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It was also because of the pressure from his family.

Under the pressure and suffocation from his family, the stronger Zhou Jingyun appeared, the more he secretly wished that he would be whipped by someone else, hoping that someone stronger would conquer him.

Jiang Tong had said that her relationship with Zhou Jingyun was fake, but Jiang Tong did not say whether she had any other relationship with Zhou Jingyun! If Zhou Jingyun was also a masochist, then everything would make sense.

Zhou Jingyun saw Xie Wenkai coming over, but he ignored him and continued to focus on massaging Jiang Tong.

In Xie Wenkais eyes, Zhou Jingyun had masochism and was serving his master as a slave.

He didnt need to care about the gazes of others.

Xie Wenkai felt that what he thought about Zhou Jingyun was correct.

Zhou Jingyun was just like him and had masochism.

Thinking about it, Xie Wenkai looked at Zhou Jingyun with friendliness because he and Zhou Jingyun werent enemies at all, they were kindred spirits.

They were on the same side.

Xie Wenkai looked at Jiang Tong with even more fervent eyes.

Jiang Tong could even subdue Zhou Jingyun.

This could only mean that she was stronger than he had imagined.

Xie Wenkai naturally hoped that the person who was torturing him would be stronger.

As a masochist, Xie Wenkai did not want his master, Jiang Tong, to be snatched away.

However, if the person who snatched Jiang Tong away was of the same kind as him, then it would be a different matter.

He and Zhou Jingyun were both targets of Jiang Tongs subjugation, there would not be any conflict.

In fact, they could even…

Zhou Jingyun was really seriously massaging Jiang Tong.

This was his counterattack against Xie Wenkai.

He was quite happy because Jiang Tong did not explain anything when Xie Wenkai came over.

Instead, she was very cooperative with him and treated the situation as something normal and natural.

Zhou Jingyun did not know what Xie Wenkai was thinking at that moment.

He also did not know how terrifying a trap Jiang Tong had set up!

Xie Wenkai stood at the door and watched for a while.

Zhou Jingyun was still wondering if Xie Wenkai would get angry or question him.

Suddenly, Xie Wenkai moved.

He walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

He walked to the bed, squatted down, raised his head, and kissed Jiang Tongs mouth.

The kiss was very meticulous.

Zhou Jingyun froze and widened his eyes.

What was he doing What was Xie Wenkai doing

Zhou Jingyun had yet to recover from Xie Wenkais actions when he saw Xie Wenkai stand up again, kick off his slippers, and get on the bed.

He knelt beside Jiang Tong and said with a smile, “Big Brother, lets do it together.” Xie Wenkai began to massage Jiang Tongs arm.

Zhou Jingyun looked as if he had seen a ghost.

He was completely dumbfounded.


Jiang Tong was Xie Wenkais girlfriend.

When he saw that his girlfriend was being massaged by another man, not only did he not get angry, but he even came over to join in and massage her! Wait,Big Brother WhatBig Brother Xie Wenkai was obviously older than him, a few months older than him.

Why did Xie Wenkai call himBig Brother

“Big Brother, whats wrong” Xie Wenkai saw that Zhou Jingyuns expression was off, so he asked him with a smile.

This smile immediately made Zhou Jingyuns hair stand on end.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Xie Wenkai as if he had seen a ghost.

To be honest, at this moment, he already had a trace of fear in his heart.

It was as if he was in a horror movie and had encountered a supernatural event.

What was wrong with this man, Xie Wenkai Was he mentally ill Impossible.

If Xie Wenkai was mentally ill, then it was impossible for the outside world to not have any news about it, and it was also impossible to describe him like he was a perfect person.

It was impossible for a mentally ill person to become the successor of the Six Blessings Corporation.

The more outstanding a person was in the outside world, the less likely he would be mentally ill.

That was because only people with sufficient self-control could perform so well that they would not make any mistakes!

Zhou Jingyun thought about it and slowly turned his head to look at Jiang Tongs back.

He thought that it was not Xie Wenkai who had a problem, but Jiang Tong who was problematic.

Although he couldnt figure out what method Jiang Tong used to take down Xie Wenkai in such a short time, to the extent that Xie Wenkai fell in love with her and didnt mind her having other men to share with other men… the problem must be Jiang Tong!

Xie Wenkai reached out his hand and waved it in front of Zhou Jingyun.

He called Zhou JingyunBig Brother because Xie Wenkai only got together with Jiang Tong today, and Zhou Jingyun had obviously been with Jiang Tong for a while.

Zhou Jingyun was with Jiang Tong first, so he should be at the front.

Therefore, he should be addressed asBig Brother.


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