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Just like how Zhou Jingyun would not easily offend Madam Xie, Madam Xie would not easily offend Zhou Jingyun.

If she could make peace, she would make peace.

It was just that… she did not know how it had developed into this situation.

“Director Zhou, take a seat first.

If youre tired, you can rest here for a while.

Dont be in a hurry to leave.

There are some things that we should make clear.

In the future, our two families will be interacting with each other more as well.” Madam Xies mood suddenly eased.

She raised her hand and gestured for Zhou Jingyun to take a seat.

Her tone could be said to have softened all of a sudden.

She did not know how Xie Wenkai had formed a relationship with Zhou Jingyun, and Zhou Jingyun was even willing to spend a day enlightening Xie Wenkai.

Looking at the benefits, such a relationship was a great thing for the Xie family! But now, the relationship between Xie Wenkai and Zhou Jingyun was about to be broken.

They might even offend Zhou Jingyun.

Madam Xie took a deep breath.

She absolutely could not do this.

Now that the situation had been investigated clearly, she did not need to offend Zhou Jingyun!

“Director Zhou, please sit down.

You havent drunk your tea yet.

At least have a cup of tea before you leave.” After saying that, Madam Xie gestured for him to sit down.

She then sat down first.

Zhou Jingyun didnt want to offend Madam Xie either, so naturally, he followed her.

After sitting down, his expression eased up a little.

“Director Zhou, actually, I know that there must be some misunderstanding between us.” Madam Xie deliberated and said, “But regarding the matter of our Xie family, I dont know if you understand my thoughts and my thoughts as a mother.

I didnt want to harm Xie Wenkai.

Xie Wenkai is my son.

I only hope that he can live well.”

“Is Xie Wenkai not outstanding enough” Xie Wenkai asked Madam Xie in return.

“Xie Wenkai is very outstanding.

He is the pride of my husband, Xie Guofu.

But you know, if we didnt guide Xie Wenkai correctly, he wouldnt be so outstanding.

I hope that he can continue to be outstanding,” Madam Xie said seriously.

“Xie Wenkai is already in his twenties.” Zhou Jingyun frowned.

“Director Zhou, I will teach my son myself.” Madam Xie interrupted Zhou Jingyun.

She wouldnt give in when it came to Xie Wenkais education.

She was very stubborn about this.

This was also one of the reasons why Jiang Tong did not mind offending Madam Xie.

If she could not convince Madam Xie, she would use another method to make Madam Xie lower her head in defeat!

“But I may really have to thank you today, Director Zhou,” Madam Xie said quickly.

Then, she slowed down to her normal speed of speech.

“Perhaps… Xie Wenkai really had some problems.

I did not notice it.

This is my negligence.

He cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry.

I did not expect these things…” she said, glancing at Xie Wenkai.

Xie Wenkai sat there dejectedly without making a sound.

Madam Xie certainly didnt want Xie Wenkai to have any problems.

If he really had a psychological problem, then her son would be ruined.

After Madam Xie finished looking at Xie Wenkai, she looked at Zhou Jingyun and said, “I will consider letting Xie Wenkai do some things on his own.

After all, he has reached marriageable age.

Although doing the laundry and cooking isnt something a man should do, if he wants to understand about these things, then he should do so.

I wont stop him from doing that in the future.

Director Zhou, you and Xie Wenkai should be the same age, right” Madam Xie suddenly changed the topic, she didnt want to talk to Zhou Jingyun about Xie Wenkais education anymore.

“Thats right,” Zhou Jingyun nodded.

“Youre the same age as Xie Wenkai.

No wonder you two can become friends,” Madam Xie smiled.

Then, she took the initiative to ask, “Xie Wenkai is older, right”

“Yes, Xie Wenkai is a few months older than me.

Speaking of which, I have to call himBig Brother,” Zhou Jingyun said.

“WhatBig Brother Our Xie family cant be compared to your Zhou family.

We are from a small family.

We just call people of the same age by their names,” Madam Xie complimented Zhou Jingyun.

However, the happy expression on her face was not an act.

She had never heard Zhou Jingyun address anyone outside his family asBig Brother orBrother.

This also made Madam Xie realize that Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkais relationship was really good.

If they could develop their relationship as brothers, then Xie Wenkai would probably immediately have all the conditions to become the successor.

This would also become Xie Wenkais strongest connection.

The few restless people in the Six Blessings Corporation and those who doubted that Xie Wenkai was too young would probably immediately stop.

Zhou Mingfei would also address anyone who became brothers with Zhou Jingyun asBig Brother as well.

Although Zhou Jingyun and the Zhou family did not have a good relationship, Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei were very close brothers.

This was known throughout City Z.


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