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Chapter 1007: My Dear, Dont Run!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Five of them rushed out of the lava stream and stood at the banks.

There were still waves of heat coming from all around them, and the ground was extremely hot.

A planetary-stage martial warrior wouldnt be able to even stand.

“Is everyone alright” Wang Teng asked as he looked at An Lan and the others.

“Im fine.” An Lan shook his head and then asked the other three cosmos-stage mechas, “An Feng, An Jian, An Dong.

What about you guys”

“Its nothing.

Its just a little hot.

If we didnt react fast enough, we would be in trouble,” a mecha race martial warrior answered.

“This lava stream is the real thing.

Even our bodies wouldnt be able to bear it,” another mecha race martial warrior said.

“Be careful.

If you turn into a pool of molten iron, Ill have to spend money to reforge your bodies.

Its troublesome,” An Lan cautioned.


Wang Teng had a strange feeling when he heard that.

It didnt matter if a mechas body was destroyed.

You could just have it changed with money.

This feels so good!He was a little envious.

“Understood, boss.” An Feng rubbed his mechanical head.


An Lan angrily smacked An Fengs head, making a loud noise.

He then lambasted, “Stop calling me boss.

It makes us look like a band of bandits.”

“Oh.” An Feng nodded hurriedly like he was his punching bag.

The other mecha race martial warriors tucked in their heads like they were traumatized by An Lan.

Wang Teng peeked at An Lan.

He felt that the mechas really looked like bandits.

Maybe they were.

This reminded him of Jin Yuan and Hadock who he met back on Earth.

Both sides did things the same way and were as slippery as an eel.

Unfortunately, they ran away when he was entering the remains left by Nangong Yue.

“Hey, there are attribute bubbles here,” Wang Teng uttered softly.

There was a look of surprise in his eyes.

Not far away, a few attribute bubbles emerged from the lava stream.


Constellation Force (Fire)*20

Constellation Force (Fire)*30

Constellation Force (Fire)*5

There were a total of 55 points of the constellation fire Force.

Although it wasnt much, Wang Teng was anticipating more.

Does this Flaming River World generate attribute bubbles from time to time

If so, he had struck gold!

“Where are we going now” An Lan looked around.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze and switched on his wristwatch.

A map appeared.

It was given by someone before he left.

And the person who gave this to him was Di Qi!

He didnt know if Di Qi had entered the Flaming River World previously or obtained this information from others.

Anyway, he helped Wang Teng a lot.

Otherwise, he would be searching aimlessly in the Flaming River World and would waste more time.

They only had fifteen days.

“Go this way.” Wang Teng pointed in a direction.

“Lets go to the lava swamp first.

It shouldnt be too far.”


An Lan naturally followed Wang Tengs decisions.

“Lets go!””

The five of them set off after choosing the direction.

They looked around and scouted the area as they flew.

This was the only chance where they had the time to look at the peculiar environment of the Flaming River World.

It was very different from the outside world.

There were three huge fireballs hanging in the sky that looked like suns.

The whole sky was illuminated with fiery red color.

The ground was also covered with reddish-brown soil.

Lava streams intersected each other and were spread all over the land, exuding bursts of steam.

In such an environment, ordinary creatures and plants wouldnt be able to exist.

However, there were still strange species that relied on the fire Force to survive.

They were the natives of this world.

So many attribute bubbles!

Wang Tengs eyes lit up.

Along the way, he realized that the surroundings were littered with red attribute bubbles.

This was especially so near the lava streams, where there were even more bubbles.

They appeared from the lava every now and then.

He immediately sent forth his spiritual power and picked them up.

Constellation Force (Fire)*10

Constellation Force (Fire)*8

Constellation Force (Fire)*15

Fire Force attribute bubbles gathered toward Wang Teng.

Although they didnt have high value, there was a vast number of them.

With so many of them, he obtained thousands of attributes in just a short while.

The constellation fire Force circulated in his body and merged inside his sea of nihility.

“Looks like this time, I can probably advance to the celestial realm.” Wang Teng felt the change in his constellation fire Force.

After flying for half an hour, they gradually closed in onto the lava swamp.

The lava streams started converging, looking like they were flowing out from the swamp.

Likewise, there were many attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng was overjoyed.


Suddenly, a tongue of flame shot out from the lava stream and headed toward one of the mechas.

Everyones expression changed slightly.

The flame was too fast.

Before a mecha martial warrior could react, his leg was entangled.

He then felt a huge force pulling him toward the lava stream below.

However, they were still cosmos-stage martial warriors after all.

When faced with a sudden change, they didnt panic.

The mechas arms wriggled and turned into a sword.

He then condensed his Force, creating a sword glow.

“Youre looking for death!” the mecha roared and slashed at the tongue of flame.

The sword glow struck the flame and cut it apart.


A strange cry came from the lava stream below.

Everyone only saw a black shadow flashing before it disappeared.

They could no longer find a trace of it.

“Its the Fire Black Toads!”

“Be careful!” Wang Teng and An Lan shouted simultaneously as they stared at the lava steam vigilantly.

No one expected that they would encounter Fire Black Toads here.

Fire Black Toads were one of their missions.

However, only the flaming river had the most number of Fire Black Toads.

The lava streams would only have one or two occasionally.

They were lucky to find one here.

“This Fire Black Toad is a sly one.

If you dont take it out with a single blow, it will just hide,” An Lan said.

“Since we encountered one, we cant give it up so easily.” A smile appeared on Wang Tengs face.

No matter what, it was still better than nothing!

No matter how cunning this Fire Black Toad was, it couldnt have escaped from him.

“The lava hinders our spirit.

If the Fire Black Toad continues hiding, it will be difficult for us to find it.” An Lan frowned.

“That might not be true.” Wang Teng snickered.

In an instant, Emerald Glazed Flame surged out from his body and rushed into the lava stream like chains of fire.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

They made a sizzling sound when they touched the lava, remaining unscathed.

The emerald chains swam fast in the lava stream like flaming pythons.

Wang Teng used his spiritual power and sensed the situation under the lava.

“Found it!” After a while, his eyes lit up.

He then controlled the chains to go toward a place in the lava stream.


The strange sound came again, and it was even louder this time like it was in a panic.


With a loud bang, the lava exploded and splashed everywhere.

A huge black shadow rushed out from the lava stream.

It was a red toad with a back full of bumps.

The Fire Black Toad leaped out of the stream in a bid to escape in the other direction.

However, several chains shot out and chased it.

“Youre still running!” Wang Teng was calm.

The Emerald Glazed Flame turned into a large net and covered every direction.


The Fire Black Toad didnt expect to be ambushed and slammed its head into the net formed by the Emerald Glazed Flame.


It struggled frantically, and the bumps on its back burst.

Blobs of lava emerged and blew several small holes in the net formed by the Emerald Glazed Flame.

It swung its claws and ripped the net apart, trying to grab the opportunity to escape.

“My dear, dont run!” Wang Teng yelled, and a dark ice spear appeared in his hand.

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