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Chapter 553 Is My Drawing Ugly

Everyone got serious when they went back to the main topic.

Wang Teng remained quiet after he sat down.

He could sense that everyone present was a runemaster.

Hence, they must have their own ideas of rune arrays.

Since he had just arrived, he shouldnt interrupt them.

As expected, no one asked for his opinion.

They started expressing their views directly.

“From what I see, we can create a Three Mountain Giant Array on the three mountains Young Master Wang carried over.

No other array is better than this.”

The person who opened his mouth was a 40-year-old runemaster who was slightly scrawny.

Everyone started pondering after hearing his suggestion.

An advanced-stage runemaster said, “Once this array is formed, the three mountains will be like three giant deities guarding the Donghai coastline.

It can resist another invasion of sea beasts, and the defense isnt bad.”

“No, it isnt appropriate.

The scope of the Three Mountain Giant Array is limited.

It will only cover the area where the three mountains are.

The sea beasts can still go around the three mountains to attack Donghai.

“They didnt succeed this time because Major General Wangs actions were too unexpected.

Those sea beasts couldnt come up with a countermeasure in time.” Another runemaster shook his head.

“Based on their intelligence, the sea beasts might not be able to think of a strategy.

Hence, I feel that defending the area around the three mountains is enough.

We can just send more people to guard the other areas,” the runemaster that spoke before voiced out again.

“There will always be careless omissions if we use humans.

Chu Yongnian, youre too naive.

Didnt you learn any lesson from the sea beasts riot” Situ Yun refuted without any mercy.

He was the head of the rune faculty in Huanghai Military Academy.

Hence, his rune mastery wasnt low.

He was participating in this discussion too.

“Based on your words, it will only be safe if we encase the entire Donghai in a rune array, right But… Can we do it” Chu Yongnian snorted.

He paused for a moment.

When he noticed everyone keeping quiet, he continued, “A normal array wont be able to withstand a lord-level sea beasts attack.

Even if we create it, its useless.

However, we dont have the ability to create advanced arrays.

In that case, why dont we gather everyones strength and form an array thats able to block lord-level sea beasts attacks”

Everyone was in a dilemma.

They had to admit that Chu Yongnian was right.

The coastline was the most important defense of Donghai.

Protecting that area was equivalent to protecting Donghai.

The problem wasnt which idea was better.

It was whether they had the ability to do it.

They felt helpless, but that was the undeniable truth.

Earths foundation in runes was still too weak.

They could form an array to cover the entire city since there were a few master-level runemasters here, but the arrays had different levels too.

Their understanding of the more advanced arrays was still shallow.

“Why dont we ask the runemasters from the Xingwu Continent to help” Someone hesitated before suggesting.

Everyone was shocked.

Then, they seriously started considering it.

“Thats a good idea.

Earths relationship with the Xingwu Continent is getting closer.

I dont think they will reject us if we ask them for some help.”

“Who knows They hide their powerful rune arrays quite well.

Only the direct descendants of the runemasters will be able to get these powerful arrays.

Other than that, its impossible to get them.

They wont show it to us easily.”

“We have helped them so much, but theyre still guarding against us,” someone complained.

“Hmph, well do the same too.”

After a round of discussion, no results were obtained.

Wang Tengs expression turned a little weird.

These people kept complaining about the difficulty.

Well, he did learn some rune knowledge from Gorlin, so…

He felt that it wasnt that difficult.

Could it be that the powerful arrays they were talking about were a different thing

Also, he would be able to create the rune arrays without any help from Xingwu Continent too.

After all, his rune mastery had already reached a certain profound stage.

However, if he said it himself, he would be suspected of boasting.

They might not believe him at all!

Wang Teng was in deep thought.

How could he say it so that his boasting would seem logical

“You have been discussing it for a long time, but theres no result.

In that case, why dont you ask the relevant party Wang Teng moved the three mountains, so he might have a plan already.” Dan Taixuans impatient voice sounded at this moment.

She thought that the runemasters would be able to achieve some progress, but in the end, no conclusions were formed.

She felt speechless.

The runemasters were stunned, feeling a little embarrassed.

Then, they quickly looked at Wang Teng.

Was Dan Taixuan saying that Wang Teng had an idea

Situ Yuns expression changed slightly.

He knew that Wang Tengs rune talent was good, but that was it.

Wang Teng hadnt spent much time in school.

He would find it unbelievable if he knew that Wang Tengs rune mastery had surpassed him in a blink of an eye.

But he knew that Dan Taixuan wouldnt speak without a reason.

It seemed like Wang Teng was hiding something.

The other runemasters didnt know anything about Wang Tengs rune mastery.

They didnt even know that he was a runemaster, so they were a little hesitant.

However, someone still asked in the end, “Major General Wang, do you have any ideas” “Please give me a map of Donghais surroundings,” Wang Teng said to Governor Jiang.

He didnt put forward his thoughts immediately.

Governor Jiang was surprised before he ordered someone to get a map and laid it out in front of everyone.

“What is he going to do” Curious, everyone gathered in front.

Wang Teng drew three huge mountains on the coastline first.

Then, he crossed them out and started outlining Donghai.

“Can you see anything” Wang Teng said with a smile and a confident expression.

He threw the pen casually on the table after he finished drawing.

Speechless, they all looked at Wang Teng absent-mindedly.

What was he drawing Their eyesight was a little bad, so they couldnt tell what it was.

Wang Tengs smile froze when he saw their expressions.

He lowered his head and glanced at the map, asking in a soft voice, “Is my drawing ugly”




Everyone laughed awkwardly.

If Wang Teng was just a younger generation, they would have reprimanded him furiously.

What on earth was he drawing

Unfortunately, they couldnt.

Wang Teng was too powerful and could kill them with a pinch.

They couldnt afford to offend him.

On the other hand, Dan Taixuan didnt have such a concern.

She pouted and said, “What the hell is this Dont you know what your standard is”

Wang Teng: …

“Why dont Major General Wang just explain it to us” Chu Yongnian said.

“Dont you think that this looks like a life-like black tortoise” Wang Teng took a deep breath and replied helplessly.

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