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Chapter 587 Poisonous Milk!


The colosseum had turned eerily silent.

No one had ever thought that you could fight in such a manner and have a duel like this.

Especially the foreigners.

They felt that they had gained some exposure!

This was the Global Exchange Conference.

Even if you didnt plan to have an exciting and glamorous match, you should take care of your dignity, you bastard!

The martial warriors found the edge of their lips twitching as they stared at the unconscious Fortes in the colosseum.

They found the ghastly sight of his swollen head a little funny.

But soon after, they started sympathizing with him.

What a poor little thing!

How could he be so unlucky

Everyones gaze turned ambiguous as they looked at Wang Teng again.


Even the talents who hadnt started fighting, for instance, Gerald, Valeria, and Tongji, felt fear in their hearts.

Their gazes flickered, and their heads were hurting.

It would be troublesome if they met this


They were using a unique way to acknowledge Wang Tengs ability.

“Cough!” The high priest finally regained his composure.

His expression wasnt good, though.

As the culprit who broke his calm mentality, he didnt give Wang Teng any kind expressions.

He didnt want to see that irritating face at all.

He turned and said to Yoke, “Fortes from the White Eagle Nation has lost this duel.

Please bring him down.”

Yokes face was black.

He felt even more humiliated.

He rushed into the arena, lifted Fortes up, and glared at Wang Teng.

“Dont look at me like that.

It seems as if I hooked up with your sister.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

Yoke: …

His face turned green instantly.

How did this bastard know that he had a sister

Yokes anger exploded.

In the past, he would break the legs of anyone who dared to lay their eyes on his dear little sister.

But this fellow in front of him was a little hard to deal with.

He wasnt sure if he could break Wang Tengs legs.

Wang Teng suddenly realized that the mans expression had turned extremely ugly, and his gaze was vicious.

He was stunned.

What did he say

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Why did this fellow look as if he wanted to kill him

Wait, did he really have a younger sister

Wang Tengs expression turned weird.

He probed, “If you have a younger sister and shes pretty, you can introduce her to me!”


This was the sound of Yoke gritting his teeth.

Yoke glared at Wang Teng like he was dead meat.

His eyes had turned red.

If he wasnt in the middle of a global event, if his identity didnt allow him to act on impulse, he would have fought with Wang Teng right then and there.

“You, good!”

He squeezed these two words out of his mouth and left.

He was afraid that he wouldnt be able to control himself if he took another look at Wang Teng.

“Sigh, brother-in-law, dont leave.

We can discuss…” Wang Teng shouted when he saw Yoke leaving in a hurry.

Yoke stumbled midway.

He panted heavily before picking up his pace.

He wanted to keep his distance from this bastard.

Wang Teng shook his head helplessly when he saw Yoke evading him as if he were a poisonous scorpion.

He felt that the other party had some misunderstanding towards him.

He sighed and decided that he would explain to him properly when he had the chance.

He wanted to change Yokes perception of him and ask him to introduce his younger sister to him along the way.

Wang Teng felt that no one in this world understood him.

He lowered his head.

Multiple attribute bubbles were floating on the ground.

They looked round and cute.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*80

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*125

Origin Of Life*2

Metal Force*350

Dual Wielding Skill*60

Wang Teng silently counted the attribute bubbles before turning and walking towards the spectators stand.

He touched his chin.

Indeed, the beating wasnt a waste.

A sizable number of Spiritual Realm Enlightenment and Spirit were dropped.

This was the right way to get benefits from others.

Also, he received two more points of Origin Of Life.

His Origin Of Life was at 1356 points now.

A milky white glow merged into Wang Tengs body, basking him in invisible white light.

Others couldnt see the light, though.


Wang Teng moaned in his heart.

His entire body felt stretched.

It was extremely comfortable.

This was poisonous milk!

It was amazing, but it was poisonous!

Wang Teng shuddered.

His gaze changed a few times as he walked towards the spectators stand.

Dan Taixuan and the others were staring at him strangely.

“You have offended the people from the White Eagle Nation,” Zhu Yushao said after much hesitation.

“They arent so narrow-minded, right This was a normal duel,” Wang Teng said guiltily as he looked in the White Eagle Nations direction.

“A normal duel” Everyone looked at him in astonishment.

Wang Teng felt uncomfortable under their gazes.

His head turned numb.

“Look at how heavy you hit him.

Do you think its considered a normal duel Dont you have some conscience” Zhao Yuanwu mocked.

“What do you know I know my boundaries.

His appearance might be a little ugly, but he will get better after two days.

Im doing my best to maintain the good relationship between our countries, but yall are framing me.

This is so disappointing,” Wang Teng said righteously.


Everyone was shocked by Wang Tengs shamelessness.

They didnt know what to say.

You hit him until he turned into a pigs head, but you say that it was just a little ugly

Did you just say you are trying your best to maintain a good relationship between the two countries

Do you think our relationship could be good after what happened

“If Fortes doesnt charge towards you the next time he sees you, we will use your surname.” Zhao Yuanwu smiled coldly.

“Dont, you can change your surname if you want to.

Dont drag us into it,” Ren Qingcang said.

“But honestly, dont think of having a good relationship with them.

Its unrealistic,” Ji Xiuming patted Wang Tengs shoulder and said in a meaningful tone.

“You dont understand.

Trust me, he will smile at me when he sees me again,” Wang Teng said firmly.


They lost their words again.

Was there something wrong with his head

He had beaten him up so badly.

Why would he smile at him Well, unless his head was spoiled from the beating.

While they were arguing, the matches continued.

A martial warrior from Country Boar came down and shouted, “I, Andrew, will like to challenge the Large Eagle Nation!” Wang Teng glanced at the lofty person below.

He sat down and happily watched the match while eating his food.

“Ill do it.” A martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation walked out and entered the colosseum.

“Please give your name,” Andrew said.

“William!” the martial warrior from the Large Eagle Nation said.

“Pfft!” Wang Teng spurted out his drink.

Their names were…

Andrew and William.

These names were extremely common in their country.

Many people had the same name.

“Whats so funny” Zhu Yushao looked at him strangely and asked.

“Im not laughing.

Watch the match, watch the match,” Wang Teng stammered and changed the topic.

Zhu Yushao shook her head speechlessly.

She felt that Wang Teng was a little crazy.

Did he knock his head when he was a child

As they spoke, Andrew and William started fighting…

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