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Chapter 999: Senior Brother Cao, Do You Know Whats The Price Of A Heaven-Stage Martial Warriors HeadTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The atmosphere on the dining table froze.

Everyone stared at Wang Teng.

Cao Hongtu smiled at him as if he was speaking of a normal affair.

Cao Guan, Cao Wu, and the others looked over too.

They stared at him like a weak little sheep waiting for them to slaughter.

Wang Teng squinted.

He glanced around him expressionlessly and then turned to look at Cao Hongtu.

The atmosphere turned stranger when their eyes met.

No one spoke.

“I heard that you came from a faraway planet in the Olant Federation.

I wonder if thats true” Cao Hongtu asked calmly.

“Senior Brother, youre quite well-informed!” Wang Tengs heart skipped a beat, but he remained expressionless.

“Youre my junior brother after all.

I have to take care of you,” Cao Hongtu replied with a smile.

“I guess I need to thank you,” Wang Teng said.

“Oh right, I also heard that you have some grudges with the Olant Federation.

Ive already sent a letter to them to help you mediate this matter.

I think my name is still quite useful,” Cao Hongtu looked at Wang Teng intently as he spoke.

Wang Tengs heart sank instantly.

He didnt believe that Cao Hongtu would be so kind-hearted and help him.

His real aim was to let the Olant Federation attack Earth on his behalf.

Damn it, this old fellow was sinister!

They couldnt do anything to him, but they could deal with Earth.

The fortunate thing was, Wang Teng set a Space Shift Array before he left.

If the worst thing happened, Earth would be able to shift away using this array.

Based on the normal route, it would take two and a half months from the Olant Federation to Earth.

If Cao Hongtu wanted to send a letter to the Olant Federation, it would take three to four months to and fro.

Wang Teng knew the shortest route, so he would only need a little more than a month to travel there.

He could catch up with them.

This wasnt the worst that could happen.

Many thoughts flashed through Wang Tengs mind.

He calmed down and looked at the smiling Cao Hongtu.

He gave him a good-man card.

“Senior Brother Cao, youre a good person.”


Cao Hongtu was stunned.

He felt that Wang Teng was cursing him, but he had no evidence.

He was also confused, wondering why Wang Teng didnt seem worried at all.

Or was he just putting up a strong front

“Junior Brother, its not easy for you to leave your hometown and travel so far.

Do you need me to send them a message” Cao Hongtu asked as the gears of his mind turned.

“Wait until you find them.” Wang Teng smiled gently.

Cao Hongtu frowned uncontrollably.

What does that mean

Did Wang Teng hide his parents beforehand

Based on his investigation of Wang Teng, this was highly possible.

Cao Hongtus face turned black.

This was a little out of his expectations.

“My parents and family are on a faraway planet.

Theyre not easy to locate, unlike your family whom you can see every day.

Youre a lucky man,” Wang Teng glanced at him and said.

His voice was calm and his smile was scorching.

However, his gaze was indifferent as if he was talking about a bunch of dead people.

Silence ensued again.

All the members of the Cao Family were staring at Wang Teng.

Their expressions didnt look good.


Wang Teng was threatening their entire family!

Everyone found this unbelievable.

They were gloating a second ago because Cao Hongtu had found Wang Tengs weakness and could use this to control him.

Yet he didnt buy it, threatening them instead.

They had to admit that Wang Teng was bold.

However, many people didnt take it to heart.

Not everyone could threaten the Cao family.

To them, Wang Teng was just a planetary-stage martial warrior.

Even if he was a little more powerful, at the end of the day, he was just at the planetary stage.

How dare a planetary-stage martial warrior threaten them What a joke.

If it wasnt for his identity, they could kill him easily.

Contempt was evident in the Cao familys eyes.

They were mocking Wang Teng for overestimating himself.

“Dont look at me like that.

I have no other intention.

Dont misunderstand me.” Wang Teng ignored their ridicule.

He waved his hand and smiled.

“Oh right, Senior Brother Cao, you have been staying in Great Qian City for a long time, so you must be familiar with the prices here.

How much does the head of a heaven-stage martial warrior cost”

The crowds expression changed instantly.

What a ruthless fellow!

He wanted to offer a reward for Cao Hongtus life!

He had more than four trillion in his bank.

This was enough to buy the lives of every member of the Cao family.

Everyones mood turned sour.

Cao Hongtu felt his heart throbbing.

He was roaring in anger in his mind.

If he could, he would have slapped Wang Teng to death.

This bastard was definitely talking about him!

“Senior Brother, whys your face so black” Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.

“Dont think too much.

I earned a huge sum recently and have nowhere to spend it.

So, I want to find something exhilarating to enjoy myself.”

The Cao family: …

To hell with having too much money and nowhere to spend it!

