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Chapter 589 It Appeared, Ice Element Tool!

The five different fist consciouses merged with one another, restricting and reinforcing one another.

In the end, they turned into an entirely new fist skill.

When Wang Teng opened his eyes, he had finished constructing everything in his mind.

In this short ten minutes, a sky-rank fist skill was born.

This fist skill had great potential.

If he continued improving it and using the five different fist consciouses to nurture it, it might reach an unimaginable height in the future.

The gleam in his eyes disappeared, and he returned to reality.

However, when he saw the scene in front of him, he jumped in fright.

“Why are you looking at me like that” he asked Dan Taixuan and the other in bewilderment.

They looked as though they wanted to eat him alive.

When did their taste become so strong They didnt even let go of a rough young man like him.

His mother was right.

A man should always protect himself outside.

“What do you think” Dan Taixuan glared at him.

“Youre so lucky.

You achieved enlightenment from watching a match,” Zhu Yushao said enviously.

Ji Xiuming, Mu Zhiguo, and the others agreed with her.

They were filled with jealousy.

“My luck is normal, normal, you know.

You dont have to be so jealous.

The next one might be you.” Wang Teng beat around the bush.

“Do you think well believe you Do you think were stupid Do you think enlightenment is a dish that can be ordered easily” Zhao Yuanwu was speechless.

“You must have benefitted greatly, right” Zhu Yushao asked.

“Its alright.

I did have some gains,” Wang Teng waved his hand and replied.

They noticed that he didnt want to continue, so they didnt probe further.

This was his secret.

It wasnt appropriate for them to get to the bottom of it.

But it further confirmed that Wang Tengs gain was huge.

Tsk, did he think they couldnt tell

Wang Teng didnt care about their looks of envy or jealousy.

He stared at the arena below.

While he was deep in the state of enlightenment, many attribute bubbles had piled up in the colosseum.

These attribute bubbles hadnt disappeared yet, so he picked them up quickly.

Earth Force*110

Wood Force*65

Metal Force*105

Fire Force*80

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Origin Of Life*3

Fire Sword Conscious*65


As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng suddenly gasped softly.

The Origin Of Life of life appeared once again among the bubbles.

Wang Teng shuddered, trying his best to stop himself from moaning…

Three seconds later, he glanced at everyone secretly and noticed that they didnt see anything.

He silently heaved a sigh of relief.

This was so difficult!

There was also a fire sword conscious attribute.

Wang Teng went through the sword conscious in his mind, allowing his fire sword conscious to rise to another level.

At this moment, the match below had ended.

Someone else came out.

This was a martial warrior from Country Snow.

He had long, slightly blue hair.

He looked a little… non-mainstream!

“This fellow is quite handsome.

Hes just slightly less handsome than me,” Wang Teng muttered.

Dan Taixuan: …

Everyone: …

They were used to Wang Tengs shamelessness, but at times, they would still feel speechless by his words.

How thick was his skin

The martial warrior from Country Snow scanned the crowd before his gaze finally stopped in Country Xias direction.

He said, “I want to challenge Country Xia!”

Zhu Yushao and the others were stunned.

He wanted to challenge them!

After witnessing Wang Teng and Fortess match, the martial warriors from the other countries chose to evade Country Xia.

After all, no one knew if they would meet Wang Teng

However, Zhu Yushao and the others reacted immediately.

This was an exchange.

It was impossible to leave Country Xia alone until the end.

If they chose not to challenge Country Xia because they were afraid of being targeted by Wang Teng, Country Xia would win this competition effortlessly.

This wasnt what the other countries wanted to see.

However, when this martial warrior challenged them, his comrades looked flabbergasted.

Even the leader of Country Snows team lost his cool, shouting directly, “Wait, Hilson, dont fool around.”

It was a little embarrassing for the leader to shout like this, but if his martial warrior was beaten into a pigs head like Fortes, it would be worse.

Country Snow was a small country with a population of less than 30 million.

Hence, there was a limited number of talents they could produce.

He didnt want Hilson to fall against Country Xia.

Everyone gave them a meaningful look when they saw this scene.

It seemed like it wasnt a team decision and was the martial warriors personal choice.

This fellow was interesting!

“Im not fooling around.” Hilson shook his head and continued, “I heard that there are many talents in Country Xia.

My country might be small, but I want to witness the power of a great nation.

Thus, please send your contestant.

Let me see how the talents in Country Xia are.”

“You!” The leader of Country Snow was speechless.

He wanted to stop the young man, but he couldnt find any valid reason to refute him.

He dared to challenge Country Xia because he wanted to witness the power of a great nation.

If he continued to stop him, he would seem like a cowardly leader.

“Hmph, this Country Snows martial warrior is scheming.

Power of the great nation Is he forcing me not to use my brick” Wang Teng sneered.

Everyone was speechless.

Why are you still thinking of your brick at a time like this

Actually, they werent stupid.

They also saw through the martial warriors intention.

He wanted to make a name for himself by using Country Xia.

However, he didnt want to fight with Wang Teng, so he used this method.

He was quite smart.

“Whos going” Dan Taixuan smiled and asked with interest.

This young man was provoking them directly.

Who could bear with it

Wang Teng wanted to get up, but Zhu Yushao stood up first and said, “Let me do it.

Wang Teng, dont steal everyones limelight.

“Besides, youre the leader.

You need to be the last.

There are many talents waiting for you.”

Smiling, Wang Teng sat down again and said, “Alright, you can go.”

At the same time, he scanned the person below with his Spiritual Sight.

“Huh” A hint of astonishment appeared in Wang Tengs eyes.

He said, “Hes an ice-element martial warrior.”

This was the first time he had met a brigadier general-stage ice element martial warrior.

This martial warrior from Country Snow had become a tool to produce ice Force attribute bubbles for him.

“An ice-element martial warrior!” Zhu Yushao exclaimed in surprise, “How can you


“I have my methods,” Wang Teng said.

“Mutated Forces are hard to deal with.

Be careful.”

“Okay.” Zhu Yushao nodded grimly before jumping into the arena.

“Country Snow, Hilson!”

“Country Xia, Zhu Yushao!”

Both of them introduced themselves and stared intently at each other.


Suddenly, both of them moved.

An ice spear appeared in the hands of Country Snows martial warrior.

He stabbed it out, sending numerous ice auras towards Zhu Yushao.

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