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As they walked out of the stadium, the other three people were exceptionally excited.

They never stopped talking on the way back.

“Amazing! Youre so powerful!”

“Brother Wang Teng, are advanced stage martial disciples all so powerful”

“To a normal person, an advanced stage martial disciple is quite strong.”

Wang Teng lit a cigarette and took a puff of it.

He slowly breathed the smoke out and said in a calm tone.

“Haha, this is great.

With you protecting us, no one will dare to bully us.” Xu Jie laughed heartily.

“Brother Wang Teng, do you think I can be as strong as you in the future” Yu Hao clenched his fist secretly and asked with envy.


“You just need to practice hard.

Becoming an advanced stage martial disciple wont be difficult for you,” Wang Teng replied.

Bai Wei walked beside them without saying anything.

However, her gaze would land on Wang Teng occasionally.

There was a small sweet smile appearing at the corner of her lips.


The group of four parted at the school gate and went back to their own homes.

On the way, Wang Teng kept wondering why Li Rongcheng was so weak.

He wasnt acting.

He sincerely felt that Li Rongcheng was too weak.

When he drove the car along the roads and looked at the other cars zooming past him, he suddenly got enlightened.


Right, it was speed!

Looking at all the martial arts in the world, only speed could never be defeated.


His speed was much faster than Li Rongcheng, so to him, his attacks looked slow.

Li Rongcheng was so slow that Wang Teng only used two moves to knock him unconscious on the ground.

The speed attribute on the attribute panel couldnt be perceived directly.

Wang Teng kept picking up attributes and his points kept rising, but he had never tested his actual speed before.

Today, his potential suddenly exploded, and Li Rongcheng did not even have a chance to retaliate.

At night, Wang Teng finished his dinner at home and went to the Jixin Martial House for practice as well as to collect attributes.

For the next few days, his life was calm and smooth.

During the day, he would attend school and go for lessons.

He collected attributes to upgrade his studies and occasionally teased his beautiful but cold table buddy.

He had a great time.

After these few days, his studies had improved tremendously.

If he took an exam now, he was confident that he could get 90 points.

This level was enough for him.

He wasnt planning to become the top scorer in the standard exam.

Also, this was already a huge leap from his past results.


At night, he would sign in at the Jixin Martial House for training and collect attributes to raise his martial arts cultivation.

Now, all his martial arts attributes had broken through the limit of a martial disciple.

Enlightenment: 51





Speed: 632

Battle Techniques: Basic Fist Skill (mastery), Basic Footwork (mastery), Basic Sword Skill (mastery), Basic Blade Skill (mastery)


Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)


The limit for the physique of an advanced stage martial disciple was 100.

The limit of strength was 1000kg and 100 meters in four seconds for speed.

All his attributes had far surpassed those limits.

Some time ago, he had specifically tested his speed and realized that he could run 100 meters in two seconds.

This was much faster than the advanced stage martial disciples.


It might only be a two seconds difference, but many people might not be able to cross this hurdle even after three to five years.


Think about how hard it was to break the 100 meters sprint record for the Olympics.

This was proof of its difficulty.

In addition to his mastery in Basic Footwork, if Wang Teng was to meet another advanced stage martial disciple, he would dominate them without a doubt.

Getting to here, there was a need to emphasize the fact that all of Wang Tengs battle techniques had reached mastery state.

What was mastery

As its name suggested, it was mastery to the smallest detail of the technique.

It was a state above the perfected state.


What kind of power did a mastery state battle technique possess

A simple example would make it clear.

If a person was attacked and he had reached the perfected state of Basic Footwork, he would need to move more than half a meter to evade the attack.

If the person had reached the mastery state of Basic Footwork, he would be able to remain unscathed by maneuvering close to the attacker.

The distance between the two would be no more than a few centimeters.

Hence, the difference between the two states could only be depicted clearly during an actual battle.

One could say that Wang Tengs current ability was only a step away from an official martial warrior.

Once he started cultivating the Force, he would become a real martial warrior.


On Friday, after the lesson ended, Wang Teng went back home as per usual.

He drove his car along the road and looked at the scenery outside the car window.

Yet, in his heart, he was pondering how he could get a Force cultivation skill scripture.

His current stage was known as a prospective martial warrior.

Once he started cultivating the Force, his status would change.

But, the Force skill scripture was different from the foundation battle techniques and aerobics that any martial disciple or average person could practice.

The imparting of Force skill scriptures had always been tightly regulated.


One could pass the martial arts exam and learn it in universities.

This was the path with the most freedom.

Another way was to apply for a prospective martial warrior exam at martial arts academies.

Once he passed and the academy found nothing wrong with his background, they would impart their Force skill scriptures to him.

This way, he would become a martial warrior of the martial arts academy.

He would be on the same boat as the martial arts academy.

The last method was to become a vassal of some powerful family.

If you were able to gain the other partys trust, they might impart their Force skill scriptures to you.

However, this was equivalent to selling your life.


The martial arts exam was after the university entrance exam.

Furthermore, he had to wait until he entered the university to learn the skill scriptures.

It took too long.

Wang Teng didnt consider this option.

Should he go to the martial arts academy to become a prospective martial warrior

No way, no way!

Wang Tengs family knew his progress.

He had only started practicing martial arts not long ago, and yet, he was already on the way to becoming a martial warrior.

If unscrupulous people laid their eyes on him, things would turn troublesome.

Then… should he become a vassal for other martial warrior families

Forget it.

He was still a rich second generation.

He would be lowering his status if he became other peoples lackey.


As he was pondering to himself, he heard a loud explosion in front of him.

A great cloud of smoke was billowing out in front of him.

The intersection in front of him was jammed for some reason, and the car ahead braked abruptly.

It looked like there was a rear-end collision.

Wang Tengs reaction was swift.

He immediately stepped on the brake.

However, the distance was too near, so the car still jerked forward due to inertia.

“Boom!” He knocked into the boot of the car.

Beep, beep, beep!

Ring, ring, ring!

In an instant, the honking of the cars and the sirens of the police cars intertwined together.

The scene was messy and chaotic.

This part of the road was completely paralyzed.

Wang Teng frowned.

He had no choice but to get out of his car to look at what had happened.

He needed to go back home for dinner.

“What is happening”

“Oh my god, whats going on The car is wrecked!”

The drivers stuck their heads out of their cars and started cursing.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right then, a few more loud sounds stunned the scene into silence in a blink of an eye.


Wang Teng was astounded.

“Im sure I didnt hear wrong.

That was definitely gunshots!”

Robbery in daylight


Or was it kidnapping

All kinds of thoughts flashed through Wang Tengs mind.

Suddenly, he saw a few people dashing over.

Based on their speed, they must be martial disciples!

Wang Teng made his judgment in his mind.

Then, he hurriedly shifted to the side.

He didnt know what was happening, so it was better to mind his own business.

He wanted to step away, but unfortunately, it didnt mean that troubles wouldnt look for him.

When these people ran past him, the one with a scar on his face suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

“What is it” his companions asked him in a hurry.

“The police are arriving soon.

Were too passive if we run like this.

We should kidnap a hostage so that we can negotiate with them.”

The man wanted to grab Wang Teng as he spoke.

Just as Wang Teng was about to resist, the man with a scar on his face raised a gun with his other hand and aimed it at his head.

“Be obedient.

If not, I will shoot you!”

He was on tenterhooks!

The intense aura of death caused Wang Tengs mind to explode, and the blood in his body started flowing furiously.

His heart stopped beating for a split second.

Then, it started palpitating.



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