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Chapter 575 Alais!

The group didnt have any doubts about Paricks words.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Mount Saint was a belief of the locals.

It was worshiped by them and was held in high regard around the world.

It should be given its due respect.

Besides, they were all martial warriors.

No matter how tall Mount Saint was, it wouldnt pose a problem to them.

Everyone went up the steps.

The brown steps were old and ordinary, exuding a tinge of sorrow.

Parick led the way in front while having a conversation with Dan Taixuan.

He treated the steps like he was walking on flat ground.

Suddenly, he turned and smiled at Wang Teng.

“Major General Wang Teng, you should be under twenty years old, right”

“Im actually twenty-five years old.

Im just growing too slowly and a bit youthful.” Wang Teng solemnly spouted nonsense.

If he hadnt read information about Wang Teng, he would have believed it!

The pride of Country Xia seemed a little frivolous.

Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes at Wang Teng.

This guy was embarrassing his country in a foreign land.

Ren Qingcang, Ji Xiuming, and the others already had nothing more to say to Wang Teng.

That sudden act of coy almost made them break their backs.

Parick secretly judged Wang Teng in his heart and laughed, “Major General Wang is really humorous!”

“Youre flattering me!” Wang Teng laughed.

Paricks mouth twitched as he saw Wang Tengs happy-go-lucky attitude.

This guy was fooling around with him.

“Please introduce us to the myth of Mount Saint.

Im very curious about that.” Wang Teng didnt care and changed the topic.

Paricks eyes flashed, and he reacted immediately.

He originally wanted to get some information out of him, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he was led astray by Wang Teng

He smiled bitterly in his heart but kept a poker face as he smiled politely.


Let me tell everyone about the myth.

It starts more than a thousand years ago.

It was only folklore in the beginning, but after it was passed down for generations, it became a story that poets and writers recorded down in their poetry, drama, history, philosophy, and other works.

These were then compiled into books and gradually became the various myths we have today…”

Ji Xiuming and the others didnt know much about the origin.

As Parick explained, they gradually became enthralled by it.

Myths were manifestations of peoples good wishes.

Of course, it was also possible that people had seen and felt something.

They then started fantasizing about something that didnt exist in reality.

Wang Teng had a thought.

Could the Gods, Titans, and those mythical beings mentioned in legends be traces left by humongous star beasts or aliens who had once stepped foot on Earth They were seen by their ancestors, and the encounters were passed down for generations and gradually evolved into myths and legends.

What Wang Teng didnt know was that in recent years, sentiments like this had already surfaced, and they were welcomed by many.

Everyone continued to climb up.

It didnt take long before they reached the middle of the mountain.

They hadnt made it to the peak yet!

When they reached the middle, everyone seemed to have stepped into another world.

The mountainside in front of them was extremely wide, and it looked like a unique western town.

There were many cultural buildings from different eras here.

Those who had studied history would find that these buildings spanned at least a thousand years.

Coliseum, arena, clocktower, colonnades, residences, and other unique western architecture slowly unfolded in front of everyones eyes, like a scroll of painting.

No one expected to see such a peculiar sight in the middle of the mountainside.

There was a look of surprise in everyones eyes.

Wang Teng seemed to have found something and looked at the ground.

The others couldnt see anything, but his gaze penetrated the ground and found runes hidden underneath.

“I see!” Wang Tengs mouth arched slightly.

The town was hidden by rune arrays.

The things they were seeing now might not be the same things that ordinary people could see.

Wang Teng felt and noticed a faint spatial fluctuation.

The array involved spatial fluctuations!

Wang Teng was amazed as he looked around and came to a realization.

No wonder there was such a huge space halfway up the mountainside.

Itsspace expansion!

“Everyone, we are here.

The accommodation has been arranged, and you will be staying here tonight.” Parick didnt know that Wang Teng had seen what was behind the town.

Still pleased with himself, he led the way ahead.

As everyone entered the western town, they could feel the bustling atmosphere as people walked about in the lively streets.

This was Wang Tengs first encounter with foreign customs.

He stared around in curiosity and saw many interesting things.

