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Chapter 195 The drunkards get drunk


A group of friends and brothers got together for drinks, and no one had to force anyone to drink; they were eager to do so.

That kind of golden whiskey was the most appealing to them.

Zhang Hui threw caution to the wind and simply brought the entire case.

Don't even think about asking how much it cost.

Since he'd gotten the whiskey, not drinking it would be a waste, so everyone drank it to their hearts' content.


Zhang Hui toasted, bumping glasses with Lin Mu to his left and Tian Yuan to his right.

Zhang Hui appeared to recall something, lowered his voice, and inquired.


"Has the emergency room doctor from your City's No.

1 Hospital gone to work at your place, Tian Yuan"


For a brief while, Tian Yuan stared blankly.

Why did he bring up Xiaji


"I wasn't paying attention.

Today is my first day of work, and I spent the entire day studying on the top floor.

I didn't walk around."


"At the moment, no new doctors have joined the hospital."


Lin Mu finished his drink and looked up at Zhang Hui.

Lin Mu's phoenix eyes were long and narrow.

His eyes were slightly wide and teary after a few shots, and they looked particularly lovely.


"Why do you ask, Hui-ge"


Zhang Hui rubbed his nose as he refilled his glass.


"Just drink, will ya Don’t be nosy.

Come on, Huang Kai, have a drink."


Zhang Hui changed the subject, and this brief incident faded into the background.

Lin Mu toasted Tian Yuan immediately after.

Tian Yuan gazed at Pan Lei distractedly, concerned that Pan Lei would consume too much alcohol.

If he did, he'd go insane, hugging and biting him nonstop.

It had occurred once, and it would be far too embarrassing if it happened again.


Huang Kai drank as if there were no tomorrow.

He drank one shot after another as if it were water.

Pan Ge held a glass of whiskey in his hand, sipped it, spoke a few words with others around him, and occasionally glanced at Huang Kai.


Pan Lei drank way too much.

This foreign liquor was not the same as Maotai from China.

The more you drank, the more you wanted to drink it.

It tasted great.

It had a spicy flavor and was invigorating.

After a few shots, you'll be completely inebriated.


Huang Kai, that chap, had already started babbling nonsense.

Lin Mu's eyes were unfocused, and he looked stoned.

Pan Zhan had begun to slur.

Zhang Hui couldn't get up from his seat.

The most sober was probably only Pan Ge.


Pan Lei suddenly threw himself on Tian Yuan's body, making Tian Yuan feel as though he were being crushed by a large bear.


"Baby, I, I have an important announcement to make."


Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around Pan Lei’s waist, afraid that he might fall.

He was angry, but he also found it amusing.

Every time he drank with this group of drunks, he had to return home inebriated.


"What important announcement You've had too much to drink.

Let's talk about it when you're sober.

Hui-ge, please call a cab to take us home."


This welcome home party had been going on for more than three hours.

They hadn't eaten much but had consumed a lot of alcohol.


These drunkards!


"Nope! I must say it."


Pan Lei stood up and wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's neck, waving his hand dramatically.

He was wobbly on his feet.


He gazed around triumphantly, his arms around his baby's shoulders.

Unfortunately, everyone was swaying from side to side, totally wasted.

There was absolutely no formality.

Pan Lei felt his ego hurt, shattering and breaking into tiny pieces...


How could they be so indifferent to the couple! Didn't they hear him say he had an important announcement to make!


Bang! He pounded the table, shaking the bottles and glasses and almost making Lin Mu jump.


"Why, why, why don't you listen to me I said, I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! Everyone, you sit properly for me!"


Pan Ge gave a small smile.

Pan Lei used to look like this when he was a kid.

Because Third Uncle and Third Aunt were preoccupied, Leizi used to put his hands on his hips and raised his chin, yelling, "No one pays attention to me.

No one wants me." He was feisty because he felt wronged.


"What are you making such a fuss about Hey hey hey, be careful! Don't fall."


