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Chapter 995: You, Cao Jiaojiao, Dont Hold Much Value (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He had absolutely no idea what was going on.

Wang Teng was the Secondary Career Alliances triple-field grandmaster.

He should be very familiar with these old men.

What was going on

“Do you grandmasters want this Lightning Essence Insect as well” Wang Teng asked.

“Of course.

The Lightning Essence Insect is an excellent ingredient for alchemy, and its very useful for us.

The Secondary Career Alliance also needs a good thing as the alliances treasure.”

Grandmaster Hua Yuans words were not all lies.

The Secondary Career Alliance needed rare items like these and Wang Teng was a triple-field grandmaster of the Alliance to boot.

Securing the Lightning Essence Insect for him would also mean that they would get it for the Alliance.

“Do you mean it about the friendship” Wang Teng asked with an emotional look.

“Of course.

If you sell the Lightning Essence Insect to the Secondary Career Alliance, every grandmaster here will owe you a favor.

If you want weapons or pills in the future, you can come to us,” Grandmaster Hua Yuan said.

“Thats right.

The grandmasters of the Secondary Career Alliance will welcome you,” Grandmaster Alfred said solemnly.

Their acting skills were not bad and were quite convincing.

Everyone got a little envious when they heard that.

Those were favors from over a dozen grandmasters!

If it was them, they would be moved as well.

“Grandmasters, this is a little unfair.

We were having a good talk and you people suddenly intervened.

This is a bit unreasonable,” the ape universe-stage martial warrior said.

“Oh, its the ape martial warrior.

You cant say that.

Treasures are bound to be obtained by those who are destined to.

The grandmasters just happen to encounter it, and you havent completed your deal.

It shows that the Lightning Essence Insect has a fate with the grandmasters.” A universe-stage martial warrior with two black horns growing on his head smiled as he stood beside the grandmasters.

“Aeon!” The ape martial warrior narrowed his eyes.

“The owner of this treasure will be the one who offers a higher price.

You cant just buy it using force.” A human universe-stage martial warrior accompanying the grandmasters smiled.

The white-haired elder saw this and shook his head helplessly.

He didnt say anything.

The other party was stronger than him.

They had three universe-stage martial warriors, while they were on their own.

There was no chance for them.

Andrais and the others were filled with envy and jealousy when they saw the universe-stage martial warriors fighting over the Lightning Essence Insect.

They wanted to snatch it badly.

Andrais was unwilling to accept this.

They lost, and they lost badly, so badly.

Four trillion!

Andraiss face went pale when he thought about that sum.

His heart was bleeding as he wondered if he would be beaten to death when he went back.

He then thought about that final bet with Wang Teng… He lost the Danzhi herb as well.

The elders gift was gone.

Even if he didnt die, he would be skinned alive.


Wang Teng, have you arrived at a decision” Grandmaster Hua Yuan noticed that the time was right and asked.

Wang Teng pretended to be moved, but he hesitated.

He then thought about it for a long time and gritted his teeth.

“Alright, Ill sell it to the Secondary Career Alliance.

Im in your hands, grandmasters.”

“Hahaha, good.” Grandmaster Hua Yuan laughed and patted Wang Teng on the shoulder.

“You will definitely not regret todays decision.”

The two universe-stage martial warriors and the manager of Ju Cai Rock Gamble were disappointed.

They shook their heads and were about to leave.

“Universe-stage martial warriors, please wait a moment.

Arent you both interested in the Danzhi herb” Wang Teng smiled.

“Oh” The two grandmasters stopped.

Andraiss expression changed, and he sent a voice transmission to him, “Wang Teng.

I prepared the Danzhi herb as a gift for my elder.

You dare to sell it”

Wang Teng ignored him and offered the two universe-stage martial warriors, “Just now, I had a bet with the Parkers familys young master and I won.

The Danzhi herb now belongs to me.

If you want it, I can sell it to you.”