Various vendors were crying out.

Some sold fruits, and some sold little gifts.

The rich aroma of local delicacies wafted through the air… There were all kinds of food, and it was too much for his eyes to feast on.

“Dont you find it very special” Parick saw his expression and laughed.

“Its interesting!” Wang Teng nodded without denying it.

“During the exchange event, you can go for a walk and do a little sightseeing.

It will be even more beautiful at night.” Parick smiled.

“If you are lucky, all of you might even have a beautiful encounter!”

“Oh!” Wang Tengs eyes lit up as he wrapped his arm around Paricks shoulder enthusiastically and said despicably, “Brother Parick, tell me.

There must be a perfect place to have beautiful encounters.

Please give me some advice!”

Parick was a little stunned by Wang Tengs sudden behavior.

When did he have such a good relationship with this brat

But Parick couldnt tell that this brat was the same type of person as him!

He went stiff for a moment.

He then relaxed and looked around before whispering to Wang Teng with a smile, “You can go to the Soraka district.

Its a famous shopping district with lively old streets, which are all lined with boutiques, souvenir shops, specialty shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

There are theaters and museums too… Beautiful girls always love that kind of place.”

Wang Tengs eyes became brighter as he listened.

He couldnt stop nodding his head as he humbly accepted his seniors advice.

Beside them, Yan Bo, Zhao Yuanwu, and the others strained their ears, wanting to hear something.

Even Ji Xiuming and Mu Zhiguo were attracted to the conversation and seemed to be on the verge of making a move.

The several girls in their group couldnt help but roll their eyes as they despised these stinky, lustful men.

“The two of you, enough!” Dan Taixuans face was dark.

These two bastards were having a conversation about this kind of thing in front of them as if no one was around.

Did they not exist

Wang Teng and Parick immediately coughed and separated from each other.

They exchanged glances, and meaningful smiles appeared on their faces.

“Brother, lets go at night!”

“Brother, you can say whatever you like.”

Parick brought them to a hotel that had a local touch and arranged for them to stay in it.

Everyone had a luxurious and comfortable room to themselves, along with great service.

The hotel was built on the edge of a cliff.

With the curtains opened, you could see the blue ocean from a distance along with magnificent scenery.

Everyone had their dinner in the hotel.

Before leaving, Dan Taixuan said, “Everyone can go out for the night, but dont give me any trouble.”

As she said this, she looked directly at Wang Teng.

“Why are you looking at me Im an honest guy who has never caused any trouble.” Wang Teng grumbled.

“Talents from all over the world are gathered here.

It will be chaotic these few days.

When you go out, you will have to keep in touch with each other,” Dan Taixuan reminded nonchalantly and left on her own.

“Wang Teng, what did Parick say to you just now” Zhao Yuanwu asked him when Dan Taixuan was further away.

“You want to know” Wang Teng glanced at him and snickered.

“Ask him yourself!”

He ignored the guy and swaggered away.

He didnt care if Zhao Yuanwu was gritting his teeth behind him or if his face was filled with rage.

“This guy is not sharing the good stuff with others!” Zhao Yuanwu roared.

Everyone looked at him like an idiot.

It would be embarrassing to announce the good stuff to everyone.

Even if he didnt share it with us, hes the one who got the information.

Dont blame him when you are too embarrassed to get it yourself.

Although they wanted to know as well, it was hard for them to say it out loud.

Everyone left on their own after shaking their heads.

Zhao Yuanwu was furious, but he couldnt do a thing about it.

He was fortunate to have been selected for the exchange event.

His strength had recently improved, and he must perform well in the exchange event and make a name for himself by defeating talents from other countries.

But it turned out that Wang Teng was here as well, and he even became their leader.

He suddenly lost his voice.

He didnt dare to fight Wang Teng head-on.

Night fell, and the stars twinkled in the sky.

The small town was already brightly lit, and the place was still lively.

There were few differences between the day and night.

In fact, the atmosphere at night seemed to be even better.

Wang Teng roamed the streets, with a few skewers of barbecued meat in his right hand and a burrito in his left.

