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Chapter 64: Shock…

Three years of hard work for a single chance!

Fan Weimings words had touched the hearts of many students.

Their resolve was even more cemented as they went home with a firm mentality.

The university entrance exam was on the 5th of July.

After the students left, the entire school was cordoned off.

There were many things different about this world as compared to the previous world.

For instance, in the previous world, there would be three days of holiday before the university entrance exam.

In this world, there was only one off day.

But, there was a huge amount of human resources sent out to set up the exam venues.

One day was good enough.

Donghai No.

1 High School was a top school, so naturally, it was one of the exam venues.

The other schools, as well as some famous martial arts academies, were all closed today to prepare for the test.

That was right.

The martial arts academies were examination venues too.

But, they were just used for the martial arts exam.

All sorts of devices in the martial arts academies would be used to inspect the physique of the students taking part in the martial arts exam.

Wang Teng took his examination identity card and bade farewell to Lin Chuhan.

Then, they went back to their homes.

The next day, Saturday, Wang Teng didnt go anywhere.

He rested at home.

He had increased all the attributes he needed to increase.

One day wouldnt make a difference.

To him, the university entrance exam was just a process.

His success was virtually granted, so there was nothing to worry about.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei werent like the other parents who were like ants on a hot pan, anxious and worried.

Other parents wished that they could take the university entrance exam for their child, but the two of them were extremely calm.

They continued doing what they were supposed to do.

At night, Wang Shengguo drank some tea and watched the news while Li Xiumei practiced yoga at the side.

They were really carefree.

Wang Teng came down to get a cup of water.

When he saw his parents, he immediately felt speechless.

Honestly, can you show some respect to the university entrance exam

What will people think of the university entrance exam if they see you being so carefree

Wang Teng complained in his heart.

However, he also knew that they could be so calm because they didnt have any hope.

After the results came out, he wondered what their expressions would be like.

It must be quite interesting!

“Son, have you prepared all the things you need for your exam tomorrow Even if youre just going there for a show, you need to be serious.

Dont get a zero.

Ill be too embarrassed to tell other people about it if they asked me your results,” Li Xiumei stopped for a moment and said.

Wang Shengguo took a sip of his tea and closed his eyes to savor it.

He then said calmly, “Your mom is right.

If you score a zero, Id rather you dont go for the exam at all.

I cant afford to embarrass myself like this.”

Wang Teng was speechless.

“Why cant you have more confidence in me”

“We want to have more confidence in you too, but you never gave us an opportunity, son!” Wang Shengguo replied.

“Wait and see how many zeros I score for you.” Wang Teng sniggered.

“Little brat!” Wang Shengguo rolled his eyes at him.

At that moment, his phone rang and interrupted their conversation.

He took his phone and said to Li Xiumei, “Its Elder Brothers call.”

“Hello, Brother…” Wang Shengguo took the call and started chatting with Wang Tengs uncle, Wang Shenghong.

Before their conversation ended, Li Xiumeis phone rang too.

She picked it up and said, “Hello, Daddy!”

A few minutes later, both of them hung up their calls.

“Son, they were enquiring about your university entrance exam.

Are you stressed” Wang Shengguo teased his son.

“Why will I be stressed Im going there to get a zero, right If one is not enough, Ill score two.

The ones who will be embarrassed are the two of you anyway,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumeis faces turned black.

What was this little brat saying!

Just as the three of them started talking, their phones rang again.

Wang Tengs uncles, aunties, cousins… all of them were expressing their concern for his university entrance exam.

Towards the end, Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumeis gazes became more and more dangerous as they looked at Wang Teng.

“Son, if you didnt score a one, two, three, four, or five in this university entrance exam, you can expect a storm from your highness here in the house!” Li Xiumei threatened him.

“As well as your emperors violent rage.

Are you prepared” Wang Shengguo glared at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng instantly felt a chill rising up to his head.

“Emperor, empress, I cant do it~”

“Hmph, if you cant do it, youre dead…”

The phone rang again.

…Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei remained silent for a few seconds.

Then, they said simultaneously.

“You can answer it!”

“You can answer it!”

The corners of Wang Tengs lips twitched.

He felt that his parents were almost going crazy because of the tormenting calls.

Lets solve a math question now.

Whats the size of the psychological trauma Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei are experiencing at the moment

If youre right, theres a reward~

Li Xiumei glanced at the caller ID on the phone.

She urged her husband, “Hurry up.

Its Father!”

“Hello, Dad!” Wang Shengguo hurriedly picked up the call.

“Why did you answer the call so late” A loud voice of an old man came from the other end of the call.

He sounded a little stern.

“Oh, I was in the washroom.” Wang Shengguo had the ability to bull** in front of his father without any hesitation.

“Alright, Im too lazy to talk to you.

Is my grandson beside you Ask him to receive the call,” Grandpa Wang said impatiently.

“Here, your grandfather,” Wang Shengguo passed his phone to Wang Teng obediently.

He seemed a little jealous.

Wang Teng placed the phone beside his ear and greeted, “Grandpa.”

“My dear grandson!”

Grandpa Wangs voice came over immediately.

It was still the same person, but he sounded really amiable now.

Wang Shengguos expression turned even more bitter when he heard the kind tone.

Li Xiumei snickered at the side.

Wang Teng and Grandpa Wang chatted casually for some time.

He mostly asked Wang Teng about his university entrance exam.

At the end, Grandpa Wang said, “Take the exam properly.

After your exam, I will host a celebration banquet.”

Wang Teng had always been obedient in front of Grandpa Wang.

That was why Grandpa Wang always considered him an obedient and good child.

He never suspected that Wang Teng was hopeless in his studies.

Wang Teng still remembered that Grandpa Wang had hosted quite a big banquet for him in his past life.

In the end, he wasnt able to hide his results from the prying people, so the banquet turned into a joke in the elite circle.

Grandpa Wang almost died from anger.

When he thought about this, Wang Teng felt guilty and regretful.

Fortunately, in this lifetime, he was a bug in this world.

The university entrance exam Hmph!

Wang Teng silently decided that he must give everyone a surprise this time.

He would prove himself to those people who had looked down on him in the past.

He would show them what surpassing them meant.

No one called them again after Grandpa Wang hung up.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei heaved sighs of relief.

At first, they were very calm.

Now, though, they had distressed expressions on their faces and felt bitter in their hearts.

“What should we do” asked Li Xiumei.

“Why dont we break our sons leg so that he doesnt have to take the university entrance exam tomorrow That way, he wont have any results.” Wang Shengguo thought up a nasty idea.

Li Xiumeis eyes lit up.

“Why dont we give it a try They say that people who practice martial arts heal faster, so he should be able to recover in a few days.

Breaking a leg shouldnt affect him.”

…Are you devils I am your biological son! Wang Teng trembled in fear at the side.

Tomorrow, the headlines would be…

‘Shocking news! A students parents broke his leg to prevent him from taking the university entrance exam because he was too poor in his studies.

Is this the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality!


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