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Chapter 986: Your Family Likes To Praise Me!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Wang Teng went with Cao Guan, he asked An Lan through voice transmission to buy this ore.

An Lan was a little hesitant.

This ore didnt look good, just like a normal stone.

Ores like this were normally empty.

But he trusted Wang Teng, so he went to bargain with the boss.

Since it was cheap, he bought it.

The boss was confused when An Lan asked to buy this ore.

He wanted to ask for a high price.

However, the other party was sly too.

He turned and pretended to leave.

The intention was clear.

Fool me No way!

No discussions!

His reaction dismissed the bosss concern, and he sold the ore to An Lan for 50 thousand.

This resulted in a windfall.

An Lan was elated.

He spent 50 thousand GQC to get the Crimson Constellation Bronze that was worth a few million.

It saved him a lot of money.

He made the right choice to bring Wang Teng here.

As a triple-field grandmaster, this young man wasnt simple!

An Lans belief that Wang Teng was extraordinary grew stronger.

He was more confident that he could make the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

“This is normal.

Nothing to be excited about.” Wang Teng smiled calmly.

Everyone around them was stunned.

The sudden arrogance caught them off guard.


Finding the Crimson Constellation Bronze worth a few million was normal What were they doing normally then

“This young man is so arrogant.”

“Thats understandable.

If I found this ore, Ill boast for half a month.”

“Rock gambling needs luck.

He might earn now, but he might lose at the next moment.

Its better to remain humble.

Many experienced rock gamblers shook their heads when they heard Wang Tengs words.

Cao Jiaojiao glanced at Wang Teng.

She seemed to have a new understanding of this man.

He loved to boast!

He was still a youngster.

Cao Guans expression turned ugly.

He felt that Wang Teng was targeting him.

The more he listened, the angrier he got.

He didnt know where to vent his anger.

The boss of the stall also came over due to curiosity.

A huge rise in price!

He was filled with regret.

If he knew this was a good piece of ore, he would have made a small cut.

With its current content, a small cut was enough for him to know its real value.

This piece of ore was only worth a few thousand, so it wouldnt be a waste.

However, since he was sure that this piece was junk, he couldnt be bothered to cut it.

After all, if there was nothing inside, he wouldnt be able to sell it for a few thousand.

What a waste.

This 50,000 ore had a few million worths of Crimson Constellation Bronze inside.

This was nearly a 2000 times increase in value.

The other party got a cheap deal.

What a huge loss!

He glanced at Wang Teng and wondered if this young man came from the fox race.

He was craftier than him!

Thinking back about it, this boy wanted this ore from the start, but he used the one above it to trick his enemy.

He also got involved in his plan, thinking that the young man wanted the piece of ore above it, but his real aim was the one below.

“Arent you worried about slapping your own face After all, you only cut one million GQC ore.” A sneer was heard among the crowd.

Everyone turned and saw a bald young man wearing a long black gown.

There were many people around him, surrounding him like the stars around the moon.

There was a tiny fire symbol on his forehead.

The Parkers family!Wang Teng exclaimed in his heart.

He didnt expect to meet them here.

One could never avoid ones enemy!

He met the Cao family and the Parkers family here.

Was Great Qian City so small

Also, this bald young man was at the cosmos stage.

He wasnt an ordinary cocky and wealthy young master.

“Young Master Andrais!” Cao Guan smiled brightly when he saw the newcomer, welcoming the young man with open arms.

Cao Jiaojiao frowned.

She didnt like the way her brother fawned over other people.

Andrais nodded arrogantly.

He looked past Cao Guan and saw Cao Jiaojiao.

A smile immediately appeared on his face.

“Jiaojiao is here too.”

“Young Master Andrais.” Cao Jiaojiao smiled like a blooming flower.

She was exceptionally mesmerizing.

Wang Teng glanced at her involuntarily.

This was a tough lady.

She could smile at everyone.

If one ignored the large blade behind her and her cosmos-stage ability, one might think that she was just a weak social butterfly.

Wang Teng wanted to disregard the other party.

He retracted his gaze and said to An Lan, “Keep the Crimson Constellation Bronze.

Lets walk around the other areas.”

“The Parkers family” An Lan recognized the young man in the black robe.

They were one of the eight dukes and were quite famous.

Along with the iconic bald head and the fire symbol, it was impossible not to recognize them.

As a heaven-stage martial warrior, he wasnt afraid of this cosmos-stage man.

But he didnt plan to provoke the other party.

He kept the cut Crimson Constellation Bronze and prepared to leave with Wang Teng.

Andrais face darkened when he saw them ignoring him.