He was eating happily as his eyes wandered everywhere.

Parick didnt lie to him; there were beautiful girls everywhere.

Blond hair, blue eyes, tall, slim, and those curves… Tsk tsk tsk!

Wang Teng sucked in his saliva.

The food in his hands was too fragrant.

He couldnt resist himself.

The food here was very unique.

Since they were made differently, they naturally tasted different.

For a foodie like him, tasting all the food was part of his routine.

Moreover, as a Force chef master, he also considered this to be a search for ingredients.

Force Chef*80

Force Chef*100

Many vendors on the streets were force chefs, so Wang Teng collected a lot of attribute bubbles.

He felt that meeting beautiful ladies was not the priority tonight.

He needed to appreciate the local customs, or else, it wouldnt feel like he had traveled overseas.

He stumbled upon a museum on his stroll.

The museum was extremely huge, and it looked a bit gloomy in the dark.

However, there were still people entering and leaving it.

It was still open at night.

Wang Teng took a bite of his barbecued meat and a sip of his drink before walking in.

His burrito had already been replaced by the drink.

He was curious as to what would be displayed in a museum here.

Could it be items that were mentioned in the myths

Wang Teng laughed at himself.

The interior of the museum was large.

Wang Teng admired the displayed artifacts as he walked in.

Most of the things outside were oil paintings and ancient works of art.

Although they were out of the ordinary, they couldnt attract this attention.

Just a look was enough for him.

The further he went inside, Wang Teng realized that the objects on display were getting fewer.

Some items appeared only after a long distance.

However, the collections inside had piqued Wang Tengs interest.

At this moment, he was in front of an ancient longsword and stared at it for three minutes.

As to why he took so long, it wasnt because it looked good…

Killing Intent*50

Killing Intent*95

Killing Intent*70

“This sword is said to be left by an extremely cruel tyrant.

It was stained with blood and filled with ill omen.

When ordinary people approach it, they will feel uncomfortable and leave quickly.

But you have been staring at it for three minutes straight.

Why” Just as Wang Teng was engrossed in collecting the attribute bubbles, a graceful and lovely voice came from behind.

Just by hearing that voice, Wang Teng could guess that its owner was definitely a beautiful woman.

However, he didnt pay attention to that as he looked over in surprise.

He hadnt noticed someone approaching him!

About three or four steps away from his back, there was a girl with a black veil standing there.

It was as though she was blended in with the air.

If she hadnt spoken just now, he might not have been aware of her existence.

Wang Tengs pupils shrank, and countless thoughts drifted through his mind.

Suddenly, he grinned and asked, “How long have you been looking at me”

“Five minutes!” The girl had long blond hair and azure pupils.

Looking at Wang Teng with her soft eyes, she replied in a gentle voice.

“After looking at me for so long, did you notice anything Am I handsome” Wang Teng smiled, like a bad guy trying to entice a little girl.

“Youre special.

Based on my aesthetic standard, you are considered a handsome guy!” the girl gave it a serious thought and replied.

“Considered…” Wang Tengs mouth twitched.

This was the first time he had gotten such a reply.

He was wondering if he should thank her for her approval.

“You havent told me the reason why you have been staring at the sword.”

“Its because… I think it looks good!” Wang Teng diverted his gaze and bluffed.

“How so” The girl walked up and stood beside Wang Teng.

Frowning, she looked at the rusted longsword on display.

“I think its ugly.”

“Sometimes beauty might not be in its appearance, but in its utility.

To me, this sword is a pleasant surprise,” Wang Teng said meaningfully.

The girl looked at Wang Teng and nodded.

“My name is Alais!”

“Nice to meet you.

Im Wang Teng!” Wang Teng stretched his hand out.

Seeing Wang Tengs palm, she seemed to understand.

She then reached out her white palm and shook his hand.

After introducing each other, Wang Teng let go of her hand, taking one last glance at the sword.

Confirming that it had reached its limit today and would no longer drop attribute bubbles, he turned and walked towards the depths of the museum.

Alais followed behind him and didnt seem to have any intention of leaving.

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