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Chapter 579 Who Do You Think You Are!

Talents from all nations gathered on the empty ground below the stone staircase.

The atmosphere was tense!

They were all set for a showdown!

Wang Tengs gaze remained composed.

He stood beside Dan Taixuan and chatted casually with Parick.

After getting fooled by Wang Teng, this man with a huge beard started to feel that the beauties in Country Xia might be better looking than the ones in his nation.

He kept probing Wang Teng for more information.

Wang Teng was speechless.

He felt that he had dug a hole for himself.

He wanted to slap himself.

Why did he have to boast about his countrys beauties!

No, he couldnt allow this man to harm the ladies in his country.

“Are the ladies in your country all as beautiful as Dan Taixuan”

Parick used voice transmission to ask Wang Teng.

He didnt have the balls to say it in front of her.

Wang Tengs gaze turned strange.

This old rascal had his eyes on Dan Taixuan How bold of him! He asked using voice transmission, “Do you have feelings for her”

“No, no, no.

I dont dare to have any feelings towards her.” Parick shook his head furiously, denying it with a frightened expression.

Wang Tengs expression turned weirder.

What had this man experienced Why was he so frightened

Dan Taixuan saw this scene, and a slight frown appeared on her face.

She glanced at them curiously.

Somehow, she felt that someone was talking behind her back.

Wang Teng and Parick shut up immediately.

Even though they were using voice transmission to converse, they still stopped talking.

Staring at the ground until Dan Taixuan turned her head, they sighed in relief.

“Parick, I treat you as a friend.” Wang Teng didnt use voice transmission this time.

He grabbed the mans shoulder and gave him a meaningful look.

“Theres something Im not sure if I should say.”

“Since you treat me as your friend, you can be direct,” Parick replied blatantly.

“You might not know, but theres one country where the ladies are better than my country,” Wang Teng said.

“Huh Where” Paricks eyes lit up.

He asked Wang Teng excitedly.

“Its a small nation called Sylo!” Wang Teng observed Paricks expression after he finished speaking.

When he noticed his puzzled face, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

This world was different from the world he had lived in.

Due to the presence of star beasts, the obstacles between the different nations were much worse.

Although there were interactions between the bigger countries, it wasnt as convenient as his past life.

It was already hard for the bigger nations, so contact with the smaller nations would be even harder.

Parick might have heard of Sylo, but he wouldnt be aware of the situation there.

“The ladies there are prettier” Parick asked.

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“You can say so.

They have a special kind of beauty with stories behind their backs.

If you spend the night with them, there will be a surprise for you the next morning,” Wang Teng said mysteriously.

“Really I love ladies with stories.” Parick got even more excited.

“Yes, you can take a look when you have the time.” Wang Teng nodded.

Anyway, Sylo was indeed a mysterious and magical country.

He felt that he wasnt lying to Parick.

Of course, whether he liked it or not would depend on himself.

He wouldnt promise anything since he had never tried it.

He might love that place.

“Alright, if I have the chance, I will visit that country,” Parick said firmly.

He had made his decision.


Wang Teng felt that Sylo should thank him.

After all, he contributed his part in elevating the GDP growth of the nation.

Dan Taixuan and the others were confused.

They didnt know why Wang Teng was introducing Sylo to Parick.

While they were chatting casually, a group of people walked over.

“Dan Taixuan!” The brown-haired man leading the group strode towards them and glanced at everyone.

He was tall and muscular, and his steps were energetic.

“Yoke!” Dan Taixuans eyes flickered a little as she greeted the man calmly.

White Eagle Nation! Wang Teng thought to himself.

“Are these the martial warriors yall sent out this time They dont seem very powerful.

Look at how soft these youngsters are,” the man called Yoke smiled and said.

Dan Taixuan scanned the young martial warriors behind Yoke and replied in a composed manner, “You will know if they are strong or not after the duel.”

“You never change.

You always think so highly of yourself,” Yoke said with an ugly expression.

He seemed angered by her reply.


Wang Tengs eyes lit up.

There was a grudge between Yoke and Dan Taixuan!

“Dont think that you can be arrogant just because you defeated me in the past.

You werent the champion of the exchange event that year.

In the end, you still lost to a martial warrior from our nation,” Yoke said with a black face.

“You can ask him to come over now.

Ill slap him to death.” Dan Taixuan exploded in anger.

That failure was a humiliation to her.

How dare Yoke mention it

Wang Teng felt the killing intent and resentment exuding out of Dan Taixuans body.

He hurriedly took a few steps back.

An angered woman was extremely frightening!

Yoke took a step back uncontrollably too.

