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Chapter 467: Sir, Save Me!

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Amidst the fierce explosion, the flames on the tail of the metal armor flaming scorpion jumped furiously and the hard armor was blown apart.

Its flesh was torn to shreds, blood oozing out.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was enraged.

It bore with the pain and continued sweeping towards the lycan with the same strength.

It hit the lycan fiercely.


Silers entire body got thrown back from the hit.

The next moment, a shrill scream came out of his mouth.

When he got hit by the metal armor flaming scorpions tail, the green flames crawled onto his body and engulfed him.

It started burning violently.

At this moment, Siler had become a burning man.

He rolled on the ground, trying to put out the green flames with the dark Force seeping out of his body.

It would have been better if he didnt use his Force.

The moment he activated his Force, the green flames grew bigger as if more fuel was added to it.

Wang Tengs gaze flickered.

After a moment of confusion, he regained his senses.

This was the special trait of the green flame.

Indeed, it wasnt an ordinary flame.

He felt that he didnt need to kill the lycan personally.

The scorpion would do it for him.

After seeing the power and special trait of the green flame, Wang Teng was even more determined to get the flame.

He needed to think of a way…

“Idiot!” At this moment, a cold voice was heard.

Wang Tengs expression changed.

He saw a figure gradually appearing in the sky.

Black Incubus Devil Lord! Why was she here

His expression turned ugly.

The appearance of Black Incubus Devil Lord had ruined his plan entirely.

However, under his Spiritual Sight, Wang Teng noticed something amiss.

No, this isnt right.

Why is the light around her so weak She isnt Black Incubus Devil Lord!

The Force glow around this person had only reached 10-star general stage.

Yet, the Force glow around Black Incubus Devil Lord was extremely thick and was way ahead of this level.

Wang Teng would never guess that Black Incubus Devil Lords intention was to let her clone follow them and spy on them.

She thought that Siler would be able to take down Wang Teng easily since he was at the general stage.

Hence, there was no need for her clone to act.

She didnt expect Wang Teng to lure Siler to the metal armor flaming scorpion and discover the green flame.

The clone of the Black Incubus Devil Lord was interested in the green flame.

“Lady, save me!” Siler screamed in pain when he heard the voice and saw the clone of Black Incubus Devil Lord.

Lady Wang Teng got confused again.

Looking at how this general-stage dark apparition called her, could she really be Black Incubus Devil Lord

Or did the lycan burn his brain and recognize the wrong person

“You cant catch a soldier-level human martial warrior and even ended up in this state.

Whats the point of saving you” the clone replied nonchalantly.

“Lady, its my fault.

I failed to complete the task and am willing to accept the punishment.

Please save me!” Siler felt despair.

He was swallowed in flames.

He kneeled in mid-air and raised his hands at the clone, begging her to save him.

“Hmph!” The clone snorted.

Still, she waved her hand and used some method to remove the green flames on Silers body.

However, the process took some time.

It looked like even the clone had to spend some effort to deal with the green flame.

The metal armor flaming scorpion didnt dare to move.

It felt a sense of danger from this clone.

Although this clone was at the same level as Siler, they couldnt be compared.

Even more, it was already injured, so it wouldnt have any advantages if it started a fight with the other party.

After removing the green flame, the clone compressed it into a ball and waved her hand.

The ball flew into her palm.

She observed the floating green flame on her palm with interest.

Then, she turned to look at the metal armor flaming scorpion and said calmly, “Hand over the flame, and Ill spare your life!”

“In your dreams!” The metal armor flaming scorpion burst in anger.

Although it was fearful of the clones ability, it wouldnt hand over its most important thing because of a few threats.

The green flame was the source of its power.

It allowed it to mutate from a normal metal armor flaming scorpion to the king of this area.

It was the reason why it became stronger and stronger.

Taking the green flame away was equivalent to touching its life.

“Since you dont agree, you can die.” The clone stretched her back lazily and tilted her head.

She said to Siler, who was panting painfully at the side, “Why are you standing there I didnt save you so that you can watch the show at the side.”

Siler was in a miserable state.

His body was black, and all his fur had been burnt by the flames.

He was a bald wolf now.

Although he was in excruciating pain, he didnt dare to disobey the clones order.

He replied hurriedly, “Yes, I will kill that beast immediately.”

He glared hatefully at the metal armor flaming scorpion after he finished speaking.

This beast had almost killed him.

The only way to vent the anger in his heart was to kill it.

“Die!” The metal armor flaming scorpion was infuriated.

Not only did these two invaders want to snatch its treasure, but they also wanted to kill him.

Other people might be able to bear with it but not the scorpion.

Amidst its angry hisses, the metal armor flaming scorpion burst into flames.

This time, it wasnt just its tail.

Its entire body was burning in green fire.

The tank-size giant figure appeared majestic and domineering in the fire.

Oh my, the metal armor flaming scorpion has been forced into a corner and is going all out! Wang Teng could feel that the green flames were putting heavy pressure on the metal armor flaming scorpions body.

Even if it didnt get seriously injured after this war, its ability would be greatly discounted.

However, Wang Teng was happy to see this.

The more powerful the scorpion became, the greater the threat it possessed to the two dark apparitions.

Hence, the more beneficial the situation was to him.

Silers face turned green when he saw the burning scorpion.

One flaming tail was enough to take half of his life away, much less an entire body.

How was he supposed to fight

Could someone tell him how he was supposed to fight

Siler screamed in his heart, feeling exasperated.

No matter where he hit, he would get affected by the flames.

What should he do

The metal armor flaming scorpion didnt give him any time to think.

It rushed towards Siler with its flaming body and snapped at him with its giant pincers.

Siler evaded the attack hurriedly.

He didnt dare to touch the metal armor flaming scorpion, afraid that the flames would burn him again.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was filled with rage.

It started hurling all its attacks at Siler, its giant pincers, its poisonous sting…

The clone couldnt bear to see the fight any longer.

This fellow was utterly useless.

She moved her body and appeared beside Siler.

She slapped him away with one hand.

“Go away!”

The metal armor flaming scorpion saw its target being thrown away and immediately shifted its anger on the clone..

It threw all its attacks at her.

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