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Chapter 525: In Summary… Rubbish!

Everyone at the plaza in front of the Force tower was dead silent.

One could hear the sound of a pin dropping.

General Shen wasnt the only one in disbelief.

Even Li Hei, who was quite familiar with Wang Teng, was staring at him with wide eyes.

He didnt know what expression he should give.

Was this brat really the Wang Teng he knew

It had only been a while.

How did he become so strong

Back then, when Wang Teng and Tiger Warrior Team were being chased by the Crimson Tiger Troop, he was in a miserable state.

He could still remember vividly that he was a little runt that needed his seniors protection.

As it turned out, that little runt suddenly became strong, to the extent where he could now protect his seniors.

It felt unreal, but there was a sense of comfort and relief that surfaced in his heart.

They were old now, but a new generation of martial warriors had grown up.

While the others from the younger generation might not be able to reach Wang Tengs absurd level, they were still growing.

Sooner or later, they would be able to stand by themselves.

And Wang Teng, who was in front of him, stood out among the crowd.

This man would be the best of his generation!

“The two red-gown guardians have… died!”

The martial warriors of the Zhenli Clan were engulfed in panic.

They looked at the young man in horror.

No matter how crazy they were, when facing someone so much more powerful than them, it was normal to feel cowardly!

Fear was a basic instinct of every living thing, and they were not an exception.



No one knew who shouted it.

However, the Zhenli clansmen immediately scattered hurriedly.

Everyone fled in face of the looming danger.

These martial warriors were all at least at the 8-star soldier level.

Though when facing a general-stage warrior, they did not even think of trying to resist.

Especially when they personally saw how Wang Teng had slaughtered two arrogant and formidable general-stage Zhenli clansmen in an instant.

They felt extremely frightened.

What was the point of fighting with a monster like him!

General Shen and Li Hei were stunned.

These Zhenli clansmen ran away suddenly without giving a single warning.

Pfft, shameless!

A hideous expression appeared on General Shens refined-looking face.

Did they think that they could escape so easily after killing so many people


Actually, there was no need for General Shen to open his mouth.

The other martial warriors had already dashed out to chase after the Zhenli clansmen running away in all directions.

General Shen soared into the sky and knocked the Zhenli clansmen in the air.

To general-stage martial warriors, soldier-level martial warriors were like ants.

The remaining Zhenli clansmen had no chance of retaliating at all.

Boom, boom, boom!

Bodies slammed onto the ground one by one, cracking the granite pavement and creating many deep holes.

General Shen and the Earth martial warriors hated the Zhenli clansmen to their bones.

Hence, they didnt show any mercy.

Wang Teng didnt move.

He glanced at his surroundings and picked up the attribute bubbles scattered around him.

Metal Force*760

Advanced Stage Metal Talent*215

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*165

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*180

Earth Force*830

Advanced Stage Earth Talent*220

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*155

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*158

All these attribute bubbles came from the two general-stage formidable warriors from the Zhenli Clan.

Wang Teng picked them up first while frowning uncontrollably.

So little! He wondered to himself.

Mind you, when he picked up the attribute bubbles belonging to general-stage martial warriors during the battle in Star Maple City, the Force bubbles alone contained a few thousand points.

Yet, these two general-stage Zhenli clansmen could only give him a few hundred points of Force attributes.

He didnt even want to talk about talents, spirit, and enlightenment.

They were negligible.

Also, there werent any battle techniques or scriptures.

His gains were limited.

In summary… it was rubbish!

Wang Tengs heart was filled with contempt.

If the two general-stage Zhenli clansmen knew what Wang Teng was thinking, they might jump up and put up a desperate fight with him.

Not only did he kill them in a split second, but he also insulted them and said that they were rubbish.

This was outrageous!

They must be the most frustrated general-stage martial warriors who died!

Wang Teng didnt care about the two dead people.

Trash was trash.

Even the attributes they dropped were fewer than others.

He shook his head and looked at the other attribute bubbles.

He continued picking them up.

Water Force*150

Wood Force*190


Fire Force*170


Earth Force*210

The attribute bubbles merged into Wang Tengs body and raised all his Forces quickly.

His spirit and enlightenment attributes also saw a slight improvement.

Currently, his basic five element Forces had reached the 9-star soldier level, and they were near the peak.

He wasnt far from the 10-star general stage.

He believed that very soon, he would be able to reach that stage.

General Shen landed on the ground after catching all the Zhenli clansmen.

They were either dead or injured.

No one managed to escape.

General Shen was giving off a malicious intent as he threw an unconscious evil clansman on the ground.

Then, he walked over.

“Wang Teng, you have single-handedly won us the battle.” He kept his malicious aura as he spoke to Wang Teng.

“General Shen, youre too kind.

Its not a big deal.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“I didnt expect you to grow so fast.

Its only been a while since we last met.” General Shen sized up Wang Teng carefully only to realize that he couldnt see through him no matter how hard he tried.

He was amazed.

“I was just lucky.” Wang Teng gave a polite smile.

Then, he looked at Li Hei and asked in concern, “Uncle Hei, are you alright”

“Im getting old, but I wont die so easily.” Li Hei gave a handsome smile.

He asked curiously, “I heard that you fell into the Darkland.

How did you end up here”

“Its a long story, but I managed to escape,” Wang Teng replied.

“Thats good, thats good.” Although Wang Teng spoke lightheartedly, Li Hei could guess that the process was tough and arduous.

Normal people wouldnt be able to imagine what he had gone through.

After all, until today, no one had ever come back alive after going to the Darkland.

Wang Tengs trip was a magnificent feat.

Most importantly, the humans had no idea what the Darkland was like.

Wang Teng might be able to provide them with useful information now that he was back.

This was a huge piece of good news for the humans.

A strange gaze flashed past General Shens eyes as he listened to their conversation.

Wang Teng was an extraordinary man who had achieved an extraordinary feat.

He managed to come back alive from the Darkland.

This wasnt easy.

No wonder he possessed such strong power.

If he didnt, he wouldnt be able to protect himself until his return.

General Shen wasnt confident that he could come back alive after going to the Darkland.

It was highly possible that he would die there.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Suddenly, the sound of the air bursting was heard.

General Shen and Wang Teng instantly looked in the direction of the sound.

A few figures were rushing over at high speed.

They landed in front of Wang Teng and the others.

“General Shen, Uncle Hei!” The group heaved a sigh of relief when they saw General Shen and the others.

They immediately came forward to greet them.

“Wu Feiying, you must have rushed back because you received the emergency call,” Li Hei said with a sharp glint.

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