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Chapter 86: Ug~ Ly~ Ugly!


After Wang Teng stood up, a terrifying aura surged out from his body and engulfed the three male students.


His presence surged like the roaring waves in the sea.

The three peoples expressions changed immediately.

They bent down, and their faces turned as white as paper.

“How, how can he be so strong”

They were struck dumb from the shock.

Astonishment and disbelief filled up their faces.

They thought that this was the aura of an extreme martial disciple, but they didnt know that Wang Teng had already released the power of a martial warrior in his fit of anger.

Tap, tap, tap.

Wang Teng walked towards them, step by step.

Every step he took, his aura increased a little.

The pressure it caused on the three people increased correspondingly.

Wang Teng stopped in front of Yan Peng.

“Did you say that you want to have a duel with me

“Who gave you the confidence to say that

“Have I ever agreed”

The series of questions caused Yan Peng to throw away his act of disguise.

He was extremely furious, and his face turned red like a ripe peach.

“Hmph, I didnt say anything, but you have already finished your solo performance.

Who gave you the face to do it”

The last question infuriated Yan Peng so much that he almost vomited blood.

Ever since he was a child, he had always been complimented and flattered by others.

He had never been humiliated so blatantly by someone before.

He wished he could find a hole on the ground and bury himself.

Wang Teng ignored him.

He walked directly in front of Dong Fei.

“Did you say that you were disappointed in me

“What does your disappointment have to do with me Why are you putting on a show in front of me

“Also, you are so ugly.

Where did you get the guts to ask the lady for her WeChat Did you bring a mirror when you came out Dont you know how good-looking you are

“Are you as handsome as me Do you know that looks can earn you money If we stand beside each other, Ill definitely be the one getting chosen by sugar mummies.

You can only stay at the side.

Youre so ugly!

“Come, say it along with me.

Ug~ Ly~ Ugly.

Ug~ Ly~ Ugly.

Do you understand it now”

Wang Teng got more furious as he spoke.

How dare these bastards lay their eyes on Lin Chuhan.

This was something he couldnt put up with.

The students around them ran far away when they saw his aggressive posture.

However, when they heard this sentence, they burst out laughing.

On the other hand, Dong Feis face had already turned green with anger.

The birthmark on his face was his biggest pain.

Normally, because of his ability, his classmates and friends didnt dare to say anything.

However, they would judge him behind his back.

Now, he got humiliated right in front of everyone.

His lungs were almost going to explode in anger.

He panted heavily.

If he wasnt suppressed by Wang Tengs aura and he couldnt move, he would have pounced on Wang Teng and fought with him right then and there.

Wang Teng continued to walk to Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wus expression changed.

He instantly felt regretful.

Why did he have to run off his darn mouth in front of Wang Teng

However, he didnt expect the strength of an extreme martial disciple to be so powerful.

Was the difference between an extreme martial disciple and an advanced stage martial disciple so huge

“Zhou Wu, you have such a strong sense of righteousness.”

“Wang Teng, there must be some misunderstanding between us.

Lets talk properly,” Zhou Wu said with difficulty.

“Talk properly” As Wang Teng looked at him, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Then, his expression turned cold, and he continued, “But I dont want to talk properly with you!”

Immediately, he lifted his leg and swept it in front of him.

Zhou Wus body flew out like a sandbag in a straight line.

He remained in the air for around six meters before slamming heavily on the ground.

The examinees at the side dodged in surprise.

“Cough, cough!”

Blood dripped down the corners of Zhou Wus lips.

He struggled and realized that he couldnt get up.

He was dumbstruck.

Hes so powerful.

How can he be so powerful

His heart was filled with doubts.

Wang Tengs strength was beyond his wildest imagination.

As an advanced stage martial disciple, he was nothing in front of Wang Teng.

Wang Teng shifted his gaze away from Zhou Wu and scanned the crowd.

He saw the figure hiding secretly at the back.

“That person, come out.

Yes, Im talking about you.

Stop hiding.

I saw you.

Werent you laughing really loudly a moment ago Why are you being a coward now”

The examinees around the area where Wang Teng was pointing moved away.

They were afraid of getting implicated.

The examinee had nowhere to hide, so he could only walk forward.

“Wang Teng…”


The moment he spoke, Wang Teng slapped his face.

“Get out!” Wang Teng glared at him coldly.

This was the examinee that had started everything.

If not, none of this would have happened.

The young man covered his red face.

He didnt dare to say anything and just ran into the crowd while looking at the ground.

No one knew which corner he went to hide.

Wang Teng looked around him.

In an instant, no one dared to exchange glances with him.

For the rest of the journey, the three advanced martial disciples remained quiet.

They had seen the difference between them and Wang Teng, so even if they were humiliated, they didnt dare to seek trouble with him.

They could only hide their hatred towards him deep inside their hearts.

They would take revenge if there was a chance in the future.

The other examinees looked at Wang Teng from afar as they discussed in low tones.

There was admiration as well as a hint of fear.

But, they were full of respect for this young man.

The three advanced stage martial disciples always acted arrogantly in front of them.

They had offended many people.

Just now, Wang Teng had suppressed the three of them alone.

They didnt even dare to make a peep.

It felt so good!

There was only one word they could use to describe Wang Teng—Impressive!

The Force floating airship flew towards Donghai.

The journey was peaceful throughout, and no commotion arose again.

Not long after, the Force floating airship finally floated down gradually over the military district.

It stopped on the vast plaza.

The examinees disembarked the Force floating airship.

Liu Wenshi stood in front of everyone and opened his mouth.

“Your exam results will be out in two days.

You can use your examination identity number to search for your results on the internet.

Then, you can make your application.

“Its up to you what university you want to apply to.

You can also check the cut-off point for the previous year as a reference.

I hope that all of you can get into the university you want.

“Alright, get into the bus.”

The examinees got onto the bus again.

Liu Wenshi came to look for Wang Teng and brought him to a secluded corner.

Wang Teng smiled when he saw Director He.

“Director He, I thought that you forgot our agreement!”

“Little brat, who do you think I am” Director He glared at Wang Teng.

Then, he said with lingering fears, “Speaking about it, I really have to thank you for this time.

If not, I would have suffered badly.”

“Take this.

You deserve it.”

He passed the box containing the star bone to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng opened it directly and looked at the contents.

He only kept it after confirming that there was nothing wrong with the item.

“Dont you trust me” Director He asked helplessly.

“Its better to ensure that everything is fine in the beginning to prevent trouble in the future.” Wang Teng smiled nonchalantly.

“Makes sense.” Director He nodded.

He was satisfied with Wang Tengs performance.

“Director He, if theres nothing else, I will leave first.

The other students must be waiting anxiously,” Wang Teng said.

“Go ahead.” Director He waved his hand.

After Wang Teng parted with Director He, he boarded the bus with the rest of the examinees.

The examinees were all eager to go home.

At Liu Wenshis command, the bus fleet headed towards the city.

They were going home.


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