He looked at Dan Taixuan with fear in his eyes.

He seemed to have remembered something scary.

“Hmph, if you want to fight with him, you can look for him yourself.” Yoke snorted.

He looked at the students and sneered.

“This is the clash of the new generation.

I hope the talents from your nation wont lose too miserably.”

Dan Taixuan ignored him.

A dangerous glow appeared in her eyes as she turned to Wang Teng and the students and said, “Look at how arrogant he is.

Dont you have anything to


Everyone was speechless.

You are the one who doesnt like him.

Why are you dragging us in

However, they didnt like what these people said either.

Who knew what would happen when they went into the arena

“If you see these idiots from White Eagle Nation in the arena, beat them to death.

Do you understand” Dan Taixuan scoffed.

“Yes!” Wang Teng sniggered and replied loudly.

He wasnt afraid of trouble.

The other students were irritated by the other party, so they agreed too.

Yokes face turned darker.

These people were looking down on them.

Beat them to death How could they be so confident

The martial warriors behind him were also triggered.

They glared at the students coldly.

“You You are like little chickens.

I can squish you to death with one hand,” a handsome man with golden hair snorted.

He was standing behind Yoke.

“And these little kids who havent reached the brigadier general stage, are you here for fun” Another tall man with brown hair smirked.

“Foster, Kune, dont say that.

Dont be so strict towards little kids.

Their abilities are good enough.

Be gentler on them.” A sexy lady with curly hair chuckled.

“Especially the young and handsome ones.

Dont destroy their beautiful faces.”

She even winked at Wang Teng, Ji Xiuming, and the other male students.

Ji Xiuming and the others remained indifferent.

As talented martial warriors, they had seen all kinds of beauties in their country.

They wouldnt be seduced by a foreigner easily.

Also, their words had ignited anger in their hearts.

They had never been belittled like this, even getting treated like little kids.

This was unbearable.

Qu Fei, Zhu Yushao, and the soldiers placed their hands on the students shoulders.

They were afraid that the students would start fighting in a fit of anger.

“Young lady, my skin is very thick.

You wont be able to destroy it.” A voice suddenly sounded.

Ji Xiuming and the students: … Zhu Yushao and the soldiers: …

Dan Taixuan: …

Cant be destroyed Stupid brat!

Why are you still joking at a moment like this

The curly-haired lady was stunned.

She didnt expect such a reply from Wang Teng.

Although other youngsters couldnt stand the provocation, this young man could still maintain the smile on his face.

He didnt seem angry at all.

“Young lady, Im very handsome.

Why dont you go on a date with me I dont mind someone older,” Wang Teng opened his mouth and spoke again.

Marsha: …


Now, she believed that this young mans skin was indeed very thick, so thick that it couldnt be destroyed.

Dan Taixuan and the others felt even more speechless.

Where did this brats dignity go

“Brat, take back your words.” The golden-haired man called Foster squinted coldly at Wang Teng.

“What if I dont” Wang Teng kept his smile and replied calmly.

“Ill let you know what regret means when you step onto the arena,” Foster said coldly.

His expression was icy too.

“Get lost!” Wang Teng widened his eyes, and a sharp glint shot out and pierced into Foster eyes.

He was no longer grinning cheekily.

Instead, he gave off a terrifying aura like a frightening huge beast that had woken up from its slumber.

He sneered.

“Who do you think you are”

Foster was scared.

Shocked, he took a step back unconsciously.


“If you continue spouting nonsense, Ill hit you until your parents wont recognize you.” Wang Teng looked at the other members from the White Eagle Nation and said, “Same to all of you.”

The White Eagle Nation team was flabbergasted.

They stared at the young man who had turned brutal out of the blue.

They were in disbelief.

A moment ago, he was still fooling around cheekily.

Why did he suddenly turn into a different person Was this fellow a lunatic

But this fellows aura…

They were fearful.

“How arrogant!” Yoke glared at Wang Teng and snorted.

“The youngsters in our country have always been arrogant.

Are you unconvinced” Dan Taixuan smiled and asked.

The atmosphere between them tensed up instantly.

The martial warriors from the other countries looked over as if they were watching a good show.

The representatives from the top two nations never liked each other.

It was predictable that they would have a conflict when they encountered each other during the exchange.

They wondered who would win

At this moment, a person wearing a white gown walked down from the stone staircase.

“High priest of the Holy Temple!” someone exclaimed.

Parick turned serious.

He lowered his head and stood there respectfully.

Dan Taixuan turned solemn too as she stared at the person in a white gown walking down the stone stairs.

The people from White Eagle Nation became quiet.

They all looked at the white figure.

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