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Chapter 1081 The City Is Under Siege!

The Wang Family naturally knew that Wang Teng was arriving.

The status of the Wang family was extremely high, especially in Donghai.

They could be considered the real masters of the city.

Even the leader of martial arts and the other heads acknowledged their identity silently.

This was because they knew that once Wang Teng came back, Earth might become his private property.

Hence, one small Donghai was nothing

Hardy met up with the Wang family.

The leader of martial arts and the three great commanders accompanied him and introduced them to each other.

“This is Wang Tengs grandfather, father, mother, and…”

“This is Wang Tengs…”

When introducing Hardy, the leader of martial arts paused.

He wanted to say that he was Wang Tengs servant, but he didnt know how to say it due to the ability of this martial warrior.

“Im Baron Wang Tengs servant,” Hardy didnt hide his identity and introduced himself directly.

He was extremely polite to the Wang family even though they werent powerful.

Well, to him, they were very weak.

He could pinch them to death with two fingers, but he didnt look down on them.

After all, they were Wang Tengs family members.

Their status was different.

He had come to Earth on Wang Tengs order to protect his family.

This showed that Wang Teng viewed his family with much importance.

He didnt want anything to happen to them.

If he left a bad impression in their minds, Wang Teng wouldnt let him go.

He needed his masters approval to remove his slave status.

Grandpa Wang and the others didnt know the relationship between Wang Teng and Hardy.

They were surprised when they learned that this powerful martial warrior was Wang Tengs servant.

Why did he call Wang Teng a baron When did he become a baron

The leader of martial arts and the others gave a bitter smile upon seeing Hardys attitude towards the Wang family.

The difference was apparent!

Hardy was still high and mighty in front of them as if he didnt want to look them in the eye.

Yet, in front of the Wang family, he was extremely polite.

If he wasnt a cosmos-stage martial warrior, they might have been triggered by his sudden change in attitude.

But the difference in strength meant that there was nothing they could do.

The Wang family and Hardy started chatting.

Most of the time, it was the Wang family asking him about Wang Teng.

Hardy had no expressions on his face, but he answered all their questions and didnt reveal any signs of impatience.

Hence, Grandpa Wang and the other family members learned that Wang Teng inherited a baron title and had an official identity in the empire.

Moreover, his status wasnt low.

“My grandson is amazing.

He became a baron!” Grandpa Wang stroked his beard gently and laughed.

“This brat!” Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei smiled.

They couldnt hide the pride on their faces.

The other members of the Wang family had the same reaction.

All of them were elated.

The Wang family had to thank Wang Teng for their status today.

The better he was, the better their treatment.

They chatted with Hardy for some time.

Hardy was sent over not long after he was bought by Wang Teng, so he didnt understand much about him.

Thus, the Wang family couldnt get much information from him.

In the end, they got up and prepared to leave with some regret.

However, they knew that Wang Teng would be coming back soon.

They were all excited.

“These 30 celestial-stage martial warriors will follow you back to the Wang family.

They can protect you if anything happens.” Hardy sorted 30 celestial-stage martial warriors out when he sent the Wang family off.

“What” The Wang family was astounded.

They were in a dilemma.

They knew that these martial warriors were all very powerful.

They were all above the planetary stage and were many times more powerful than the strongest warriors on Earth.

Now, this powerful martial warrior wanted to send 30 of them to protect the Wang family.

They were overwhelmed.

“Dont worry.

Were all Masters servants.

Protecting the Wang family is our job,” Hardy said in his hoarse voice.

His entire body was covered with a gray gown.

Although the Wang family couldnt see his expression, they heard his words.

They glanced at one another in bewilderment.

The attitude of these martial warriors towards Wang Teng surprised them.

“In that case, you can bring these people back,” the leader of martial arts said.

“Alright, well accept the offer.” Grandpa Wang finally relented.

When the Wang family brought these powerful martial warriors back, the news started to spread to many other people.

Some saw these 30 celestial-stage martial warriors from afar and felt their hearts pounding.

This proved how strong they were.

Thus, many families close to the Wang family came to visit them and get some news.

Three days passed.

Nothing happened on Earth.

It remained peaceful.

“Will this mission end smoothly Master should be here soon.

“This is the first mission he assigned me.

I hope no accidents will happen,” Hardys face remained expressionless under the gray gown as he mumbled to himself.

All kinds of thoughts went through his mind.

