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Chapter 220: Real-Jealous.JPG

“Lin Zhan, youre too timid.

There are three paths in front of us.

If we dont split up, how long are we going to search” Chong Liang from the Wolf Fang team scorned.

He didnt let go of any chance to crack down on Lin Zhan.

“Spending more time is better than losing our lives.” Lin Zhan wasnt convinced.

“We have limited time.

We need to clear the dark apparitions as soon as possible.

If not, we wouldnt have enlisted you.” Liu Huaixin glanced at Yao Jun secretly.

He ordered with a stern expression, “Tiger Warrior Team, go to the left.

Wolf Fang Team, go to the right.

I will lead my subordinates down the middle.”

Lin Zhan opened his mouth.

He sighed in his heart and didnt say anything in the end.

He couldnt beat the circumstances!

He didnt have any background to offend the military.

Wang Teng glanced at Liu Huaixin, but he didnt open his mouth.

Although he had the rank of a sergeant, he didnt have any real power.

In a situation like this, he couldnt forcefully change anything if Liu Huaixin insisted on acting willfully.

Real power! His gaze flickered a little.

He couldnt help but repeat these two words in his heart.

“Lin Zhan, Chong Liang, add my wristwatch account.

We will maintain contact later and share any information we gather.” Liu Huaixin raised his hand and tapped on his martial warrior wristwatch.

He added Lin Zhan and Chong Liang as his friends.

The martial warrior wristwatch had many functions.

It had a rune chip inside, so it could be used to communicate even in the Xingwu Continent.

Of course, they needed to be in the same world.

The technology now couldnt support inter-world connections yet.

Lin Zhan brought Liu Yan and his other team members to the path on the left.

After walking for some distance, Liu Yan suddenly exclaimed in astonishment, “Wang Teng is gone!”

“What!” The Yan siblings were shocked.

They searched for Wang Teng, but they couldnt see any signs of him.

“Dont make any commotion!” Lin Zhan said in a low voice.

He looked at his team members and explained, “Dont worry.

He just went to take a look at what plans Yao Jun and the rest have up their sleeves.”

“You are saying” Liu Yan and the Yan siblings felt confused and anxious.

“We will know if our guess is true when Wang Teng returns,” Lin Zhan shook his head and said.

“Will Wang Teng get discovered if he goes back like this” Yan Jinming asked worriedly.

“I dont know.

However, he said that hes confident.

I dont think hes joking.

Lets wait and see,” Lin Zhan replied.

Things had already happened, so it was useless to discuss any further.

They could only wait patiently for Wang Teng to come back.

The moment Wang Teng entered the path on the left, he used voice transmission to communicate with Lin Zhan.

He stayed behind and used his dark Force to cover his body.

At the same time, he activated his Wave Invisibility skill and hid in the dark to spy on Liu Huaixin and the others.

After the Tiger Warrior Team left, the others stayed on the spot and discussed in hushed voices.

Wang Teng hurriedly opened the recording function of his wristwatch.

“I have already sent someone to investigate the three paths.

High-level dark apparitions are guarding the hole on the left.

The Tiger Warrior Teams fate is grim.

We will go and kill the dark apparitions after they exhaust the dark apparitions power,” Liu Huaixin said.

“Haha, the Tiger Warrior Team will become history after today.” Yao Jun laughed and said, “Squad Leader Liu, I will remember your favor.”

“Yes.” Liu Huaixin nodded expressionlessly.

Chong Liang and the others knew what had happened between Yao Jun and the Tiger Warrior Team.

When they heard their conversation, Chong Liang was elated.

Lin Zhan, dont blame me.

You are the one who provoked someone you shouldnt. Chong Liang thought to himself.

“As for the hole on the right, there are low-level dark apparitions inside.

With your ability, your team should be able to handle them.”

“The hold in the middle should contain the target for your mission, right” Yao Jun smiled and asked.

“You shouldnt ask what you shouldnt know,” Liu Huaixin glanced at him and said indifferently.

“Okay, okay! You are so boring.

You are so tight-lipped,” Yao Jun shrugged and replied.

Liu Huaixin didnt reply.

He led his subordinates into the path in the middle.

Yao Jun watched his back as he left.

He sneered, “Who does he think he is!”

“Young Master Yao, they are from the military.” The corners of Chong Liangs lips twitched a little.

He couldnt help but remind Yao Jun in a soft voice.

“Dont worry, I will just complain behind their backs.” Yao Jun glanced at him.

A smile of contempt appeared on his lips.

He said, “Lets go too.”

Wang Tengs figure emerged from the dark.

There were no expressions on his face, but there was killing intent in his eyes.

After some time, he thought of something, and a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

He went back and caught up with Lin Zhan and the rest.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Wang Teng coming back.

“How was it” Lin Zhan couldnt help but ask.

Wang Teng repeated the conversation he heard between Yao Jun and Liu Huaixin.

Their expressions turned extremely ugly.

“That bastard Yao Jun, how dare he trick us,” Liu Yan exploded in anger directly and cursed.

“And that Liu Huaixin actually colluded with Yao Jun to harm us,” Yan Jinming said with a cold voice.

His expression was grave.

“Yao Jun probably gave him some benefits.

If not, he wont create trouble for us for no reason,” Lin Zhan said.

“What should we do now We arent able to deal with the high-level dark apparition alone.

However, Liu Huaixin is from the military.

He gave an order, so we have to complete it.” Yan Jinyue was distressed.

“We will put on a show for them.” Wang Teng smiled mysteriously.

“Put on a show” Lin Zhan and the others looked at him unconsciously.

They were confused and curious.

“Stop leaving us hanging.

Hurry up and say it.” Liu Yan rolled her eyes.

“We will do this this this, and that that that…” Wang Teng signaled them to come closer before whispering his plan to them.

After some time, they exchanged glances with one another and started chuckling.

“What a good idea.

We will make a fool out of them!” Liu Yan said excitedly to Wang Teng.

Lin Zhans gaze was a little strange.

He coughed awkwardly and said, “I think that your plan is workable.

However, is your hiding skill really able to fool high-level dark apparitions”

“My master taught me.

It shouldnt be a problem.” Wang Teng found an excuse casually.

“You have a master” Everyone was shocked.

“Thats right.

My master is a real boss!” Wang Teng continued talking nonsense.

“No wonder you improved so quickly.

You have a master and your master is also a boss,” Lin Zhan and the others said enviously.

The difference between people was enormous.

Self-taught martial warriors like them didnt have any background or resources.

They had to rely on themselves, but it was different for a talented student like Wang Teng.

The school and the martial arts academy would automatically provide him with resources.

When he entered university, a boss accepted him as the disciple.

This treatment was amazing!

They didnt question him anymore.

The hiding skill taught by a boss was definitely good enough.

There wouldnt be any problem.

Anyway, they hadnt seen any hiding skills before.

There were some sold on the internal web of the martial arts academy, but their price was sky-high.

They couldnt afford them at all.


The boss just revealed something little, and it was already so high-class.

Jealousy caused them to lose their mind!

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