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Wang Teng turned to the three young men when he heard them.

The trio seemed to be around the same age as him.

They were in tight clothes, and they were holding weapons as they looked at Wang Teng intently.

Looking at their faces, they were most probably martial arts course students from another school.

“I have already picked the Illusion Grass.

You came late.”

Wang Teng suddenly felt a little lucky.

What happened today indeed had some element of luck in it.

Bai Xiaocao and her father didnt know these peoples abilities.

They also wouldnt explain to Bai Xiaocao and his father how powerful they were.

Thus, Bai Xiaocaos father chose the path he thought was the safest based on his own thinking.

He brought these three young men a huge round around the mountain before they finally arrived at this place.

As for Bai Xiaocao, she was a naive person.

She didnt know that this shortcut was dangerous.

That was why she dared to bring Wang Teng here.

If it wasnt for Wang Teng, the ants would have already eaten her until only her bones were left after she stepped on the ant nest.

The three young men probably never expected someone with the same intention to come here.

By the time they arrived, Wang Teng had already beat them to the draw.

They were too late.

In summary, this was a series of coincidences.

If any coincidence was lacking, Wang Teng wouldnt be able to pick the Illusion Grass successfully.

When they saw Wang Teng admitting it, the young mens expressions instantly darkened.

This was the first school mission for them.

They didnt have any experience, so to be safe, they formed a team of three.

They thought that this mission would be a piece of cake, but they didnt expect this accident to happen at the last moment.

If they failed their first mission, their schoolmates would tease them to no end.

Also, not only were they unable to get the school credits, they would even get school credits deducted.

Hence, it was expected that they were in a bad mood.

Bai Xiaocao and his father immediately felt the tense atmosphere between the two parties.

They were on tenterhooks now.

They had just wanted to earn some money and had no idea that the situation would end up like this.

“Dad, did I cause trouble” Bai Xiaocaos face was pale as she asked worriedly.

“Sigh, its my fault that I didnt remind you.

Theres no point in saying anything now, though.

It looks like both sides are not easy to deal with.

I wonder if they will vent their anger on us later” Bai Xiaocaos father whispered worriedly.

The young man among them with a crew cut said, “Friend, I think that youre a university student too, right Is your mission collecting Illusion Grass”

The school mission was different from the missions of the police, City Protection Bureau, and other government organizations.

The police and City Protection Bureau missions were sent to the different mission platforms simultaneously.

Once someone accepted the mission, they would take the mission off the various platforms so that there wouldnt be any repeats.

As for the school missions, the rule was that every school would upload the mission internally.

Usually, the missions were given to the students through the mission system because it was inconvenient for the instructor, heads, and other leaders of the school to do it themselves.

In this case, it was normal that the same mission would appear in the different schools.

Wang Teng and the three young men were an example.

“Thats right.” Wang Teng nodded.

He didnt want to explain too much, so he said, “If theres nothing, please make way.

Im in a rush.”

He was really in a rush.

His main purpose in accepting the mission was to give himself time to leave school and deal with his own matters.

He had already wasted half a day here.

He needed time to go back to Donghai too.

There was a time limit for the missions.

For missions like this that were nearer, the time limit was a day.

The schools rule was that the students needed to go back to school by 8 pm.

There wasnt much time left for Wang Teng.


Our schools instructor released an Illusion Grass mission too.

If you picked them all away, we wouldnt be able to fulfill our mission,” the young man with a crew cut said.

“Is that any of my business You need to complete your mission, but I have to complete my mission too,” Wang Teng looked at the three young men blocking his path and stopped in his tracks.

He frowned and continued, “Also, if you came first and picked the Illusion Grass, would you have given them to me”

The young man with a crew cut didnt know how to reply to him.

Just like what Wang Teng said, if they came first and picked the Illusion Grass, they wouldnt hand it to others.

The mission explicitly stated that if you had already picked the required number of herbs, you would get more credits the more you picked.

All of them were embarking on the path of martial arts.

Resources were tight and scarce, so who would deny having more credits

“F**k, theres three of us and one of him.

Are we afraid that we will lose to him In a situation like this, we can only fight.

There are no other choices,” Another young man with a terrible temper cursed instantly.

He pointed his battle blade at Wang Teng.

The young man with a crew cut and the last student knew that this matter wouldnt end peacefully after they saw this scene.

They prepared to snatch the herbs too.

The atmosphere tensed up like a taut string.

A fight was on the verge of breaking out.

But, the next moment, the three of them suddenly stared with wide eyes behind Wang Teng.

They looked as though they had seen a ghost.

“Theres no need to play these kinds of small tricks.

Your expressions are not to the point.

Ill give your acting skills a low review!” Wang Teng was speechless.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow coming down from above his head.

Wang Teng slowly raised his head.

A giant python was spiraling up from the cliff.

Its body was extremely thick, and it was looking down on everyone with its cold and vertical pupils.

Wang Teng was the closest to it, so he would get attacked first.

“Theres a 1-star star beast here.

Damn it, I thought that I was smart.” Wang Teng felt a little awkward.

This was the first time Bai Xiaocao and her father had seen such a huge snake.

Their faces turned pale with fright, and they weakly sprawled on the ground.

The three young men had serious expressions on their faces.

They started retreating slowly…


The huge python hissed to the sky and then plummeted down.

As expected, its first target was Wang Teng.

A ferocious aura surged towards him, along with a pungent stench.

“Hurry up and run!” Bai Xiaocao plucked up her courage and gritted her teeth as she shouted.

Wang Teng didnt move.

He stood on the spot and looked at the giant python falling on him.

He shook his head and sighed.

He had to say that this huge python was very unlucky.

No matter who it provoked, it wouldnt need to die immediately.

Yet, it chose to provoke him… it must die now!

The huge head of the giant python was almost right in front of him.

However, there was no change in Wang Tengs expression.

He congregated his Force and pushed his fist out.

It was a serious punch!



In an instant, the giant pythons head exploded from the impact.

It turned into a blood rain as it dripped down from the sky.

The other half of its body fell to the ground.

It twitched a few times, and then it stopped moving.

Wang Teng: …

For a moment, the entire place was silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Bai Xiaocao and her father, as well as the three young men, had all lost their voices.

They just stared absentmindedly at Wang Teng and the half of the giant pythons body on the ground.

The impact was huge!

It was only one punch, yet he managed to kill a 1-star star beast directly!

What kind of power was this

Bai Xiaocao and her father couldnt wrap their heads around it.

The three young men couldnt understand either.

However, they finally knew that Wang Teng wasnt someone they could offend.

Wang Teng had killed the giant python with a single punch, but there wasnt even a drop of blood on his fist.

He turned and looked at the three young men.

“What did you say just now”

The three young mens expressions froze.

The bad-tempered young man who wanted to fight earlier had sweat all over his forehead.

There was a smile at the edge of his lips, a smile uglier than a cry.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “I think that theres a misunderstanding between us…”



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