If you dont know how to spend it, we can help you!

The Cao Family complained helplessly in their hearts.

“Earning money isnt easy.

You should save it.

You wont be this lucky every time and earn four trillion.

This money is enough for you to rise to the cosmos stage and even the heaven stage.

Spend it wisely,” Cao Hongtu said.

“Senior Brother Cao is right, Ill spend it wisely,” Wang Teng laughed and said.

“Hahaha.” Cao Hongtu laughed too.

“Im just reminding you.

Young people like you shouldnt spend money willy-nilly.”

“Come, Junior Brother, heres a toast to you.”

“Senior Brother, I should be the one offering a toast.”

They started raising their cups and toasting each other without mentioning what happened.

The battle of words officially came to an end.

More than an hour later, Wang Teng left the Cao family.

Cao Hongtu personally sent him to the door.

The faces of the members of the Cao family turned gloomy after he left.

This meal was supposed to be a trap.

Cao Hongtu was supposed to warn him with Earth and force him to give up the barons title.

But in the end, they didnt achieve their goal and even got threatened instead.

They were in a bad mood!

Even Cao Hongtu was afraid of the four trillion reward for his head.

“Father, what do we do now” Cao Ling asked after observing Cao Hongtus expression.

“Lets wait for news from the Noble Family Consultation Chamber,” Cao Hongtu said coldly without any expression.

The smile during the meal was gone.

“What about the Parkers” Cao Ling asked again.

“Jiaojiao, Cao Guan, follow me to the Parkers tomorrow.”

“I…” Cao Guans face turned pale.

“Father” Cao Jiaojiaos face turned grim too.

She had a bad premonition.

“Jiaojiao, I know that Andrais likes you.

Ill make the decision this time and discuss this matter with Sir Valteru.

Prepare yourself,” Cao Hongtu after a moment of silence.

Cao Jiaojiaos expression changed.

Her face turned extremely pale under the night sky.

Cao Hongtu didnt give her a chance to speak, disappearing on the spot.

“Sister, congratulations!” Cao Ling chuckled.

“Thats the Parkers family.

After you marry Young Master Andrais, dont forget about your siblings.”

“Go away!” Cao Jiaojiaos expression turned ugly.

She snorted and went to her room.

Cao Ling froze, his face turning green.

“Dont you know that Jiaojiao is a lady with thoughts of her own,” Cao Wu shook his head and said.

“Hmph, she cant be stubborn this time.

Marrying Andrais is her fate.

Shell understand it in the future.” Cao Ling scoffed.

Cao Wu sighed, but he didnt say anything.

The Cao family parted in discord.

No one noticed that Cao Guan was scared out of his wits.

His body was trembling slightly.

Well, maybe no one cared about him.

After leaving the Cao Family, Wang Teng and An Lan walked toward Fan Tainings house.

As Wang Tengs bodyguard, An Lan would be following Wang Teng.

Thus, he would also be living in Fan Tainings house.

Wang Teng had already told Fan Taining about this, and he was happy to host An Lan.

After all, An Lan was a heaven-stage martial warrior.

This gave him a chance to make friends with him.

“Wang Teng, are you really going to put down a four trillion reward for Cao Hongtus head” An Lan asked curiously along the way.

“What do you think”

“Cough, actually, many people will do it for a trillion.”

“Oh Someone will do it for one trillion” Wang Teng was surprised.

He wouldnt use four trillion to get Cao Hongtus head.

It wasnt worth it.

He wasnt stupid.

But he didnt think that it would be cheap.

He didnt mind spending this money if he needed to.

“Of course.

I will,” An Lan said seriously.

“You!” Wang Teng stared at him strangely.

“Tell me honestly, were you thinking of killing him on the dining table just now”

“The details dont matter.

Why dont you consider this option” An Lan smiled in embarrassment and asked excitedly.

“Let me think about it.

If things reach that stage, Ill look for you first,” Wang Teng promised.

He didnt reject the offer.

One trillion for Cao Hongtus head was a good bargain.

“Its decided then.” An Lans gaze turned dangerous.


An eerie chuckle echoed in the night sky.

Cao Hongtu didnt know that these two lawless fellows had already made a pact related to him so easily.

They were totally looking down on him.

In the Nangong Residence, Cao Hongtu sneezed after he returned to his study.

He frowned.

“Whats wrong”

A strange feeling flashed in his heart.

He wanted to grasp it but didnt discover anything.

He shook his head and activated a mechanism.

A pitch-black hole opened on the ground, where a flight of stone stairs linked straight underground.

Cao Hongtu walked down the stairs and stopped in front of a metal door.

He stared at it for a long time, his expression turning hideous.

He looked like a mad man.

“You deserve to die.

If you had given me the inheritance, there wouldnt be so many problems.”

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