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Madam Xies expression immediately changed.

She turned to look at Xie Wenkai.

She wanted to know what her son had said to an outsider like Zhou Jingyun! Did he reveal everything to an outsider Xie Wenkai avoided his mothers gaze.

“Director Zhou.” Madam Xie looked at Zhou Jingyun again.

Her expression became much more serious.

“Forgive me for being blunt.

Youre an outsider.

Dont meddle in our familys affairs.” Madam Xies attitude suddenly became firm.

“Ive said before that your familys affairs have nothing to do with me.

I originally didnt want to get involved.” Zhou Jingyun wasnt afraid of Madam Xies uncompromising attitude at all.

He directly said, “Xie Wenkai has told me about this too many times.

I probably feel the same way as him.

I had a similar experience in my family.

I almost couldnt even decide on my own marriage.

So, I was meeting Xie Wenkai today to enlighten him.” Zhou Jingyun frowned.

He then looked at Madam Xie with a frown and said, “Madam Xie, dont you understand Do you really not understand Youre too strict with Xie Wenkai and you want to control everything.

And now, Xie Wenkai has some psychological problems because of that.

Madam Xie, Xie Wenkai is your only son.

You dont want to force him to death, do you”

“You!” Madam Xie suddenly stood up, her face was fuming with anger.

Her fingers were tightly clutching the teacup, and her knuckles were turning white as she glared at Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyuns words were very harsh.

Moreover, Madam Xie hated it the most when others told her how to educate her children.

Zhou Jingyun was not the first person to say these words to Madam Xie.

Xie Wenkais father and her husband, Xie Guofu, had also tried to persuade her.

However, the more others tried to persuade her, the more Madam Xie felt appalled.

If the person who said these words to her was not Zhou Jingyun, she might have already thrown the teacup at him.

Seeing Madam Xie stand up with a furious expression, Zhou Jingyun remained indifferent.

He leaned back and took out a wrinkled white paper bag from his bosom.

It was a paper bag from the pharmacy.

The medicine that Xie Wenkai had bought was still inside.

After Xie Wenkai gave the medicine to Zhou Jingyun, Zhou Jingyun put it in his bosom.

The paper bag was slightly wrinkled because it had been folded.


Zhou Jingyun threw the paper bag on the table and his action looked baffling.

Madam Xie glanced at the paper bag and then frowned at Zhou Jingyun.

She asked, “Whats the meaning of this”

“Madam Xie, do you know what is this” Zhou Jingyun gestured.

Although he was asking Madam Xie, he didnt expect Madam Xie to answer.

Zhou Jingyun answered his own question, “Its my medicine.

My finger hasnt been doing well recently, so I need to apply it.

But do you know who bought this medicine”

Madam Xie stared at Zhou Jingyun and didnt answer because she knew that Zhou Jingyun would continue.

“Xie Wenkai bought it,” Zhou Jingyun replied to his own question again.

He and Madam Xie looked at each other.

“Today, when I was at my girlfriends house, I was trying to enlighten Xie Wenkai and I also spoke about my injury.

I realized that I didnt have any medicine in my bag.

I originally planned to ask my bodyguard to buy it and bring it to me.

I didnt expect Xie Wenkai to say that he would buy it for me.

He said that he had never gone to a pharmacy to buy medicine by himself in his life.

A pharmacy that could be seen everywhere on the street, and an experience where you could buy medicine just by going in, were all novel to your son, Xie Wenkai.”

Madam Xies expression changed.

She looked at Xie Wenkai strangely before turning to look at Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun did not care about Madam Xies reaction.

He continued, “Guess what else Xie Wenkai did today He actually cooked for Jiang Tong and me.

He bought vegetables and cooked for us.

Xie Wenkai even asked if his cooking was good.

After we said that it was good, he was extremely happy.

He was very ecstatic.

He even cleaned the room and washed our clothes.

We couldnt stop him.

He was just so stifled, did you know that Madam Xie, Xie Wenkai knows very well that no matter what, he will eventually return to the Xie family, and he will also return to your control.

Therefore, he wanted to do all the things that ordinary people can do but you dont want him to do.

Do you know how terrible this kind of retaliatory behavior is Madam Xie, ask yourself, dont you think that you are too controlling of Xie Wenkai” Zhou Jingyun said these words very seriously and his tone was very solemn.

It could be said that every sentence struck Madam Xies heart.

Madam Xie didnt even dare to imagine that her son would do so many things that he shouldnt have done today.

Her expression kept changing along with Zhou Jingyuns words.


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