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Chapter 456: The Bosses Fooled Us!

The dark apparitions that managed to escape by a fluke were terrified.

They retreated instantly.

That moment was too scary.

Before understanding what had happened just now, they should flee as far as they could.

The human martial warriors who were fighting with them were stunned.

Then, a hint of regret and frustration appeared on their faces.

Why didnt they move a little faster!

If they were faster, they could have killed the dark apparitions.

It was a pity to miss that opportunity due to a moment of hesitation.

Look at the others.

They grabbed the chance and killed their opponent.

Every dark apparition killed was a military exploit.

They felt as though they had lost a few million.

However, the dark apparitions who were retreating suddenly froze again.

“What the f**k!”

The human martial warriors cursed in their excitement.

This time, they didnt hesitate.

The instant the curse came out of their mouth, they had caught up with their enemy and slashed them with their weapons.



The weapons landed on their bodies, and the dark apparitions died.

It was so simple that the experienced human martial warriors found it unbelievable.

They managed to kill their opponents so easily

They were stunned.

For a moment, they didnt know what expression they should wear.

Wang Teng couldnt help but give an evil smile when he saw this scene from the sky.

Let them be puzzled.

He was starting to enjoy this feeling.

It felt as if he was controlling the entire situation.

Feeling restless, he turned and rushed towards another area.

There were still many other dark apparitions waiting for his love.

After some time, the dark apparitions in another area suffered the same thing.

They paused for no reason and got killed on the spot.

Their ending was gruesome.

Next, Wang Teng continued his journey.

Every time he went to a certain area, a large number of dark apparitions would die.

It was paranormal.

He used too much spiritual power, so his face turned a little pale.

However, he was picking up attributes without stopping.

The spirit attributes he picked up helped him replenish his spiritual power.

Gradually, he regained his spent spiritual power.

At this moment, the humans were in a confused state of winning.

Although They didnt know what was happening, they all noticed a common point.

Every time the dark apparitions lost their senses, Wang Teng would be nearby.

Whenever he moved, the situation would move with him.

Anyone with a brain could tell that this was related to him.

Wang Teng didnt plan to hide either.

He wouldnt be able to keep it from the smart ones anyway.

The instant he used his spiritual power, he never thought of hiding.

Moreover, he was able to save many people and deal a massive blow to the dark apparitions.

Hence, even if he was exposed, he felt that it was nothing.

Mind you, not everyone could tell that he had spiritual power.

Spiritual power was a rare talent.

Most people didnt know about it.

With Wang Tengs help, the Black Sparrow Troop enjoyed a relaxed massacre.

At this moment, Niu Li and the others looked at each other and then glanced at Wang Teng, who was in the sky.

Kong Li couldnt control herself and asked, “What did this fellow do How did he manage to make these dark apparitions depressed”

“Who knows Hes always full of surprises.” Niu Li shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

Yuwen Xuan felt mixed emotions.

He was exasperated.

At the start, when Wang Teng entered the military, he was unhappy and wanted to find an opportunity to have a duel with him, but Wang Teng never gave him a chance.

He used a different method to suppress him every time.

This event was one such example.

He would never be able to do it.

However, Wang Teng did it.

He even helped everyone kill a considerable portion of the dark apparitions.

Comparisons were frustrating.

The more outstanding Wang Teng was, the more frustrated he felt.

On the other side, Xie Xueya and Feng Shan noticed the situation too.

They were dumbstruck.

They stared at Wang Teng in disbelief.

He affected the war situation in an entire area with his own effort.

It didnt make sense.

They were in awe and bewilderment.

But no matter how they thought about it, they couldnt figure out how Wang Teng did it.

Since the human martial warriors could sense Wang Tengs doings, the dark apparitions could find him too.

The high-level dark apparitions possessed intelligence, be it they were vampires, giants, or sheep-heads… When they saw Wang Teng, they couldnt care about their high and mighty demeanor anymore and started retreating frantically in the opposite direction.

This human was more of a devil than them!

Wherever he went, there would be dark apparitions dying.

Who could handle this!

However, Wang Tengs spiritual power ran faster than them.

Before they could leave his effective range, they were bound by their feet.

He pulled his spiritual power, and their legs were forcefully shut tight.

Their bodies fell forward due to the inertia…

They fell flat on the ground!

They looked cute when they did that.

Especially the giant apparitions.

They were all tall and lofty, so their fall was exceptionally miserable.

The ground vibrated from their fall.

The human martial warriors wore weird expressions on their faces, but they didnt hesitate to grab the chance.

They quickly dashed towards the dark apparitions and used their sharp weapons to stab their heads brutally.

Red, white, and green blood splattered everywhere.


“Run, thats a devil!”

The dark apparitions in the distance started yelling.

They scurried away before Wang Teng got near them.

Some dark apparitions that were more powerful howled angrily at Wang Teng.

