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Chapter 646: No Way Of Backing Down

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“I believe in Alifs character,” Kipling opened his mouth and said.

He was

speaking up for Alif.

Edward and the others were stunned before realizing the situation.

If someone

asked them what happened, they knew what to say.

As expected, Fara questioned them next.

Their reply was no different from


Wang Teng glanced at them and snorted.

Alif was delighted.

He looked at Wang Teng proudly.

I have the backing.


can you do

Wang Teng was speechless when he saw this despicable man feeling superior.

“Old man, are you blind He has good character

Kipling and Alifs face turned black.

“How dare you humiliate the Great Sage!” Once Alif had someone supporting

him, he became arrogant again.

He shouted at Wang Teng

“Is your head getting itchy again Wang Teng squinted.

A dangerous glow

appeared in his eyes.

Alif immediately felt his head hurting again.

He took two steps back


Kipling was disappointed.

He had expected better from him.

Coward, hes just a

martial warrior from Country Xia.

Whats there to be afraid of

“Fara, are you still going to cover up for him Kipling looked at Fara and Alais

and continued calmly, “Your Highness, this young man has killed two of Mount

Saints holy knights and caused great damage to the Cancer Palace.

If we dont

punish him, the members of the Holy Temple will be disheartened.

As the

guardian and protector of the Holy Temple, shouldnt Your Highness seek

justice for us

His tone was calm, but his aura was overbearing and aggressive.

He was forcing the Goddess!

He threw out a righteous cause and forced Alais to punish Wang Teng, putting

her in a difficult position.

“Both parties have their own version of things.

We cant be certain of what


Great Sage Kipling, why are you putting so much pressure on Her

Highness Great Sage Faras expression turned grim.

He stared intently at


“If we wrongly accuse Wang Teng, our relationship with Country Xia will be


Will you bear the consequences

“In that case ” Kipling shouted with a strong sense of righteousness, “Tm

willing to bear the consequences for Mount Saints sake!”

His voice was loud, spreading out far and wide.

All the martial warriors on

Mount Saint heard him.

Wang Teng had caused a huge commotion when he wreaked havoc in Mount


Many people already knew what happened here and were waiting to see

how the drama would play out.

Many people felt respect towards Kipling upon seeing him stepping up.


of them, who couldnt see beyond the surface, developed resentment against

their Goddess.

Faras expression changed, and he glanced at Alais.

At this point, he didnt have

a better idea of what to do.

Kipling took the risk and was willing to bear all the consequences to punish

Wang Teng.

His decision was resolute.

He was doing this to earn a reputation!

f the Goddess sided with Wang Teng, the other members of the Holy Temple

would be bitterly disappointed

The same knife could cut the bread and fingers.

This sentence was applicable in this situation.

If the Goddess lost the trust of the people on Mount Saint, she wouldnt be the

Goddess anymore.

Alais frowmed.

She was in a dilemma and couldnt make her decision.

Kiplings eyes lit up.

He waved his hand and said, “Take down this martial

warrior from Country Xia!

“Who dares!” An angry shout came from afar.

Many figures were flying over at high speed.

This time, they came from the

small town below.

A few moments later, the people arrived at the scene.


Taixuan was among them.

Not only that, Darwan and Valeria from Country

Boar were present too.

They landed behind Wang Teng and faced Kipling and his men.

Darwan laughed and opened his mouth.

“How lively!”

Kipling frowned.

Looking at Wang Tengs new supporters, frustration crept up

his heart.

“Are you alright Dan Taixuan sized up Wang Teng and asked.

Tm fine.

Theyre the ones who are not alright.”Wang Teng shook his head


Dan Taixuan and the others turmed to look at Edward and the holy knights.

Bewilderment appeared in their eyes.

“Holy knights!”

“Did you beat them up Did you kill someone Zhu Yushao whispered.

Wang Teng glanced at his companions.

He felt grateful.

They were willing to

come even at a time like this.

This required much courage.

“This is justifiable self-defense,” he replied.

No reply.

Dan Taixuan, Zhu Yushao, and the others felt speechless when they heard this.

You killed someone and label it as justifiable self-defense.

Did you mean

excessive self-defense

This fellow created trouble wherever he went!

“What on earth happened here Dan Taixuan asked through voice


Wang Teng didnt hide the truth, recounting what happened using voice


Dan Taixuan was at a loss for words.

She knew that she couldnt blame Wang Teng, but his specialization in creating

trouble made her furious.

She felt that troubles were attracted to Wang Teng.

If he didnt create a scene,

he couldnt answer to his amazing talent.

Tl find you again when were back!” Dan Taixuan glared at him furiously.

Then, she turmed to Kipling and said in a cold voice, “Who wanted to catch our

martial warrior

“Why cant I catch a murderer on Mount Saint” Kipling mocked.

“T have heard what happened.

Its not our fault,” Dan Taixuan replied calmly.

“Does your word count The bodies of the two holy knights are still warm.


must give us an answer,” Kipling replied angrily.

“What a joke.

You were the ones who invited Wang Teng up the mountain, but

you stopped him intentionally too.

You even wanted to kill him.

However, your

skills were too weak, so your men got killed by him.

Now, youre asking us for

an answer Tm already being very polite by not seeking an answer from you.

Dan Taixuan activated her sharp tongue skill and refuted without any mercy.

The holy knights faces turned black.

They were too weak

This was the first time someone said that, but they couldnt refute it either.

This was exasperating!

“This is all your fault.

You invited him and yet hurt him.

In the future, who will

dare to accept your invitation again Darwan sniggered.

“This reminds me of a

Chinese story… Oh right, the Hongmen Banquet!

Kipling almost vomited blood.

He had tried so hard to convict Wang Teng, but once these people came, they

overturned his verdict and regarded this major accident as a minor one.

He felt frustrated and furious when they talked about it so casually.

Especially when Country Boar interfered too.

Offending Country Xia was

already a tough decision for him.

He couldnt promise that he could bear the

consequences if Country Boar was also added to the mix.

To put it lightly, this was a fight for pride between the martial warriors.

But on

a larger scale, this was diplomacy.

If the higher authorities in Country Xia wanted to support Wang Teng, this

matter would be huge.

However, he had already spoken.

How could he take his words back in front of

all the martial warriors on Mount Saint

For a moment, Great Sage Kipling found no way of backing down.


expression became hideous.

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