Tian Yuan couldn't support Pan Lei because he was too heavy.

Pan Lei sagged and swung from side to side.

Tian Yuan hurriedly grabbed the chair for support and clutched him closely, terrified that Pan Lei would slip under the table.


Pan Lei was as direct as always, going straight for his sweetheart.

He couldn't help but sigh slightly as he looked at Huang Kai, who was still spewing rubbish.


Pan Lei stank of alcohol and seemed to be rather happy.

He hugged Tian Yuan to his chest and kicked the table, drawing absolute attention.


"I, I announce, me and, me and Tian Yuan, who is my baby, we are going to get married.

Big Brother, do you know which country in the world allows same-sex marriage without citizenship"


Pan Zhan had consumed too much alcohol, and his mind was not functioning properly.




Pan Ge also said Canada was an extremely accepting society, and that you could get married there no matter what church you went to, as long as there was a priest and two wedding witnesses.

Nationality of the couple did not matter.


Pan Lei slapped the table.


"Canada it is."


Pan Lei cupped Tian Yuan's face and looked at him unwavering.

He was inebriated, yet all he could see was Tian Yuan.


"Baby, we, we’ll plan for the wedding at home, get married, and then travel to Canada to register.

I want to marry you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want to reassure you."


Tian Yuan smiled and reached out to touch his hand.




They desired to marry.

They didn't need a piece of paper to reassure each other, nor did they need that piece of paper to tie them.

They wanted to be a family.

If one of them became ill, his spouse could sign the necessary medical consent forms, send him on his final journey, and the couple could be buried together after death.


Pan Lei kissed him passionately.

Tian Yuan sighed inwardly: it's such a special occasion, but you had to go fishkiss, didn't you


Pan Lei reached for a drink of whiskey.


"You must all attend my wedding.

My baby will drive to the military compound and pick me up.

We'll be married and set thirty tables, no, fifty tables, no, wait, I'll invite everyone in the military region to my wedding reception.

You are our Hui-ge, Zhang Hui.

You, you're in charge of the drinks, and you're also in charge of the feast."


Zhang Hui had his face hidden and was about to weep.


"Pan Lei, you ba$tard, are you truly drunk How can you know to rob me if you’re truly drunk How much do you want me to pay! Drinks for everyone in the military region That’s thousands of people! I’ll go right now and start begging!"


When Huang Kai heard that, he grabbed a whiskey bottle and promptly toasted Pan Lei.


"Drink, drink the wedding wine.

I'll bring someone to cheer you on, and I'll provide all the roses for the banquet!"


Zhang Hui wished he could throw a bottle of liquor at them. Can you please not raid and rob me! He'd opened a hotel to make money, not to help these prodigals!


Lin Mu stumbled to his feet and ptui-ed at Huang Kai fiercely.


"That's only a few pennies, you stingy thing.

Tian Yuan, my buddy, I'll give you a set of platinum scalpels, which are the best.

Let me tell you, the skin incision is neat and clean.

It’ll definitely help to easily find bone cracks and remove tumors.

Come to think of it, it’ll be really cool to dissect a corpse with this kind of platinum scalpel.

Let’s dissect a corpse together someday."


Many of the guys in the party shivered.

Lin Mu could not be provoked while inebriated.

After drinking too much, he enjoyed dissecting corpses and running about with a scalpel.

It was quite frightening.


Pan Lei quickly dragged Tian Yuan from one side to the other, protecting him closely.


He was terrified.

Tian Yuan scared him with a scalpel the last time.

He'd never let Lin Mu give something like that to Tian Yuan.


Pan Lei hugged Tian Yuan as if he were clutching a prized possession, snuggling up against him with a joyful and sweet grin on his face.


"Honey, let's get married.

I'll be really good to you."


He pouted and kissed Tian Yuan, then felt it was insufficient and kissed him again.


"Darling, there are so many people in the world, but you are the only one I love.

You are my treasure.

Those people are all ba$tards.

No one is as good as you."


