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Chapter 328 Respect General-Stage Warriors, Revere Them…

After leaving Gorlins room, he bade farewell to Dan Taixuan and the others and went to visit Lin Zhan alone…

Lin Zhan had consumed the healing medicine, so his injury was better from earlier.

But he was still very weak.

He lay on the bed, deep in thought.

“How are you Are you feeling better” Wang Teng walked into the room and asked.

“I wont die,” Lin Zhan turned around and replied in a hoarse voice.

“Liu Yan and the others…” Wang Teng hesitated and said.

“Dont worry.

I brought up the rear and asked them to leave first.

The Yao family didnt catch them.” Lin Zhan knew what Wang Teng was worried about.

“Thats good.

I thought that….

Anyway, its good that everyone is fine.” Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief as he shook his head.


If we lose anyone, the Tiger Warrior Team will cease to exist except in name,” Lin Zhan said emotionally.

“How did you get caught by the Yao family” Wang Teng asked.

“Do you remember the people who accepted the Yao familys reward to kill us After we killed them, the Yao family laid their eyes on us.

They personally sent someone to watch over Yong City.

Once they discovered us, they would send a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior to stop us,” Lin Zhan said.

“Dont worry.

Yao Hongshou is dead.

The Yao family doesnt exist anymore.

Ive taken revenge for you,” Wang Teng said.

“Yao Hongshou is dead The Yao family is gone How were they annihilated” Lin Zhan exclaimed in shock.

Yao Hongshou was a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior, and the Yao family wasnt weak either.

How did they die

Lin Zhan hated Yao Hongshou and hoped that he would die quickly, but this felt a little unreal.

“I killed him!” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“You killed him” Lin Zhan seemed to have heard something incredible.

He widened his eyes in surprise.

“That is a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior!”

Wang Teng smiled without replying to him.

Lin Zhan looked at Wang Tengs expression and smiled bitterly.

“Youre a monster!”

“Its nothing.

Im still far behind the real formidable warriors.” Wang Teng couldnt help but remember the Eight Arms Devil General and the titans arm that traveled through different worlds…

He was sincerely too weak!

“As expected, the Tiger Warrior Team cant keep you anymore,” Lin Zhan commented, feeling a little regretful.

He knew that Wang Teng belonged to the wider world.

His Tiger Warrior Team was just a shallow beach for the growing young dragon to rest.

This was their limit.

“Dont say that.

The Tiger Warrior Team has helped me tremendously,” Wang Teng said.

“Lets not talk about this.” Lin Zhan smiled.

He asked curiously, “Oh right, why are you in Yang City” “I came to travel the world!”

Wang Teng chatted with Lin Zhan for some time and left thereafter.

He didnt want to disturb his rest.

Wang Teng came to his room in the back garden of the rune society.

Many buildings in Yang City were destroyed, but the rune society had a powerful defense array protecting it, so it had a narrow shave.

Normal dark apparitions wouldnt be able to break its defense.

Wang Teng sat down cross-legged in his room.

He looked at his attributes panel seriously.

There were many huge changes to it.

First, it was his enlightenment and spirit.

Both had already reached the emperor realm, but they rose significantly after he collected all the attribute bubbles on the battlefield.

Enlightenment: Emperor Realm (21/1000)

Spirit: Emperor Realm (165/1000) It was extremely difficult to increase the emperor-realm enlightenment and spirit.

The ratio for the spiritual realm and the emperor realm was 10:1.

That meant that the ratio of normal enlightenment and spirit attributes to the emperor realm ones was 1000:1.

You could only get 1 point of emperor-realm enlightenment and spirit with 1000 points of normal enlightenment and spirit.

This was crazy! Fortunately, the momentarily stunning appearance of the indomitable presence behind the dimensional rift had dropped many emperor-realm spirit attributes.

It was a gift for Wang Teng, How many emperor-realm spirits would it drop if it appeared right in front of him

Of course, Wang Teng only dared to think about it.

That terrifying presence wasnt something it could look in the eye, much less if it appeared in front of him.

Many talents were sacrificed on the battlefield.

Some had already hit the spiritual realm and even the emperor realm for enlightenment.

Thus, his enlightenment increased a little.

Emperor-realm enlightenment was extremely scary.

Wang Teng found it a breeze when he practiced the Eight Level Devil Scripture and the other sky-rank advanced-stage force skill scriptures.

He was able to understand them at a single glance.

Not many people possessed such enlightenment.

Next, it was his talent.

Wang Teng had picked up many beginner stage talents, but once a higher stage talent appeared, it would be covered up immediately.

Now, all his five elements talents were at the advanced stage.

This was a frightening fact.

Advanced-stage talents were rare, but Wang Teng had all five for his elements.

Others would be mind-blown if they knew this.

As for the wind element and ice element, there were none.

Special Force talents were rare to begin with.

He had also received an advanced-stage blade talent.

His understanding of blade skills rose immediately.

He felt that he was about to achieve a breakthrough in his other blade battle techniques.

My sword skill talent is already at the advanced stage.

Now, my blade skill is also on par with it.

There are many things I can do with powerful blade and sword skills.

Wang Teng touched his chin and pondered to himself.

Below his talents were his Force attributes.

After collecting all the Force attributes, his Forces rose by a huge margin.

Dark Force: 2890/4000 (6-star)

Metal Force: 2670/4000 (6-star)

Wood Force: 3110/4000 (6-star)

Water Force: 2963/4000 (6-star)

Fire Force: 3560/4000 (6-star)

Earth Force: 3350/4000 (6-star)

Wang Teng smiled uncontrollably… He wasnt far away from becoming a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Would the Eight Arms Devil General be amazed when he saw him again

Honestly, should he torment it one more time

He was getting a little arrogant.

He needed to respect a general-stage warrior.

He must revere him.

How could he talk so frivolously…

Whether he wanted to torment it or not, he needed to advance to the general stage first.

When this thought flashed in his mind, the edge of his lips turned flat, and he became serious.

Besides the six Forces, Wang Teng also received a new Force attribute-lightning!

He couldnt help but play the situation just now.

The one who used the lightning Force seemed to be the general of Xingwu Continents troop, Shen Tuxiong!

Unfortunately, there was only lightning Force and no lightning talent.

Thus, he could only keep his lightning Force in his Force nucleus temporarily.

He couldnt use it.

Should he knock on Shen Tuxiongs head

He might drop a lightning talent… What the f**k, what was he thinking That was a general-stage martial warrior!

Wang Teng felt that he was looking for death.

However, this was the lightning Force.

It had a strong offensive ability, and it was rare.

So, of course, it was enticing to him.

Should I call Dan Taixuan along to knock him down

This dangerous thought popped out and planted itself in Wang Tengs mind.

It started sprouting and growing uncontrollably…

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