“Stop him!”

“Kill that human!”

“Anyone that dares to run away will be killed!”

The hierarchy of the dark apparitions was obvious.

The low-level dark apparitions didnt dare to disobey the orders of their superiors.

However, they were terrified of Wang Tengs power, so they fell into a dilemma.

The 9-star and 8-star soldier-level dark apparitions were fighting with the human martial warriors, so they couldnt spare any hands to attack Wang Teng.

They could only open their mouths once again.

“His face is pale.

He must have exhausted himself after using some secret skills.

Hes just an arrow at the end of its flight.

This is the best time to kill him.”

“Kill that human, and youll rise three ranks.

Youll be rewarded with dark energy stones!”

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.

These dark apparitions were skilled at handling their subordinates.

After threatening them, they enticed them with rewards.

At first, he wanted to replenish his spiritual power, but he suddenly felt that he should stop for a moment.

Many dark apparitions looked at Wang Teng when they heard this.

They noticed that his face was indeed pale, and he looked weak.

They were moved.

In addition, the temptation of the rise in ranks and the dark energy stones gave them the courage to charge at Wang Teng.

The expressions of the other human martial warriors changed tremendously.

Wang Teng did seem injured.

Hence, he would probably be unable to withstand the attacks of the dark apparitions.

They immediately rushed towards Wang Teng and wanted to help him block the attacks of the enemies.

At the same time, the other human martial warriors were furious.

Wang Teng had helped the humans kill many dark apparitions and made such an outstanding contribution.

If they let this hero get killed by the dark apparitions, they would be disappointing him.

They wouldnt allow this to happen.

Thus, many human martial warriors shot towards Wang Teng indignantly.

Many dark apparitions came to kill Wang Teng.

However, most of them were caught up by Kong Li and the other human martial warriors.

After a round of ferocious attacks, they were smashed into pieces.

However, two dark apparitions still managed to reach Wang Teng.

They werent far from him, and their speed was fast, so they managed to break through the human defense wall.

The two sheep-head devil race dark apparitions flapped their wings and flew at a fast speed.

They were holding sickle-shaped weapons in their hands.

When they flung their weapons, dark Force could be seen hovering around them.

Before they reached Wang Teng, the frightening blade attack had already arrived above his head.

Kong Li and the others were furious.

They wanted to grab those two dark apparitions and tear them into pieces.

Suddenly, Wang Teng raised his head and punched out.

A frightening fist aura surged out from his body and exploded in the air.

The two black blade auras disintegrated immediately.

The dark apparitions: …

The two sheep-head dark apparitions were thunderstruck.

They stopped their wings forcefully and froze in mid-air.

What is this!

Is this an arrow at the end of its flight

He destroyed our attacks with a single punch.

Exhausted Are you kidding me

Wang Tengs gaze landed on the two dark apparitions.

6-star soldier level!

Good, courageous!

A cold smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

He hooked his fingers at the two dark apparitions.


The two sheep-head dark apparitions felt as if they were looking at a smiling devil.

Their heads turned numb, and their blood ran cold.

The next second, they turned around and ran away.

There was no pause in their actions.

Wang Teng: …

The corners of Wang Tengs lips twitched.

He appeared behind the two dark apparitions with a brick in his hand and smashed it at them.

Bang! Bang!

He slammed the brick ruthlessly on the two dark apparitions heads.

The two dark apparitions felt a formidable force travel down from their heads.

The pain was excruciating.

They couldnt stop their bodies from dropping to the ground.


They hit the ground.

Before they blacked out, there was only one thought in their minds. The bosses fooled us!

The two dark apparitions were filled with hidden bitterness as they fell into the embrace of darkness.

Wang Teng looked below, where the two dark apparitions were hammered into the ground.

Only their heads remained outside.

They didnt have much hair on their heads.

As a result, they looked like two devil plants growing on the ground.

Finally, everyone regained their senses and stared at the dark apparitions buried in the ground with strange expressions.

Then, they looked at Wang Tengs pale face.

Who on earth was the one getting bullied

Kong Li and the others sized up his face curiously.

Was this fellow really at the end of his strength Was he fooling them

Wang Teng coughed.

His face turned whiter as if he had used his last ounce of strength just now.

He appeared extremely weak.

The dark apparitions: …

Kong Li and the others: …

“Quick, he must be at his worst now.

Kill him!” the dark apparition fighting in the sky urged once again.

The gazes of the dark apparitions below flickered.

This time, they didnt advance.

Instead, they retreated in unplanned unison.

The powerful dark apparition: …

His subordinates didnt listen to him.

They were so hard to command!

Wang Teng sighed when he saw this scene.

It looked like those stupid dark apparitions werent that stupid.

His face regained its color at a visible speed.

The muscles on the powerful dark apparitions face shivered.

So his subordinates werent stupid.

It was him who was too naive!

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