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Chapter 1076 The Decision Of The Olant Federation (1)

The feud between Wang Teng and the Parkers family spread throughout the city like wildfire even before the day ended.

Many people couldnt understand his actions.

They felt fearful.

Discussions were abundant in all corners of the city.

“Is Baron Wang Teng crazy”

“What a joke.

How dare a baron challenge the Parkers.”

“I must ask my descendants to stay away from Baron Wang Teng in case they offend the Parkers.”

“Wang Teng is tempting fate.

The Parkers family is not a faction he can deal with.

I dont think he can live for long.

The Parkers will not allow someone who dares to challenge them to live.”

“Hes dead!”

“But I have to admit that Baron Wang Teng has got some balls.

If he can overcome this ordeal, his future accomplishments will be immeasurable!”

Everyone had their own view.

But overall, most people thought that Wang Teng would win and mocked him secretly.

Only a small portion found him extraordinary.

If he could rise even in this dangerous situation, he would become a greater and more powerful presence than the Parkers family in the future.

This was exceptionally high praise!

But there werent many people who thought this way.

Over the next few days, many people came to check the situation in the baron residence, only to realize that there were only unimportant servants left there.

Their master had disappeared without a trace.

Many people wondered if Wang Teng had secretly run away due to fright.

A pitch-black universe spacecraft was traveling at high speed.

Everywhere was dark.

They had entered the boundless space.

This was the universe-level spacecraft left behind by the Flaming River Universe Lord!

Wang Teng gave the QY-E63 spacecraft to Hardy so that he could fly to Earth first.

Thus, Wang Teng could only use the universe-level spacecraft left behind by the Flaming River Universe Lord now.

Also, the speed of this universe-level spacecraft was much higher than the QY-E63 spacecraft.

Wang Teng was in a hurry to get back to Earth, so this spacecraft was the best choice.

He didnt care if he would catch the attention of other formidable warriors.

He was already facing many troubles.

He didnt mind adding one more!

“Round Ball, where are we” Wang Teng opened his eyes and asked.

Round Ball waved its hand, and the outdoor simulation mode of the spacecraft was activated immediately.

“We are 30 thousand light years away from the Great Qian Planet,” Round Ball looked at the star chart and replied.

“What about Bertha” Wang Teng nodded.

He had brought half the guards with him for this trip, only leaving 20 in the residence.

The baron residence was located on the Great Qian Planet.

The Parkers family wouldnt dare to cause trouble there since the imperial family had spoken.

Hence, Wang Teng wasnt worried.

“Theyre in the training room.” Round Ball smiled and changed the image displayed to the scene inside the training room.

Bertha was training the other celestial-stage martial warriors.

The team had only been formed a few days ago, but they were already well-disciplined and had great teamwork.

“Bertha did well.” Wang Teng was surprised.

“I think she has relevant experience in the past.

This fairy divine spirit master isnt an ordinary cosmos-stage martial warrior,” Round Ball touched its chin and guessed.

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.

“Youre really lucky.” Round Ball said, “That mecha heaven-stage martial warrior is willing to continue helping you.

I mean, youve offended the Parkers!”

“Do you think everyone is as timid as you” Wang Teng glanced at it in contempt.

“Me Timid” Round Ball pointed at itself.

Its eyes widened in anger.

“How am I timid Explain yourself.”

Wang Teng sniggered.

“This is infuriating.

You dont seem to understand the severity of the issue.

Am I timid Im just worried about your life.

You dont understand my concerns!” Round Ball was furious.

“Alright, Im not going to argue with you.

Things have already happened, so its useless to say anything now.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

“Sigh!” Round Ball was stunned for a moment.

Then, it lowered its head like a deflated balloon and sighed dejectedly.

“Instead of complaining, why dont we think about how to deal with the Parkers revenge” Wang Teng said.

“What plans can there be Hide while you can.

Find a good spot after you settle the matters on Earth and cultivate properly.

Work hard to gain the strength to challenge them.

The universe is huge.

The Parkers familys influence might not be able to reach every part of it,” Round Ball said.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

However, he had to admit that this was the best plan.

What could you do if you couldnt win Stay low.

Wang Teng shook his head and closed his eyes.

Round Ball continued to pilot the spacecraft.

The spacecraft rushed forward at high speed, flying towards Earth without stopping.

Olant Federation.

The Olant Planet.

As the capital, the Olant Planet was the most prosperous place in the Olant Federation.

Its economy, technology, and culture had reached an astonishing level.

It had a huge population, and there were many powerful martial warriors here.

The majority of the powerful martial warriors and factions were gathered on this planet.

Based on the development of this planet, the Olant Federation did have the right to be called a universe civilization.

Even though it was only a low-tier civilization, it was still a universe civilization.

It held some sway in the universe.

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