Raising his head, he looked about at the wasted individuals, sniffed with total disdain, and then continued to rest on Tian Yuan's shoulder.


"I knew my baby was the best."


Lin Mu heard it, staggered up, covered his mouth, and dashed to the toilet.

That was too sweet! Nobody should be as mushy as Pan Lei unless they want to anger others to death! If you've had too much to drink, get up and scram! The couple was so sickly-sweet that they gave him a toothache.

It was so nauseating that he wanted to throw up.


Tian Yuan poured him a glass of fruit juice and told him to eat something with a high sugar content to help him recover from his hangover.

At the very least, he wouldn't have a headache the next day.


"Dear, Let's go see your parents first, and then we'll get married.

We'll go to Canada once you finish your studies and I have a vacation at the end of the year.

We'll go with our parents to get a certificate.

I'd like to get a red book[1] with you; I want to marry you."


Pan Lei was happy, overwhelmingly happy.

While mentioning getting the red book, this macho man who couldn't even spell blush actually reddened a little.


Zhang Hui couldn't handle it any longer and fled.

He went outside to smoke.

He hoped to forget about Pan Lei's robbery tonight.

It would cause him to ache to death.

The notion of thousands of soldiers arriving to eat and drink made him sick. Will the people on the street think it's a riot


Huang Kai was as drunk as a skunk and had slipped under the table.

He held the whiskey bottle and the table leg, continuing to drink happily.


Pan Ge stooped and tugged him up, making him smirk at the foolishly smiling squirrel fish[2].


"Big Brother, you, you have to book a presidential suite for us.

We want to spend our honeymoon in Canada."


Pan Zhan was slurring his words because of the alcohol.


"Your honeymoon is too, too long.

You’ve been on a honeymoon since forever."


"Decades of love are like a day, and a thousand-year honeymoon is like a month!"


Pan Lei banged his fist on the table and yelled.

Pan Ge chuckled, and Pan Lei drew back from Tian Yuan's shoulder, kissed Tian Yuan's mouth, kissed his face, felt it wasn't enough, and wanted to reach in by pulling away the edge of his shirt.

Tian Yuan slapped him and nonchalantly pushed a chunk of glazed chicken thigh into his mouth.


"Shut up and eat.

If you make trouble again, I'll beat you up."


Pan Lei cried and sagged on Tian Yuan while he ate.


"You don't love me; you hit me; you don't love me."


Huang Kai had thick nerves.

He opened his little squirrel fish mouth and giggled foolishly.


"Who hit you Your buddy will help you vent!"


He made a ruckus.

He was inebriated and couldn't understand what Pan Lei was truly after.


Pan Ge smacked him on the head and made him disappear.


"By the way, Second Brother, you must buy our tickets.

A round trip for the two of us, and you must also help us get the visa!"


Pan Ge finished his drink in one gulp.


"Why do I have a brother like you Leizi, if you were born a hundred years ago, you would be the f*cker who occupies the mountain as the bandit king."


You're wasted, yet you can still rob.

You do realize you're a living bandit, don't you Despite being drunk, he didn’t forget to milk his brothers dry, emptying their pockets.

He just acted like a kissing fish with complete peace of mind.

He hugged his beloved, kissing and biting him whenever he pleased.

Alas, having this sad brother was quite difficult.


But poor Tian Yuan has it the hardest.

Look, even when Pan Lei was drunk stupid, he had to feed him and let him kiss or bite his lips and face at any time.

He had to let Leizi French kiss him and let himself be groped. Be careful, Leizi.

If you overdo it, you'll be beaten up.


Pan Ge smiled. To each his own.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were truly made for each other.


[1] Marriage certificates in China are called red books.



[2] I'm not sure what the author means here.

Squirrel Fish is a well-known dish, as far as I am aware.

I'm not sure if it's slang for anything.

If you get this, please leave a comment.





So our side CPs are (Pan Ge x Huang Kai), and (Zhang Hui x Doc Xiaji)


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