know that Jiang Tong, who was driving, called a few people separately.

The calls were very short, and they were all finished in a few sentences.

After arriving at Jingyun Fashion company, the three of them rested for a while.

Then, they changed cars and set off again, conveniently shaking off the Xie family bodyguards who were following them secretly.

When the three of them arrived at Spring Breeze Teahouse, it was already close to 10 pm.

In other words, if the other party arrived on time, then he would have waited for Jiang Tong for nearly five hours!

“Why are there so many cars” When they entered Spring Breeze Teahouse, Zhou Jingyun felt that something was wrong.

Because at this time, there were especially many luxury cars parked outside the teahouse! Jiang Tong smiled and didnt say anything.

Of course, it was because she had more than one appointment! After entering the door, Jiang Tong directly asked the receptionist, “Do you have a private room”

“Yes, Maam.

Do you have a reservation” The receptionist smiled and replied.

However, if one looked carefully, one could see that something was wrong.

It was too strange today.

It was already late, but the number of guests suddenly increased.

In just two short hours, a few more groups of guests had arrived, and they all asked for large private rooms.

Spring Breeze Teahouse and Six Blessings Teahouse were both top teahouses in City Z.

They were both high-end places used to discuss business.

Spring Breeze Teahouse was even better than Six Blessings Teahouse.

Its positioning was higher, its tea was more expensive, and its brand was more well known.

This kind of high-end teahouse had one thing in common, and that was that business was mostly concentrated in the afternoon.

There would be customers in the morning, but in the afternoon, that would be the time the teahouses would have the most customers.

Usually, after lunchtime, there would be customers coming to the teahouse to drink tea, and the time would usually not be more than four oclock in the afternoon.

Therefore, after four oclock in the afternoon, the business of the teahouse would begin to decline sharply, and the customers would leave in batches.


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