As a slave, his life was in Wang Tengs hands.

Even though he was a powerful shadow assassin, he had to succumb to fate.

At the same time, in the boundless space, a giant fleet of battlecraft had entered the solar system silently.

No one on Earth noticed them.

There was a huge battlecraft that looked like a battle fortress in the middle of the fleet.

Kloet was sitting in front of the central command platform.

Activating the outdoor simulation mode, he saw the blue planet in front of them.

“Land directly.

There are very few planetary-stage martial warriors on the planet, so we can wipe anyone out if we see them,” Manka, a martial warrior from the Crimson Moon Galaxy, said.

There was a crimson mutated beast symbol on his body.

No one had any objections.

They were afraid of Wang Teng, but they were confident in handling a remote planet.

An order spread throughout the giant fleet.

The fleet traveled through space like a spirit, leaving no traces behind as they headed to Earth.

They finally landed somewhere in the ocean.

A fishing boat passed by.

The crew on the boat raised their heads in shock and fear.

“Look, a universe spacecraft!”

“Oh my, there are countless of them!”

“Oh my god, is this an alien invasion What should we do” “Quick, lets leave.

We need to report to the Global Union…”

There was an uproar on the boat.

The crew lost their cool and started shouting with pale faces.


Suddenly, a ray of light shot out from the battlecraft and hit the fishing boat directly, shattering it into pieces.

“Poor thing.”

A man with golden hair shook his head in the large battlecraft.

“They were just a bunch of normal people who hadnt even reached the planetary stage.

Their death is nothing,” Kloet said indifferently.

“What should we do now” Manka asked.

“Invade the network of this planet and get the information we want,” Kloet said.

“Intelligence, start the invasion, scan!”

“Yes!” A robotic voice was heard in the main control room.

Rows of data flashed in front of everyone so quickly that it was impossible to catch any information with their eyes.

“Scanning completed!” Very soon, the robotic voice sounded again.

“This planet is called Earth.

The targets are in Country Xia, Donghai!”

Faces started to appear in front of Kloet.

They were pictures of the Wang family.

“Found them.

Head to the target,” Kloet ordered.

The entire fleet changed their direction and charged toward Donghai at a fast speed.

Within 20 minutes, they had arrived in the sea outside Donghai, part of Country Xias territory.

Beep, beep, beep…

An ear-piercing siren rang above Donghai, echoing in the entire city.

“Whats going on”

“Is there another sea beast riot”

“Oh my god, whats that”

“Universe spacecraft! Those are universe spacecraft! Goodness, there are so many of them!”

Many people noticed the fleet.

They were flabbergasted, and chaos erupted everywhere.

The leader of martial arts and the three great commanders received the news immediately and flew out of their lodgings.

They looked at the sky above the sea grimly.

An ominous feeling drifted into their hearts.

Hardy saw the fleet too.

He flew into the air.

The celestial-stage martial warriors followed closely behind him.

“Universe battlecraft!”

“Universe battlecraft!” The leader of martial arts squinted.

He gritted his teeth and said, “How did these battlecraft enter Earth We didnt detect them at all.”

“The technology on your planet is too backward.

These battlecraft activated their “concealing system.

Its normal that you cant detect them,” Hardy explained.

“Damn it.

Were at a disadvantage,” Commander Long said helplessly.

“Look at their symbol.

Its the same as the ones on the alien invaders spacecraft.

They should be from the Olant Federation,” Commander Hong said sternly.

“The Olant Federation truly wants to destroy our Earth.” Commander Yong gritted his teeth.

“Sir, what should we do now” the leader of martial arts frowned and asked Hardy.

He felt helpless.

He could only ask Hardy for help because they had no chance of resisting this fleet.

“Wait and see,” Hardy furrowed his brows as he replied calmly.

Even in this situation, he didnt reveal any signs of anxiety.

Nothing seemed to be able to affect him.

The leader of martial arts and the others calmed down after seeing his response.

They had a cosmos-stage martial warrior with them and 50 celestial-stage martial warriors.

This was quite a formidable team.

The fleet arrived above Donghai, casting terrifying shadows on the city and enshrouding it in darkness.

It felt like the apocalypse.

It was nerve-wracking.

“Earthlings, we give you ten minutes to hand over Wang Tengs family and friends.

If not, we will destroy the entire planet.”

A cold voice rang through the sky abruptly, crashing down on the city like thunder.

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