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By the time Zhou Jingyun had finished speaking, the anger on Madam Xies face had disappeared.

Her expression was also very complicated.

She looked at Xie Wenkai and realized that Xie Wenkais eyes had turned red when he heard Zhou Jingyuns words.

Although Zhou Jingyuns words were half true and half false, these words had also reached Xie Wenkais heart.

At this moment, Madam Xie felt a trace of softness and guilt in her heart, but she immediately suppressed this emotion.

“So…” Madam Xie sat on the chair and said with a drawl, “I have to thank you, right, Director Zhou” She calmed down and regained her elegance.

“Theres no need to thank me,” Zhou Jingyun replied.

Then, without waiting for Zhou Jingyun to say anything, Madam Xie interjected.

She looked directly at Jiang Tong and said, “Is that so Then, Miss Jiang… although I dont know what you and Director Zhou are thinking, maybe you did all these out of kindness.

However, I dont know if Miss Jiang Tong can explain to me why you hugged my son when you were on the golf course with him.

You even did something very disrespectful to my son.

Why is that Miss Jiang Tong, please explain.” After Madam Xie finished asking these questions, the atmosphere in the room immediately changed, and even Zhou Jingyuns expression changed.

Zhou Jingyuns expression should indeed change because he was Jiang Tongs boyfriend on the surface.

He had just stood with Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai and also spoke from Xie Wenkais point of view.

Therefore, when he heard that Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai had some intimate actions on the golf course, he should have changed his expression.

He should even have been angry at Jiang Tong.

This was a normal reaction that a boyfriend should have.

However, in reality, Zhou Jingyuns expression did not change because of this.

His relationship with Jiang Tong was fake.

He also knew what kind of relationship Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai had now.

The reason why his expression had changed was that Xie Wenkai didnt tell him about his intimacy with Jiang Tong on the golf course.

On the way to the teahouse, Zhou Jingyun asked Xie Wenkai a lot of things, so that was why Zhou Jingyun was able to say all those words to Madam Xie earlier.

However, Xie Wenkai didnt mention that Jiang Tong touched him on the golf course and the fact that she even spanked him! This made it difficult for Zhou Jingyun to resolve this matter.

He even had to get angry at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong didnt tell him in advance because Jiang Tong would solve this problem herself.

“Whats going on” Zhou Jingyun tilted his body as he thought of this.

He gritted his teeth and asked Jiang Tong in a low voice as if he was angry that his girlfriend had cheated on him.

This was what Madam Xie wanted to see.

She had been very sullen by Zhou Jingyuns words just now.

Logically, she couldnt win against Zhou Jingyun.

If the matter blew up and others found out, they would criticize the Xie family.

She could not accept that either, so she skipped over all the suspicious points and directly questioned Jiang Tong.

She also had the intention of sowing discord between Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun.

“Madam Xie.” Jiang Tong pressed the back of Zhou Jingyuns hand.

Then, she looked at Madam Xie and asked with a relaxed smile, “You said that I touched Xie Wenkai and even spanked him.

I dont know who you heard it from.

Can you tell me”

“You want to deny this” Madam Xies eyes suddenly sharpened.

“Did I ever say that I was denying it” Jiang Tong smiled and replied, “I just feel that some things may not be true even if someone saw it with their own eyes.

So, can you tell me who told you”

“Xie Wenkais bodyguard told me.

He couldnt have lied to me,” Madam Xie said.

She felt that Jiang Tong wanted to deny it.

Madam Xie felt that she had figured out the situation.

It was her son, Xie Wenkai, who had a personal relationship with Zhou Jingyun and kept in touch with him in private.

Then, he expressed his envy for Zhou Jingyun, he even said that his mother controlled him too much.

Zhou Jingyun wanted to help Xie Wenkai.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyun agreed to enlighten Xie Wenkai and get involved in the Xie familys matters today.

Later, because Zhou Jingyun had some urgent matters to attend to, he asked Jiang Tong to go and pick Xie Wenkai up.

Then, Jiang Tong, this woman, took advantage of Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkais personal relationship to gain Xie Wenkais trust.

After that, she spouted nonsense to Xie Wenkai.

She even took the opportunity to touch Xie Wenkai and trick him into running away! Therefore, Jiang Tong was a shameless woman! It must be so! And Jiang Tong was still unwilling to admit what she had done!

“So it was Xie Wenkais bodyguard…” Jiang Tong seemed as though she just found out who reported them to Madam Xie.

She nodded and said, “Is that bodyguard outside Why dont we let him come in and talk to him face to face”


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