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The little crow had just hatched and was crying to be fed.

Soon, it ate almost half of the star beast meat, and its stomach started to bulge out.

“It looks like I have to store some star beast meat in the future.

This fellow is a huge meat-eater.” Wang Teng looked at the little crow in front of him and smiled.

After the little crow finished eating, it rubbed against Wang Tengs palm and started to feel sleepy.

“Sleeping right after you eat.

You seem really peaceful,” Wang Teng smiled as he scolded the little crow.

He thought for a moment, then took out a quilt and spread it on the corner of the bed.

This would be the little crows nest.

The little crow didnt mind.

It seemed to know that this nest was for it, so it cawed a few times and flopped over to its nest.

Very soon, it fell asleep.

Wang Teng wasnt too worried, as the little crow wasnt the child of an ordinary crow.

Its vitality was strong, and it could handle many hardships.

It wouldnt die so easily.

It was already late at night when he settled everything.

Wang Teng sighed and laid on the bed.

He fell asleep right away.

The next morning.

Wang Teng ate breakfast with Hou Pingliang and his friends.

Then, they went for their lessons.

They only had two classes on Monday and two hours of training in the afternoon.

As for the rest of the time, they could spend it freely.

Wang Teng finished his first lesson in the morning.

The lesson ended at 10 am.

Wang Teng went to the logistics building to report the damaged situation of his room so that the school could fix it.

“Third Section Room No.

1 The higher authorities have already informed us.

If not, you would have to write a confirmation report.” The staff at the logistics department was a middle-aged auntie.

She smiled as she spoke to Wang Teng.

“Thats good.

Please help me take care of it as soon as possible,” Wang Teng said.

“Dont worry.

We wont need much time.

We will let you see the efficiency of our department,” the middle-aged auntie said confidently.

Wang Teng walked out of the logistics building and headed to the rune faculty for lessons.

Among the five faculties, there were more students in the battle faculty and the command faculty.

As for the smithery faculty, the dan faculty, and the rune faculty, the number of students was only enough to form one class.

Today, there was a rune lesson that didnt overlap with his lesson in the battle faculty.

Thus, Wang Teng decided to sneak in.

His plan was good, but which student didnt know him

He sneaked into the multimedia classroom right when the bell rang.

He didnt take the seat in front but sat in a corner.

The students in front didnt notice him, but the students sitting at the back rows discovered him immediately.

They were all shocked.

They couldnt help but discuss in low voices.

“Why is Wang Teng here”

“As an observer”

“I remember that when we were choosing our faculty, he wanted to apply for all the five faculties.

At that time, I thought that he just wanted to attract the attention of the heads.

I didnt think that he would actually come and listen.”

“Hehe, hes just trying to court other peoples favor.

Hes probably just putting on a show.

Lets see how many days he can persevere.”

Before they could continue speaking, their instructor walked into the classroom.

The noises disappeared immediately, and the entire classroom turned quiet.

The instructor nodded in satisfaction.

“It looks like you have gotten used to the style of our school.

This is very good.

Maintain this and observe discipline.”

The students below rolled their eyes. How can we not get used to it If we are late, even if just a few seconds, we will be punished and asked to run in the stadium, do push-ups a few thousand times, or do frog jumps for a few rounds… We are tortured until we are half-dead.

Dont even think of skipping lessons.

Who will dare to do it!

Wang Teng didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

The instructors in Huanghai looked gentle, but their hearts were black.

They had many ways to punish their students.

Many tough students didnt believe it initially and tested the instructors bottom line repeatedly.

The results were obvious.

From then on, no one dared to stand up.

“Alright, lets start the lesson now.

Last week, we talked about the foundational structure of runes…”

The instructor started his lesson.

Wang Teng didnt come for the lesson last week, so there was a gap in his knowledge.

Furthermore, he didnt have any lesson materials.

Naturally, he was at a loss.

However, as the instructor continued his lesson, bubbles started popping out of him.

Then, they dropped on the podium and rolled on the floor.

Other people wouldnt be able to see this scene.

However, Wang Teng saw it clearly.

He found it quite interesting.

He picked them up.

Basic Rune Foundation*2

Wang Teng was astounded.

He felt a series of information appearing in his mind out of nowhere.

Some basic rune knowledge fragments merged into his mind.

Although it wasnt able to flow continuously yet, the gaps would soon fill up after picking up more bubbles.

Hence, he wasnt worried.

The instructor above taught seriously as attribute bubbles kept flowing out from him.

At the end, there were forty minutes of self-study.

He would stand at the side and correct and guide them.

At that moment, bubbles would appear too in a similar fashion.

Wang Teng stayed hidden below.

He picked up all the attribute bubbles seriously.

Basic Rune Foundation*2

Basic Rune Foundation*3

Basic Rune Foundation*1

Basic Rune Foundation*1

The lesson wasnt long nor short.

But, it was a huge gain for Wang Teng.

There were 15 minutes until the class ended.

Wang Teng looked at the attributes panel.

Basic Rune Foundation: 32/100 (foundation)

He was able to reach this standard after two hours of the lesson.

None of the rune students here were able to compare with him.

This was how lonely the life of a bug was!

Wang Teng lamented to himself.

After the instructor finished guiding the student in front, he walked over to the back.

When he raised his eyes, he saw Wang Teng sitting in a corner.


Of course, he knew Wang Teng.

There were indeed people in school who didnt know Wang Teng, but they were out on business for that period of time.

There werent many of them.

Lin Yishengs impression of Wang Teng was still quite strong.

He also knew about hisstupid action of choosing all the five faculties back then.

At that time, no one thought that he was serious.

They felt that he just didnt know the severity of the issue.

After he understood the real situation, he would naturally focus on his battle studies and not care about learning smithery and alchemy.

However, today, he actually saw this little brat in his class listening to his lesson while hiding secretly in a corner.

It was astonishing, but he found it funny too.

He walked over silently…

Lin Yisheng thought that his surprise attack would work on all the students, but in fact, Wang Teng had already noticed him.

When he saw the instructor walking over, he hurriedly took up the rune pen on the table and started drawing the basic rune he had taught in the lesson.

Huanghai Military Academy had a wide selection of facilities.

For instance, every seat had a rune pen and rune ink placed on it for the students to practice in the classroom.

When Lin Yisheng silently came behind Wang Teng, he had already drawn the thirty basic runes he taught during the lesson.


At first, he just wanted to see whether Wang Teng was studying diligently or just putting on a show.

However, when he saw the basic runes written by Wang Teng, he couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

He had forgotten his plans entirely and began looking at this drawing solemnly.

The more he looked at them, the more astounded he felt.

This fellow has some ability!


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