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“Were not” Bo Qi retorted.

“Even a single dog counts” Mo shenbai glanced at him sideways.

Bo Qi was speechless.

Making friends carelessly 1!

Xie tingxi only shook his head helplessly.

Xu Youyou couldnt help but laugh at this scene.

“What are you laughing at” Mo shenbai helped her put on her shoes again and looked up at her.

His dark eyes were full of stars and were gentle and loving.

“I think youre more cheerful than before.

I like the way you are now.”

In the past, he had always put on a straight face and kept people at arms length, as if he was standing on a tall Snow Mountain, lonely and cold.

Da Bai was no longer as lonely and cold as before.

Mo shenbai held her soft little hand tightly and said in a low and doting voice, ” Mrs.

Mo, youre a good teacher.


Xu Youyou smiled sweetly.

Bo Qi gasped.

&Quot; I cant stand it, I cant stand it.

Its so sour! &Quot; Ill be leaving first.”

Xu Youyou looked at Xie tingxi.

&Quot; wheres Mumu ”

“I went to the toilet.”

“Youre leaving him alone” Xu Youyou frowned with a worried look.

“The waiter will accompany you.”

Xu Youyou heaved a sigh of relief.

She stood up and said, ” &Quot; well be leaving then.

Help me say goodbye to Mumu.


Xie tingxi nodded.

&Quot; I will.


“Lets go,” he said.

Mo shenbai looked down at her.

It was as if he could not see anyone else in his eyes except her.

Xie tingxi watched their backs leave and raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist.

They havent come out after so long

Did this little thing get into trouble behind my back again

She turned around and was about to look for him when the waiter ran over in a hurry.

He looked anxious and uneasy.

&Quot; Mr.

Xie, bad news.

Young master Xie is missing.


“How did this happen” Xie tingxis face suddenly changed, but it was not the time to find out who was responsible.

He immediately said,”Inform the security to block all the exits and pull up the surveillance camera at the entrance of the washroom.”

“Alright, Ill go now.” The waiters face was pale, and his legs were weak as he ran.

If anything happened to young master Xie, it was fine if he couldnt keep his job, but he was afraid that he wouldnt have a place in Mo City in the future.

Xie tingxi immediately went to the surveillance room and saw Xie Yumu walking out of the bathroom and into the elevator alone.

He must have gone to the first floor.

Xie tingxi didnt even take his coat.

He went straight to the elevator and went down to the first floor.

He asked the security guard at the door if he had seen a child.

&Quot; there was a child who followed a lady out and kept calling for his mother.

I thought they were together.


Xie tingxi ran in the direction pointed by the security guard.

After running for more than ten meters, he suddenly stopped and turned to the flower bed not far from the hotel.

Xie Yumu was curled up on the ground in thin clothes.

She hugged herself and shivered in the cold.

Her pale face was covered with bean-sized tears.

Pitiful, lowly, and weak.

Xie tingxi walked forward and squatted down.

He tried his best to suppress his emotions, but his voice was extremely cold.

“Dont you know its dangerous for you to run around like this”

Xie Yumu raised her head with tears in her eyes.

She sobbed,”I saw mom …”

“Your mother is already dead.” Xie tingxis thin lips moved, and every word seemed to be squeezed out of his throat, cold and cruel.

“No, I really saw my mother, but she ignored me …”

“Xie Yumu, Im telling you one last time.” Xie tingxis voice was cold, and every word clearly entered his ears.

&Quot; Yun Youwei is already dead.

You dont have a mother anymore.


Xie Yumu was stunned for a moment, then his tears fell like rain.

He pounced into his arms and hit and bit him, ” bad guy! &Quot; Youre a bad person! Youre the one who killed mom! I hate you … I hate you!”

The child didnt understand what hatred was, but the words that had already been spoken were like a knife stabbing into Xie tingxis heart.

His own son hated him.

It was just like how he hated the old master back then!

People would eventually live in the way they hated the most.

Her long and heavy arms wrapped around him, holding him tightly in her arms.

Her thin lips opened slightly, and her voice was as light as the rustling of willow catkins.

“But you only have me.”

Xie Yumu was so emotional that she couldnt hear him at all.

Or perhaps he was only saying it for himself.

Xie Yumu only had him.

He was no different.

It was late at night in Mo City, and the temperature was already below zero.

Xie tingxi took off his suit and wrapped it around Xie Yumus body.

He was wearing a thin shirt as he carried him to the hotel.

Under the dim light, the red at the corner of his eyes was hidden behind the glasses, and no one noticed it.


Xu Youyou asked mo shenbai if he was going back to the mo familys old house for the new year.

Should she accompany him

There were a few uncles and elders in the mo family.

Furthermore, he was the head of the family, so he naturally had to be at the mo mansion on New Years Eve.

Xu Youyou had already thought about it, so she wasnt too disappointed.

It was just that she couldnt have New Years Eve dinner with her parents.

It would be the same if she went back to eat on the second day of the new year.

Cheng Ying didnt feel too disappointed.

After all, after her daughter got married, she had to put her family first.

It didnt matter whether she came back for the new year or not.

On the twenty-ninth day of the new year, mo shenbai brought Xu Youyou back to the mo familys old house.

It was really an old mansion.

The decoration of the building was completely antique, giving off the feeling of an ancient family.

When the elders of the mo family saw Xu Youyou, they also praised her.

Mo shenbai knew how to choose a wife.

She was young, beautiful, and had a good butt.

She could give birth in the future.

Xu Youyou was speechless.

Mo shenbai saw that she was not used to it and said lightly, ” “Go back, all of you,”

Although they were elders, now that mo shenbai was the head of the mo family, they did not dare to act rashly and went back.

Xu Youyou heaved a long sigh of relief.

Mo shenbai pinched her cheek.

&Quot; dont take their words to heart.

Their words dont matter here.


Xu Youyou took a deep breath and smiled.

&Quot; “Im fine.

I just feel a lot of pressure.”

Mo shenbai raised his eyebrows.

“I feel that if I dont give birth to a Prince to inherit the throne, I wont be able to keep my position as Empress!”

Mo shenbai couldnt help but laugh.

He lowered his head and kissed her cheek.

His voice was low and hoarse.

&Quot; you dont have to feel pressured, because youre precious because of your mother.


He could do without the Prince, but he could not do without the Empress.

Xu Youyou was afraid of being seen in a strange place, so she pushed him away.

&Quot; sit tight.

Dont ruin your image as the head of the family.


Mo shenbai sat back down, leaned back in the chair, and looked at her with his bright eyes.

His eyes were as sticky as silk.

Xu Youyou blushed and turned her head away.

Thinking that the atmosphere was just right, she tried to speak.

&Quot; da Bai, I met … &Quot;

Before he could finish, a crisp voice came from the door,”big brother, big brother!”

Xu Youyou and Mo shenbai looked up at the same time.

Lu He Yun pushed mo Zhi Yun, who was sitting in a wheelchair, in.

Xu Youyou was so happy that she stood up.

&Quot; Zhiyun, why are you back ”

“Of course its to spend New Years with big brother and sister-in-law!”

Compared to the depressed and depressed mo Zhiyun before she went abroad, she was much more lively and cheerful.

Mo shenbais expression was calm and unruffled.

He sat in the seat of the patriarch and said indifferently, ” “Why did you come back without saying a word”


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