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Chapter 978: Uproar In The Great Qian City!!! (1)

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The third bolt of lightning finally landed, devouring the entire Lightning Slap.

From afar, one could only see a ball of dazzling lightning glow.

Everyone stared at this scene in a daze.

They didnt know why the grandmaster blacksmith didnt act.

All of them tensed up.

This was already the third bolt.

They wondered if the weapon could withstand it.

It felt unlikely but many people still had hope.

They stared at the sky, waiting for the final result.

Grandmaster Mo De looked grave.

His knuckles cracked loudly as he clenched his fists.

Then, he turned and saw Wang Tengs calm expression.

He felt his head hurt.

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, arent you worried” Grandmaster Mo De couldnt help but ask.

“Dont worry.

Im confident in my Lightning Slap,” Wang Teng placed his hands behind his back and replied with a calm smile.

Grandmaster Mo De wanted to know where he got his confidence from.

“I forged it, so its definitely extraordinary,” Wang Teng added.

Everyone felt the corners of their lips twitching.

They almost burst out cursing.

Was this the time to put on an act!

Good luck, Grandmaster Wang Teng!

“Look!” Grandmaster Harol suddenly screamed in shock.

Everyone was stunned.

They looked in the direction Grandmaster Harol was pointing.

The dark clouds didnt dissipate.

Instead, they got darker and denser.

They seemed to be just inches away from everyones head.

Numerous bolts of lightning danced in the sky like dragons swimming in a pitch-black sea.

They tore the dark clouds into different patches.

“This isnt right.

The Lightning Slap is a third-rank grandmaster-level weapon, Why are there four bolts of lightning” Grandmaster Mo De was appalled as he exclaimed in disbelief.

“This isnt right, this isnt right.

Three and four lightning bolts are different.

Once you exceed three lightning calamities, the weapon will be of a different level.

This wont happen easily.

Both the material and the smithery skill must reach a sufficient height for one to reach this level.

Whats going on” Grandmaster Jiao Gaofeng muttered in bewilderment.

“The dark clouds show no sign of dispersing.

The fourth bolt of lightning is dawning!” Grandmaster Boke said in a low voice.

“The fourth bolt of calamity lightning” Wang Teng was surprised too.

He didnt think that a small change would result in such a big effect in the Lightning Slap.

Was this a pleasant surprise

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, did you do something to the Lightning Slap” Grandmaster Mo De suddenly turned his head and asked with an intense gaze.

The other people looked at him too.

Especially Grandmaster Alfred and the other grandmasters who knew how perverted Wang Teng was.

Whether it was the scary speed of carving or the ability to make three 100% efficacy dans in a single try, Wang Teng had accomplished things no ordinary person could.

In summary...

he was related to everything abnormal.

This fellow never played by the book!

“Cough, dont look at me like that.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

He placed his thumb and forefinger close to each other and said, “I only made a small change.”


To hell with just a small change!

Why did it cause such a great commotion if it was just a small change

Who would believe you!

The fourth lightning calamity is here!

Do you think this is a joke

Everyone felt speechless and helpless.

They had to suffer mental torture every time they interacted with Grandmaster Wang Teng.

Their fragile hearts couldnt endure it.

He was toying with them.

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, what changes did you make” Grandmaster Mo De took a deep breath and asked curiously.

“I added a small calamity lightning.” Wang Teng didnt hide the truth.

“Added a small calamity lightning”

Everyone was stunned.

Could you add this thing randomly


calamity lightning Did I hear it right That calamity lightning” Grandmaster Mo De regained his senses and pointed at the bolts of lightning wreaking havoc in the sky.

Wang Teng nodded.


A strange atmosphere loomed over everyone.

“H-how did you do it” Grandmaster Boke stuttered.

It was understandable why he lost his composure.

This piece of news was too astonishing.

That was calamity lightning!

Others couldnt wait to stay away from it but Wang Teng wanted to get it.

He even succeeded.


“Oh, I took a strand of it when I was resisting the lightning calamity for the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill in the morning,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

No one knew what to say.

That sounded quite casual.

Are you serious

You had the time to take a strand of it when you were tackling the lightning calamity

Indeed, Wang Teng wasnt just powerful.

He was also bold.

He dared to get hold of the calamity lightning.

Wasnt he afraid of playing with fire


No one probed further.

This was enough.

How he did it was his personal secret.

They wouldnt ask for the details.

Everyone suppressed the astonishment in their hearts and stared at the sky.


A thunderous roar reverberated in the sky.

A bolt of lightning as thick as a pillar cut through the dark clouds and struck down.

Everyone widened their eyes when they saw the lightning.

They were flabbergasted.

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