He sneered, “You sounded very confident just now.

Why are you leaving suddenly Are you afraid of eating your words”

Cao Guan smirked.

Wang Teng had no chance in front of Young Master Andrais.

Cao Jiaojiaos gaze moved back and forth between Wang Teng and Andrias.

An Lan stopped in his tracks and looked at Wang Teng.

He didnt want to offend the Parkers, but he wanted to see Wang Tengs reaction.

He had signed a contract with him, so he would be implicated even if he didnt want to.

“Your goading is clumsy.” Wang Teng smiled.

He stopped and looked calmly at him.

“Who are you to talk about me”

Cao Guan gasped in shock.

This brat had the balls to scold Young Master Andrais.

He remembered how Wang Teng dared to talk back to the heaven-stage martial warrior, Sinclamon.

Well, it didnt seem weird now.

He suddenly felt that Andrais wouldnt be able to stop Wang Teng.

Cao Jiaojiao was stunned too.

She had heard of Wang Tengs daring personality.

He was someone who had the guts to shout at Sinclamon in the Noble Family Consultation Chamber.

But she was still surprised when she saw him in action.

An Lan felt his head hurting.

The cooperation with Wang Teng was more difficult than he had imagined.

“How dare you speak like this to Young Master Andrais!” Before Andrais opened his mouth, a person behind him stepped forward and pointed at Wang Teng.

“How dare the dog speak before its master” Wang Tengs gaze turned cold.

Killing intent surged out of his eyes like sharp knives, shooting toward the subordinate.

His killing intent had reached the 9th-level perfected stage after multiple battles.

Once released, it was exceptionally frightening.

He could control his killing intent, so he wouldnt harm other people.

Others might not feel anything, but the subordinate took the hit.

He saw piles of corpses in Wang Tengs eyes, and his face turned pale immediately.

He trembled in fear.



If you dare to speak again, Ill chop you into two,” Wang Teng shouted.

The voice slammed into his eardrums and made him lose his sense of hearing.

He took a few steps back, bumping into two people.

He plonked onto the ground, and cold sweat poured down his forehead.

The fear in his eyes was apparent.

“Hmph!” Andrais scoffed.

Anger flashed in his eyes as he strolled towards Wang Teng.

With his tall stature, he looked down on Wang Teng and said, “You must be the Wang Teng Uncle Sinclamon mentioned.

Youre indeed a bold fellow.”

“Thank you for your compliment.

Your uncle said the same thing.

It looks like your family likes to praise me,” Wang Teng replied casually.

He waved his hands as if he was chasing flies away.

“If theres nothing, please excuse me.

I dont have time to waste.”

Andrais felt the corners of his eyes twitching.

His face turned black as he said, “Youre good at rock gambling, right Do you dare to make a bet with me”

“Oh” An Lan asked with interest, “How do you want to play”

Andrais glanced at him and replied, “Simple.

Both of us will find a piece of ore and cut it.

The one with the higher price wins.

The loser will have to pay the winner the value of his ore.

“Also, we wont be playing here.

Lets go big or go home.

Well go to the rock gambling lane in front.

The good stuff is all there.

“How is it Do you dare to play with me” He looked at Wang Teng provokingly after he finished.

“Gasp!” The onlookers were shocked when they heard this.

“This is a big gamble!”

“As expected of the Parkers.

Theyre indeed wealthy.”

“One piece of ore from the rock gambling lane in front costs a few million.

When cut, the price is even higher.

It may be worth a few billion.

If that young man loses, tsk tsk tsk…”

“Vicious, the young master from the Parkers family is vicious.”

Discussions sounded continuously.

The onlookers chatted with one another as they watched the show with interest.

After all, they were not the ones affected.

An Lan hesitated.

He didnt have this much money.

If he lost, he wouldnt be able to pay Wang Teng.

At the time, he would have to sell himself to repay his debt.

That would be a joke.

However, Wang Teng could play all he wanted.

He was a triple-field grandmaster.

He could earn a few billion easily.

He looked at Wang Teng and waited for him to make the decision.

Sigh, he wasnt poor, but he wasnt this wealthy either.

“Wang Teng, you can choose not to play if you cant afford it.

I heard that youre from a backward and faraway planet.

Its normal to be poor.

You might not be able to afford it if you lose,” Cao Guan mocked.

He was a little excited.

“Why dont you play with me” Wang Teng glanced at him.

“Dont worry, Im not a ruthless person.

Ill make sure you can afford it.”

Cao Guan hurriedly hid behind Andrais and muttered, “Play with Young Master Andrais if you dare.

Why are you attacking me”

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