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Chapter 302: Mood Damage Compensation Is A Few Thousand Energy Stones~

Flames swept through the area, and the resulting airwaves were extremely violent.

The onlookers expressions changed as they retreated continuously.


So powerful!

Wang Tengs aura swept towards Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian and injured them heavily.

This ability was astonishing.

Everyones gaze changed when they looked at Wang Teng again.

This fellow wasnt a simple person!

Xia Shans face turned pale, a bad feeling rising in his heart.

Everything had happened because of him, so Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian wouldnt let him off.

He sneaked out from the crowd when no one was looking.

He should hide for half a month… if he could hide from them.

Once again, Su Lingxuan had a new understanding of Wang Teng.

He had defeated two talents from the Gifted Ranking just like that.

Her senior brother was a little too powerful.

She must hug this Buddhas leg tightly.

Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha couldnt help but exchange glances.

They could see the astonishment in the depth of each others eyes.

Wang Teng was President Gorlins disciple, so his rune talent couldnt be weak.

Yet, he displayed such powerful martial arts prowess.

He was many times stronger than the talents like Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian.

At the start, they thought that there was no harm in making friends with Wang Teng because he was introduced by Su Lingxuan and was President Gorlins disciple.

Now, they felt that he was a friend worth making.

Everyones expressions and thoughts were different, but Wang Teng didnt care.

His gaze landed on the attribute bubbles on the ground.

Fire Force*55

Flaming Blade Presence*10

Wind Force*62

Wind Presence*12

A satisfied look appeared in Wang Tengs eyes.

Blade presence and wind presence were dropped! Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian had given him a huge gift.

They were good people.

They themselves came for a beating and even gave him this huge gift on a silver platter.

Good people!

Yes, they are good people!

Wang Teng felt that he should repay them properly.

After he picked up the attribute bubbles, his fire Force increased by 55 points.

Including the fire Force he accumulated in the past, he had 1,257 points of fire Force in total.

Fire Force: 1257/2000 (4-star)

He was getting closer to hitting 5-star.

His wind Force increased by 62 points too.

He had 263 points of wind Force now.

Wind Force: 263/1000 (3-star)

Also, he gained two new attacking methods.

Flaming Blade Presence: 10/100 (first-level)

Wind Presence: 12/100 (first-level)

Everyone knew that it was difficult to comprehend ones presence.

It required extremely high enlightenment and many years of hard work.

Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian were gifted youths.

Hence, their enlightenment wasnt low.

It was understandable that they were able to enlighten their presence.

If not, they wouldnt be able to enter the Gifted Ranking.

It might seem long, but only a few seconds had passed.

Wang Teng turned to look at Qu Baian and Wan Feipeng, then walked towards them directly.

“You came to take revenge for another person while clamoring about this and that.

Have you ever thought of this ending” Wang Teng asked calmly.

Wan Feipengs face turned ugly.

Two 4-star talents attacked one person together but lost.

This was a huge humiliation.

Why was this person so powerful

He wanted to take revenge for his younger brother, but he got beaten too….

They were fellow sufferers!

Qu Baians expression was no better.

He knew that Wang Teng wasnt easy to deal with, so he brought Wan Feipeng along to fight him together.

Yet, they still lost.

As a talent in the Gifted Ranking, this result was a little hard to accept.

That bastard Xia Shan provoked this guy without understanding his ability first.

Was he blind

Qu Baian had forgotten that he also came to find Wang Teng without ascertaining his ability.

The arrogance of a gifted youth caused him to disregard this point.

He thought that it wouldnt be a problem, but he offended the wrong person.

This time, he had hit a steel plate.

He only regretted it after everything happened.

“Is this all of your power If youre not convinced, we can go for one more round.” Wang Teng suddenly smiled, an excited glint shimmering in his eyes.

These two people were worth beating!

Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian felt a chill down their spines when they saw his gaze.

That gaze was a little… eerie!

“You—” Wan Feipeng was furious.

Qu Baian stopped him hurriedly.

Before they got injured, they werent his match.

Now that they were seriously injured, that was even more out of the picture.

Wang Teng looked as though he hadnt given his best.

If they continued fighting, they would be asking for torture.

He had no choice but to swallow this bitter pill of humiliation.

He asked, “What do you want”

“Youre not fighting anymore What a pity.” Wang Teng shook his head, finding it regretful.

The muscles on Qu Baians face started twitching.

He felt that this young man in front of him was a little cunning.

Wan Feipeng decided to keep quiet too.

It looked like the other party wanted to hit them again.

If he acted, he would suffer more embarrassment.

Hence, he should just bear with it!

“Your actions just now caused me great unhappiness.

You need to compensate for the damage to my mood,” Wang Teng said.

“Mood damage compensation!” Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian were dumbfounded.

What on earth was mood damage compensation Just tell us if you want to threaten us.

“How much do you want” Wan Feipeng asked directly.

Problems that could be solved with money were no problems at all.

“Fifty thousand yellow-rank low-class energy stones,” Wang Teng replied.

Wan Feipengs face turned black.

He shouted angrily, “Why dont you just rob us”

“Are you sure you want me to do that” Wang Teng sniggered.


We will give you fifty thousand energy stones,” Qu Baian replied hurriedly.

“Fifty thousand each!” Wang Teng added.

Now Qu Baians expression turned ugly too.

While cursing in his heart, he laughed awkwardly and said, “Isnt fifty thousand a little too much”

“Is it Why dont you let me beat you then One punch is ten thousand.

You wont owe me anything after I hit you five times.

Isnt it worthwhile” Wang Teng touched his chin and said.

Worthwhile your head!

Wan Feipeng and Qu Baian cursed simultaneously in their hearts.

This fellow was shameless to the extreme.

He wasnt a human at all!

“Alright, fifty thousand it is.

However, we dont have so many energy stones on us….” Qu Baian gritted his teeth as he nodded his head.

“You can collect it on the spot.

You brought so many people along, so you must be able to gather fifty thousand.” Wang Teng turned to look at Wan Feipeng before continuing, “Youre Wan Feipeng, right This was what your younger brother did.

Hes smarter than you.”

“Hmph!” Wan Feipengs expression became even worse.

He snorted and turned his head.

He couldnt look at Wang Tengs face anymore.

He was afraid that he might die from anger if he continued looking at him.

Hence, the two of them had no choice but to gather energy stones from everyone at the scene.

They took a long time and emptied everyones pockets before they finally managed to collate 100 thousand energy stones.

“Take it!” Qu Baian didnt have many emotions just now, but when he looked at the pile of energy stones, he felt his heart ache.

“Sigh, as expected of the children of elite families.

You have a wealthy background.

You are able to gather 100 thousand energy stones so easily.” Wang Teng smiled and took the stones.

He weighed them like a money slave.

Wan Feipeng remained indignant and quiet all this while.

He couldnt take it anymore, so he turned around and walked away.

Qu Baian was frustrated too.

He didnt want to stay here a second longer.

“Take care.

Youre welcome to find me for trouble in the future.” Wang Teng waved his hands behind them.

Both of them stumbled.

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