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Chapter 176: I Almost Lost Again

The freshmen at the scene were more excited than Wang Teng.

They cared about the result more than him.

Half of the freshmen were even supporting him.

This scene made Wang Teng a little astounded.

He walked closer and saw Yang Lin and Chen Su standing at the side.

These two seniors from the martial arts club were smiling at him.

“Wang Teng, do you mind letting us be the judge again” Chen Su smiled and asked.

“Of course not.

I have to trouble you again,” Wang Teng was surprised, but he still nodded and replied.

The three of them chatted for a while before Wang Teng walked up the arena.

He smiled at Zhou Kun opposite him.

Zhou Kun said, “Wang Teng, you managed to invite the two seniors from the martial arts club.

Your face is so important.”

“Erm… will you believe me if I say that they came themselves” asked Wang Teng.

“That shows how great your potential is.” Zhou Kun was stunned for a moment.

Then, he smiled and continued, “Honestly, I regret inviting you for a challenge.

If I snatch your military title, there will be a grudge between us.

This means that I will have an enemy with great potential.”

“But you still came in the end.”


Ever since I started practicing martial arts, someone told me that you have to constantly fight on the martial arts path.

If you dont, you wont be able to achieve anything.”

“Lets not waste any time then.

If you want to fight, lets fight,” Wang Teng said calmly.

Zhou Kun was stunned once again.

He smiled bitterly and said, “I didnt expect you to view things so clearly.

Lets start then.”

As he spoke, his aura started to change.

He retracted the smile on his face.

He seemed to have turned from a tamed little cat into a ferocious tiger that attacked humans.

He was fierce, powerful, and blood-thirsty.

This aura…

Wang Teng looked at the young man who was giving off a frightening aura.

His gaze paused for a while.

This was someone whose hands were stained with blood.

This was an aura that could only appear on someone who had been through many battles.

Wang Teng was very familiar with this aura.

Zhou Kun lowered his body and wore a pair of boxing gloves.

He got into his posture, ready to attack at any time.

Wang Teng searched in his pocket and also took out a pair of boxing gloves.

He wore them.

Everyone: …

They all thought that he would take out the gold brick, but this time, he took out a pair of boxing gloves instead.

However, what was with his pocket

How was he able to stuff so many big items inside

This didnt make any sense!

Wang Teng didnt care about the silent complaints of the bystanders below.

His gaze turned slightly serious.

No matter how weak his opponent was, he still gave him due respect.

He wouldnt fight with all his might, but he should at least give him a proper fight.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Zhou Kun squinted when he saw Wang Teng taking out a pair of boxing gloves.

“Are you using your fists too Interesting.”

The two parties didnt speak after that.

The atmosphere tensed up in an instant, boring down on the spectators.

The voices below disappeared uncontrollably.

The next second, the two of them moved.

Their speed increased exponentially, and they rushed towards each other in the blink of an eye.


The two fists collided, and Force exploded in the center region.

Energy surged all around, and their clothes flew up because of the wind.

No one took any step back, though.

They continued attacking each other with their fists.

Hes very strong! Zhou Kuns expression was stern.

He immediately had a bad feeling.

Wang Tengs ability was greater than expected.

In the afternoon, he had observed Wang Tengs battle with Wei Hua.

He shouldnt be so strong.

Could it be… he was hiding his ability

“Hey, dont get distracted when youre fighting with me!” Wang Teng forced Zhou Kun to step back with a single punch as he said calmly.

He made sure that he only used the same power as Zhou Kun.

He even suppressed his battle experience.

If not, Zhou Kun would have been defeated within a few moves.

Even if that was the case, when Zhou Kun got distracted, he could almost instantly catch a loophole and defeat him at once.

But, if he did that, his plan would fail.

He must not appear too strong… What a headache!

Zhou Kun didnt say anything.

However, he became extremely serious.

He released all his energy and raised his fist at Wang Teng.

The sound of wind whooshing resounded in the arena.

Every fist was aimed at the flesh, and the fists went back and forth.

The bystanders were stunned by this fierce battle.

“They are so strong!” The freshmen were looking at them with open mouths.

Some of them were unconvinced by Wang Teng before.

They believed that they could catch up with him as long as they became martial warriors, but now, all they felt was depression.

Would they really be able to catch up with him

Some people started questioning themselves.


The battle was drawing to an end.

Zhou Kun panted heavily.

Wang Teng… well, he was panting heavily too.

The two of them stared at each other.

The battle reignited, and their fists clashed with each other again.

Wang Teng felt that it was almost time.

He saw a loophole and grabbed the chance to appear behind Zhou Kun.

Before the other party could react, Wang Teng had already taken out the brick from his pocket and slammed it on Zhou Kuns head.

“Let me give you some horns too!”

This was the sentence Zhou Kun heard before he lost consciousness.

In an instant, the image of Wei Hua lying on the arena with bumps all over his head flashed past his mind…

What the f**k!

Didnt you say that you will use your fist to speak Why did you take out your brick secretly again

“Pant… I won again!” Wang Teng pretended to be extremely tired.

He kept the brick in his pocket and secretly picked up the attribute bubbles dropped beside him.


Wood Force*16

Intermediate Stage Wood Talent*15

Wang Tengs eyes lit up.

This was good stuff!

Intermediate stage wood talent!

He had three talents out of five elements, water, fire, and earth.

Wood talent was one of the talents he lacked.

He didnt expect to gain a surprise present.

However, only spirit attributes were dropped.

There were no enlightenment attributes.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (7/100)

Wood Force: 72/1000 (3-star)

His wood Force had also reached 3-star.

It was heading towards the 4-star level.

The attributes dropped by each challenger didnt look much when compared with the 1000 points needed to upgrade his level.

But, many a little makes a mickle.

It was just a little troublesome.

Also, his greatest gain from these duels was the talents dropped by the student challengers.

Indeed, aiming their heads was the right decision!

As Wang Teng was thinking to himself happily, Chen Su and Yang Lin walked forward.

They inspected Zhou Kuns injury and announced that Wang Teng had won.

However, when they saw the huge bump on Zhou Kuns head, they were speechless.

“Junior Brother Wang Teng, we are all students.

Can you not hit their heads next time” Yang Lin said uncontrollably.

Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

“If I say that I didnt do it on purpose, will you believe me I just whacked it because it was in the way.”

Bull**, why will I believe you! Yang Lin was furious.

But, on the surface, she could only say helplessly, “Please remember to control yourself next time.”

“I will, I will.” Wang Teng agreed repeatedly.

He felt that if he rejected her, the senior sister in front of him might explode in anger.

He felt a little scared just thinking about it.

“Oh yeah, Wang Teng, you amaze me.

Your palm skill is not bad, but your fist skill is amazing too,” Chen Su complimented him from the side.

“Youre speaking too highly of me.

I was just lucky, lucky.” Wang Teng was humble.

“Zhou Kun is really strong.

I almost got defeated.”

For some reason, everyone felt that this sentence sounded a little familiar.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng seemed to have said the same thing.


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