“You!” Andrais was enraged.

He glared at Wang Teng fiercely as if he would kill him.

“Young Master Andrais, dont look at me like that.

You were the one who wanted to gamble.

You should be more refined and accept the loss,” Wang Teng said.

“Wang Teng, you know that this is a gift for my elder, yet you still dare to sell it.

Are you not afraid of his wrath” Andrais threatened.

“What are you talking about You lost the Danzhi herb to me.

You can find another gift for your elder.

Its got nothing to do with me.”

“Okay, okay.

You just want to offend the Parkers family,” Andrais said angrily.

“Im being wronged here.

Its clear that the Parkers family doesnt want to let me off.” Wang Tengs face was full of innocence as if he had suffered a great injustice.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was indeed the case.

It was impossible for Wang Teng to take the initiative to cause trouble for the Parkers family.

Everyone felt sympathy for him.

Things would not go well for Wang Teng in the future once he offended the Parkers family.

Thanks to him, the Parkers were labeled as a family who bullied the weak.

Andrais was speechless.

His eyes were about to burst into flames, and he hated Wang Teng to the extreme.

The other two universe-stage martial warriors were watching the scene with a sneer.

It was as if the adults were watching two kids fight.

As for the Danzhi herb, even if they bought it, the Parkers family couldnt possibly target them.

It wasnt good to offend a universe-stage martial warrior.

“Ill buy the Danzhi herb at the price I mentioned earlier, 520 billion,” the ape martial warrior said.

The white-haired elder shook his head and remained silent.

“No problem.” Wang Teng nodded.

The transaction was complete, and 520 billion was transferred to Wang Tengs account.

Andrais watched the Danzhi herb fly away.

His eyes were red, but there was nothing he could do.

They had already signed a spiritual contract.

If they went back on their word, the power of the spiritual contract was enough to take his life.

“Young Master Andrais, my piece of ore is worth 4.2 trillion.

You lost.

Please pay up.” Wang Teng turned to look at Andrais and chuckled.

“I #¥%&&…” Andraiss eyes darkened.

Countless profanities almost spewed out of his mouth, but they were stuck in his throat.

“Wang Teng, you dare to ask for 4.2 trillion Are you looking for trouble” Cao Guan shouted with a stern voice.

“It is clearly written in the spiritual contract.

Its my money.

Why shouldnt I ask for it Isnt this funny” Wang Teng glanced at him and said sarcastically, “Or do you, a loyal pet of Young Master Andrais, want to pay on his behalf He came forward for you just now.

Its time for you to repay him.”


Wang Tengs words pinned Cao Guan into a corner.

His expression warped, and his heart pounded.

When he turned back, he could see Andrais glaring at him with cold and resentful eyes.

Although Andrais disliked Wang Teng for dissing Sinclamon and wanted to trample him to death by rock gambling, it all started because of the Cao family.

Now he owed such a huge debt.

How could he not hate the Cao family and Cao Guan

Cao Jiaojiaos expression changed slightly and she stepped up.

“Wang Teng, theres a connection between you and the Cao family.

We had some misunderstandings in the past.

Lets talk about it.

Give me face on this matter.

Forget about the money.

You have earned enough.”

“Haha.” Wang Teng laughed.

“4.2 trillion.

Just like that

“Im sorry.

You, Cao Jiaojiao, dont hold much value.

Even if Cao Hongtu came here personally, it wouldnt be enough!

“Besides, we all know very well whats going on between me and the Cao family.

Do you think Im a three-year-old child who is so easily deceived”

Cao Jiaojiao suddenly felt her face burning up as she saw Wang Teng and his mocking expression.

She had never been so ridiculed by others before.

It was the first time she had experienced something like this.

It made her feel ashamed and extremely embarrassed.

“I dont just give face to any woman.

Were not that close.”

Cao Jiaojiao could no longer stay there.

She turned around and left in embarrassment.

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