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Chapter 294: Unknown Spiritual Herb

Wang Teng didnt know Li Rongxues complicated thoughts.

However, he knew that she had already retreated.

There was one less trouble, meaning that there would be one less accident during the battle later.

Very soon, he stopped moving down.

He had already reached the bottom of the swamp.

The frightening python was coiled in a corner.

It seemed dispirited, and there were many injuries on its body.

However, it had already noticed the invader.

It raised its head and opened its mouth to hiss ferociously at Wang Teng.

Piercing soundwaves attacked Wang Teng.

“Its just putting up a bold front.

Its an arrow at the end of its fight.” Wang Tengs expression didnt change.

This poison-element star beast was hard to deal with, but it didnt have much power left in its tank.

Lets settle this quickly.

As this thought landed, icicles appeared around him.

There were a huge number of them, and the sight was magnificent to behold.

The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python felt a strong sense of danger.

It hissed and turned… to run away!

Yes, it was running away in fear!

It didnt hesitate at all and escaped right off the bat.

Wang Teng shook his head.

He waved his hand, and the icicles broke free from the water.

They shot out and caught up with the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python in an instant, penetrating its body.


The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python gave an ear-shattering hiss of agony and twisted its huge body frantically.

Large amounts of blood spurted out.

A ray of light appeared suddenly and flew into the Cockscomb Jade Scale Pythons mouth.

The next instant, its body turned rigid.

It stopped moving.

A 5-star star beast got killed so easily by Wang Teng.

Destiny fooled… a snake!

The ray of light shot out again and landed on Wang Tengs palm.

It was the Shooting Star Spiral.

Done! Wang Teng kept the corpse of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python in his space ring.

His gaze landed on the attribute bubbles around him.

Poison Force*25

Poison Force*30

Poison Force*32

He picked them up.

Wang Teng was elated.

He had received 85 points of poison Force this time.

It was a huge gain.

Although Poison star beasts were rare, he met a 5-star poison-element star beast on his first encounter.

He was lucky.

Also, this was a good bargain.

The star beast was already heavily injured.

That was why he was able to kill it so easily.

Poison Force: 121/500 (2-star)

Wang Tengs poison Force was at 2-star.

But, after he received the poison Force skill scripture, he would be able to upgrade it quickly based on the cultivation speed of his Demon Lotus Poison Body.

He didnt just make the deal with Li Rongxue for Lin Chuxia.

He did it for himself too.

Wang Teng scanned the ground below him.

Li Rongxue had told him that there might be special poison-element spiritual herbs in the Cockscomb Jade Scale Pythons lair.

Although he didnt do any advanced research and didnt recognize any poison-element spiritual herbs, it was still alright.

With his Spiritual Sight, he was able to see everything that had Force in them.

There were three balls of obvious Force glow on the ground directly below where the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python was at just now.

Wang Teng dug them out.

“Is this ginseng” He was surprised.

“No, wait.”

He started shaking his head.

The herb in front of him looked like ginseng, but it was entirely black.

The roots looked like little snakes too.

This wasnt normal ginseng.

“Nevermind, Ill take it back first and do some research later.” Wang Teng stopped pondering on its origins.

He continued looking around to confirm that he didnt miss anything.

Then, he went up.

Li Rongxue was anxiously waiting on the ground.

She hoped that Wang Teng would be fine, but she didnt believe that he was the Cockscomb Jade Scale Pythons match.

She had fought with the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python before, so she knew how powerful it was.

Even though it was injured, it wasnt easy to deal with.

Wang Teng was only a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

No matter how talented he was, he wouldnt be able to beat a 5-star star beast.

Also, this was the home ground of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

Ordinary martial warriors would probably die if they went down.

She waited for a long while but saw no movements below.

She started to wonder, Did that fellow get swallowed by the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python

Li Rongxue wouldnt think that there was no commotion because the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python got killed without putting up much of a resistance.

Also, it was in the depth of the swamp, so no sounds could be heard.

While she was feeling puzzled, she suddenly saw a figure flying up from the swamp.

The person landed firmly beside her.

Li Rongxue was shocked.

After seeing the person carefully, she said hurriedly, “How was it”


Wang Teng glanced at her without saying anything.

He raised his hand, and the corpse of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python slammed on the ground with a bang.

Li Rongxue went in a daze as she looked at the corpse of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

Despite guessing that Wang Teng had succeeded when he appeared in front of her, seeing the corpse of the star beast that gave her a headache with her own eyes, she couldnt describe her emotions.

“How did you do it” Li Rongxue asked in astonishment as she stared at Wang Teng.

“You dont have to know the process.

You just need to know the result,” Wang Teng replied.

Li Rongxue choked.

This guy was too infuriating.

Just when she was about to say something, she noticed that the young man was unscathed after killing the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

The discovery left her thunderstruck.

She started pondering to herself.

“Maybe this young man isnt just a 4-star soldier level.”

“Take the cockscomb you need.

The rest is mine,” Wang Teng said at this moment.

Li Rongxue regained her senses.

She rolled her eyes uncontrollably.

“I know, stingy fellow.”

“Im not stingy.

This was the deal,” Wang Teng replied shamelessly.

“You must be single,” Li Rongxue scoffed and said firmly.

Wang Teng: …

Li Rongxue didnt take much of the cockscomb.

She only cut one-third of it and placed it in a jade box, which she stored in her space ring.

“This is enough.

If its not, I hope that I can still get some from you,” Li Rongxue said.

“As long as youre willing to give money, you can take anything,” Wang Teng nodded and replied as he kept the corpse of the python.

“I know.

Ill give you a good price.” Li Rongxue was getting tired.

She regretted not taking more.

She complained secretly in her heart, How much does he love money

“When will you give me the poison scripture and the other relevant information” Wang Teng asked.

“When I go back, of course.” Li Rongxue thought for a moment before asking, “Do you want to go with me Or you can tell me a place, and Ill send someone to give it to you.”

“Ill follow you.

Im also temporarily living in Yang City,” Wang Teng replied.

“Oh Where do you live” Li Rongxue was stunned.

She initially thought that Wang Teng was a talent from another big city.

She didnt expect him to live in Yang City.

“Rune society,” Wang Teng replied.

“Rune society Why are you living there” Li Rongxue was dumbfounded again.

“Why do you have so many questions Lets go.” Wang Teng led the way out of the Yongye Mountain Ridge.

“Hmph, so what if you dont tell me.

I can ask my men to find the answer,” Li Rongxue muttered under her breath.

She snorted and followed Wang Teng.

“Im Li Rongxue.

You havent told me your name yet.”

“Wang Teng!”

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